New improved wallpaper canvas art.

Last night I left the canvas face down on the table, with an Argos catalogue on it, to try to flatten out the creases. It did a fairly good job and there is only a few minor creases on one part. I’m optimistically hoping they will disappear altogether!I decided to go with my ribbon idea so on a trip into town this morning I visited the local fabric shop. I bought a selection of different texture ribbons in colours to coordinate with the wallpaper. I used watered down PVA glue to fix on the ribbons and had a few issues with the ribbons also creasing, like the wallpaper.Here is the finished masterpiece:Patchwork canvasI think that adding the ribbon has given it a really nice finishing touch. I contemplated adding some buttons or embellishments but I’m happy with it as it is.I also used some wallpaper to cover a shoe box and added a ribbon bow as a finishing touchWallpaper covered shoeboxI’ve got 2 more shoe boxes that will also receive the same treatment!

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