Wallpaper canvas art.

Cath KidstonI am a massive fan and avid reader of the popular “Shabby Chic” thread on the moneysavingexpert forums. My home is not at all shabby chic really, but I adore the style. It’s wonderful to be able to read about and see other peoples homes and their creative ideas. One concept that I have wanted to replicate is a patchwork wall. A couple of examples of brilliant ‘shabby chic’ patchwork walls are icandream’s and vintagepleasure’s. As I live in a private rent it is not actually possible for me to even paint my walls anything but Magnolia, so wallpapering is definitely out of the question. I came up with the idea of doing a patchwork canvas.

After visiting Tesco this morning I decided to pay a visit to B&Q, to check out their lovely wallpapers. They didn’t have a huge range but fortunately there was plenty to fit my colour scheme (neutrals, brown, duck egg blue). I felt a bit like a thief – especially as the ripping sound drew the attention of two young lads stacking shelves. I imagined the store detective arriving at any moment to escort me off the premises. I managed to leave with a few *cough* sample pieces and also one discounted full roll of wallpaper for £2 (they had loads reduced at the front of the store). I’m going to use this full roll to cover some shoe boxes.

This evening, once the kids were tucked up in bed, I’ve had a go at making a piece of wallpaper canvas art. The canvas isn’t that big really 16″ x 20″, so rather than do a random patchwork pattern I’ve done different pieces of wallpaper in strips. I used watered down PVA glue to stick down the wallpaper. I think it may have been too diluted for the first two pieces I stuck on, as they are not adhering very well. They have developed quite a few air bubbles. I’ve laid the canvas face down on the table and placed some heavy objects on it, in the hope that it will adhere. I’ll leave it overnight and see how it is in the morning. I also regret adding the wallpaper with the red flowers – it’s a gorgeous design but it stands out a lot, compared to the others. I may well just paint the red flower pale blue. Having stared at it for a while I think it would look lovely with some different textured ribbon added, along some or all of the joins.

So here’s a sneak preview of the bubbley, not quite perfect, semi-finished piece!
Patchwork canvas


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