Zoom zoom zoom!

After 18 months+ of waiting patiently I now have a new (to me) speedier, healthier computer. My old PC was 8 years old, and to be fair has put in a good effort. I’m not sure how old this little fella is, but it was given to me by my brother 18 months ago. I LOVE IT! When my ex tried to get it up and running for me last year, he tried flashing on the wrong bios. DOH! PC no like and promptly kicked the bucket. I finally got round to buying a new mobo last week and my ex came round and fitted it. Everything seems to be working hunky dory. It’s had a few wobbles when accessing my camera and MP3 player, but apart from that it’s ticking over like a beauty. It also means I now have sound…..I’ve been deficient in the audio department for 3 years (gulp)! Now I can fully appreciate YouTube et al!


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