Does my bum look big….erm…yeah, actually!

I’m getting fed up with not being able to run, so this morning I decided to dig out my “Hot pants workout” DVD.

Hotpants Workout DVD

Does my bum look like this…no. Will my bum ever look like this….I doubt it very much. But I did feel like I’ve exercised and I was proper squealing and moaning trying to keep up with the abs part (oh the shame…”thanks for the Mothers Day chocolates kids” … I couldn’t keep up and had to pause to give my muscles a break….several times).

I’m going to try and do the workout every day this week. I feel like a complete div flouncing around in my living room, as some hyped up American dancer bloke, gives me some false hope that I’m going to have a bum like Kylie Minogues. Pah!

I’d much rather be out running in the woods getting muddy and rained on.


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