Pretty and pink charity shop finds.

I’ve managed to find some really nice items in the charity shops this week. Lots of pink and pretty things for my daughter. Unfortunately she has to share a room with her brother so I’m not able to “pinkify” her room, but I have created a pink corner for her!

Pink bag (75p) and pink/purple daisy picture (99p)
Pretty pink bag and picture

Gorgeous deep pink bed canopy (£1.99)
Deep pink bed canopy

Shabby chic style bed spread (£3.50)
Shabby Chic bedspread

Wine holder basket (£1.00)
Wine holder basket

Pink stripe vase (99p)
Pink stripe vase

Big bag of red and white Lego bricks (£3.99)
Red and white Lego bricks

I also bought these gorgeous storage boxes today (£1 each from store21). They are now housing all my craft items.

Storage boxes


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