Running again.

RunningI haven’t been able to run for approx 7 weeks. During a TAAC sprint training session I suffered a groin strain. Initially I rested for 2 weeks but found the strain returned, worse than before, when I next ran again. After a further weeks rest I went for a short, gentle run but it was still giving me trouble. So I have ended up spending 7 weeks in total sat around on my arse getting completely frustrated with not being able to run. In the mean time my running partner, Claire, has gone on to do a half marathon, followed by the 20 mile grizzly race. On Sunday I bumped into Claire in Somerfields and she had just completed 20 miles with some friends who are training for the London marathon. I discovered they were all meeting up on Tuesday (yesterday) to do a gentle 5 mile ‘rest’ run, as part of their marathon training schedule. This was perfect for my first run following my recovery so I decided to join them.The weather was beautiful yesterday. The sun was out and was actually quite warm (although there was a nippy cold wind too). There was six of us running – 3 who will be doing the London Marathon in a few weeks time. We decided to run from Torrington Rugby Club, out to St Giles in the Wood and then cutting back through Stevenstone – all on road (and a small bit of dirt track). There were quite a few hills to tackle but running with a group helps keep you going, when the going gets tough. The 3 girls that are training for the Marathon were tired and aching from their many weeks of training, so plodded along gently behind us. I thoroughly enjoyed the run and managed to keep up with the others, so my 7 weeks of rest hasn’t knocked my fitness as much as I had anticipated. We did 4 miles in the end and I jogged the half mile home from the Rugby Club. My strain was fine the whole way round although it was aching during the afternoon. It seems ok this morning. I thinkI need to regularly do stretching exercises to build up my muscles. It is TAAC training tonight so I’m hoping to go along (if my babysitter confirms)! I think I’ll avoid the sprint training from now on though!

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  1. Glad that you are getting over your injury. I would definitely be frustrated if I had to take off 7 weeks from the gym, but sometimes that sort of thing is necessary in order not to cause serious damage. I wish you the best!

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