The Mother’s Book

Mother's Book For my birthday on Monday my children gave me a £5 book voucher plus they also gave me £3 to put towards buying a book. I have looked round several book shops during the week, but hadn’t see any books that caught my eye. I was kind of hovering around the arts and crafts section, but the books were either expensive or not of any interest to me. Today I visited Waterstones in Barnstaple. I was very close to buying the “The Daring Book For Girls” when I spotted this wonderful book close to the checkout called “The Mothers Book“. As soon as I opened it and started flicking through the pages my mind was made up and I had to have it.

The book is made up of pages and pages of questions, with space for you to answer such as “Do you remember when you first learnt to ride a bicycle?”, “What was your primary school like?”, “What changed in you when you had children?” and “What does friendship mean to you?“. The book is also full of inspirational quotes, poems and space to add photos.

Contents page:

The Mothers Book Content Page

Here’s a quote from the publishers website:

“On realising that her mother was seriously ill, Elma van Vliet sat down and wrote The Mother’s Book, a collection of questions that would allow her to find out who her mother really was. She wanted to learn what she had been like as a girl, her childhood memories, what her dreams had been at 18, who she had fallen in love with first, how she had felt about the birth of her child… Based on an old Dutch tradition of personalised memoirs, this book is one that every girl should give to her mother – a gift to be shared for life. Beautifully designed, and packed with inspirational poems and stories, this journal gives your mother the opportunity to find the “book” within her – to answer all those questions that one day it will be too late to ask. Don’t let the opportunity pass to find out the story that matters most. “

Source: Short Books

I can’t wait to start filling it in – recalling happy memories from my childhood and sharing my dreams.


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  1. i think it is a brilliant idea. i do know my mum and dad but i do not know them in the sense of when was the first time they rode a bike etc.. they should make one for fathers as well

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