Enjoying a lazy(ish) Mothers Day.

I was woken up at the annoyingly early hour of 7:30am this morning! It would seem that my darling kids were eager to present me with my mothers day pressie. They were also just as desperate to bring me a cup of tea in bed (well it only happens once a year)! I would have preferred them to wait a couple hours mind you!

Here’s my pressies & card:

Mothers Day Presents

I think the kids are trying to fatten me up! And there was me thinking I was going to sort out my eating on Monday and cut back on the chocolate. I am (with the kids help) doing my best to demolish the chocolate mountain today though! I also thought it was amazingly kind of the children to buy me Ferrero Rocher – as not only do I get to savour some delicious chocolate but I can use the wrappers for crafts and the cute heart shape box will come in useful too. Bonus!

Running (or lack of it)

I was supposed to be entering Bideford Half Marathon today, but I have been “out of action” for about 5 weeks now, with a groin strain. I did consider going to watch it with the kids but I’d feel a bit out of place just cheering from the sidelines. Tomorrow I’m going to start doing some gentle exercise again. I’ve found some strengthening exercises online so I’ll start off with these. I hope to be back to running in 2 weeks time.

I’m spending the rest of today chilling out having a lazy day!


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