Easy make paper heart decorations.

Easy make paper heart decorations

Easy make paper heart decorations

Coloured sugar paper (I bought a pack of 100 A4 sheets for £1.00)
Heart (or any) shape cutter/tin
PVA Glue
Boiling Water.

1) Tear the sugar paper into small pieces. I estimate I used about 10 x A4 sheets. It makes it quicker ripping 2-3 sheets at a time. The pieces need to be about the 1-2 cm. It doesn’t need to be exact though. Place the pieces in a bowl.

2) Pour boiling water onto the sugar paper. Add a small squirt of PVA glue too as this helps it all bond together. Give it a good stir. Leave ‘mix’ to cool.

3) Once cool grab a handful of the paper mixture and squeeze out the excess water. Press the paper mixture firmly into the tin until it is full and tightly packed.

4) Leave to dry in a warm place. It can take a couple days. I placed mine out in the sunshine (not much of that at this time of the year though)! Placing on top of a radiator would help dry it quicker too (or in the oven). Before it is completely dry uses a skewer to make a hole, to tie the ribbon through.


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