Big Sheep Grand National!

Whilst flicking through my local free newspaper the North Devon Gazette, I noticed that they were offering free entry to the nearby ‘Big Sheep‘ attraction, after 3pm. I mentioned it to my friend and we decided we’d take the kids along for the afternoon.

The Big Sheep have sheep racing and they were doing a Grand National special event! My friend paid for the children to bet on a sheep and the sheep my children chose won! They got a “winners badge” and a mug. We gave the mug to my friend (after all she paid)!

Here’s some photos from the day.

Sheep racing

The Race

The commentator had built up the atmosphere and the crowd were going wild (hmmm… maybe not)! This first picture is the sheep racing round what I think is called “ewetree corner”. Our winning sheep (woolly jumper) with a clear lead already. Our “jockey” was wearing a multi colour sweater. They’d even made little hurdles for the sheep to jump. Apparently during rehearsals the day before they got to the hurdles then turned around and ran back the other way!

In the paddock!

Sheep racing

Just before we left we had a quick look round the animals (mainly sheep… well the attraction is called “Big Sheep”).

Curious Sheep

Big Sheep

Newborn Lamb

Newborn Lamb

And what the kids enjoyed the most (and I might have had a quick go or two….)!

Big Sheep Big Slide


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