Shiny new oven!

I mentioned to my landlord that our oven was now rather noisy and expected him to get it repaired.  He came and took a look at it and decided it would be better having a new oven so we had it installed on Thursday. It’s all shiny and clean (I must keep it that way too)!



As you can see the old one was in a bit of a state. It was very clean inside (my landlord even commented that i have a clean oven!!! fnar fnar!), but the streaks down the inside of the glass on the door are from where I cleaned it. The cleaning solution ran inside the glass and I was unable to unscrew the glass to clean inside that too. The dial on the left hand side had perished so I needed to use pliers to turn the oven dial! I think it’s a silly idea having a white oven anyway. The kitchen sink is also white (ack!).

new oven


The new oven is shiny, shiny chrome. It’s much more efficient than the old one – so much so that I burnt the first meal I cooked in it! It actually came with a hob, but the landlord has decided not to have that installed yet as it would cost extra. I would like a shiny, shiny hob though. *sulk*


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