Loving my muffin top and bingo wings

Well here’s another stumble to furnish the pages of my blog.

Skinny anorexic girl

This time it is a website that pleases me. Not because of the content (which is quite disturbing), but because it makes me appreciate my bingo wings, muffin top and thunder thighs! So, I’m finding it impossible to shift a stone in weight…but I’d sooner be the size I am now (and I’m hardly tubby), than this skinny:

I’ve always been on the fatter side (although not fat), rather than skinnier. I have my folks to thanks for that. They’re both obese and sure know how to eat well. Fortunately I am within a healthy BMI. My desire to lose weight is quite simply because most of my wardrobe now strangles and chafes me. It was fine 3 months ago, but a summer visit to my brothers combined with zero fitness activities meant I piled on the (7…eek) pounds. Besides, there’s little risk of me ending up anorexic – I just love food too much. <homer>Enchilladas…Donuts</homer>

Obviously I would feel more comfortable with the way I look if I shift a bit of the fat and from a health point of view it won’t hurt for me to downsize my body a little.

For now I’m sat here (in my bathrobe because it really has been a lazy sunday), proudly rubbing my plump belly, full from a Sunday roast.


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