DivorceFinally, after 16 months of waiting, I received the Decree Absolute for my divorce today. My divorce was actually pronounced on Monday (my birthday).

My friends had been telling me that I would probably feel a bit down when I received it, but I’m actually feeling totally elated. I opened the letter and saw the solicitors headed notepaper and thought that they were probably asking for more information. I didn’t suspect that it would be my Decree Absolute. I had anticipated at least another 2 or 3 weeks wait! My face lit up when I read on to find that it was my divorce. I’ve been beaming every since!

I can now happily close that chapter of my life and look forward to the future. I met my ex when I was 16 so I’ve never existed as a single, independent adult. I’m loving the freedom it gives me. The buck stops with me and that somehow feels great.

I’ve spent all day sorting out reverting back to my maiden name. I can’t believe how many people I need to contact. It feels like I’m going to spend the next week sending out name change letters. I have a new identity and that helps signify a new start for me.

As I’m feeling so happy about the whole divorce thing, I thought I’d round off with some humour.

Divorce Humour

How is an ex like an inflamed appendix?
It caused you a lot of pain, and after it was removed, you found out you didn’t need it anyway.

There was a time when one went to a chiropractor to get rid of a pain in the neck or a constantly repetitive migraine. Now they just divorce him/her.

“Why did you divorce him?” the Marquise de Sade’s wife was asked.

“Beats me,” she replied.

My husband and I divorced over religious differences.
He thought he was God, and I didn’t.

Marriage is a three-ring circus:

Engagement ring, wedding ring, and suffering.

We were very happily married for eight months.
Unfortunately, we were married for ten years!



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