Mayfair is approaching – attempt at Rag curls

Life as a parent, living in Torrington, starts to get completely manic this week as Mayfair approaches.

From Wiki:

Mayfair is an annual folk festival believed to date back to 1554 in which the children of Torrington dance around a maypole set up in the town square. The event takes place on the first Thursday in May. The junior school kids elect a May Queen and she is crowned in the town square after a procession with attendants. There is then Maypole dancing after which the kids go off to the fair and the adults wonder around the public houses.

My son will be doing maypole dancing (which is compulsory for year 5 & 6 students) and my daughter will be doing country dancing in the morning and street dance in the afternoon. My daughter decided that she would like her hair rag curled, so on Friday night I decided to do a trial run.

Rag curling hair


Here she is with the rags in her hair. It was actually quite simple to do. I watched this youtube video for a product called Rageaze to work out the method. I tore up some old fabric into to strips (approx 30cm long and 3cm wide). I sprayed her hair with water to make it damp and then applied setting lotion. I then placed my daughter comfortably on a cushion and began the process of rolling the hair around the rags. It probably took about an hour to complete.

Here is the result:

Rag CurlsRag Curls

Rag Curls

At first she hated it and refused to leave the house. We had to go into town and nearly everyone we met commented on how lovely it looked so she has decided she would actually like it curled for mayfair.

Today was a big rehearsal for all the Streetz dance crew. It is the first time that all 90+ children have got together to finalise the dances to be performed during the Wednesday night “dress rehearsal” and on Thursdays Mayfair day. The dances look brilliant and the Streetz dance crew have all worked really hard over the past few months. It’s great to watch it all come together. Even the adults joined in with the dances they knew. My daughter is really, really nervous about performing and says she already has butterflies, bless her!


2 responses

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog – used to live in North Devon and will be down that way before long.

    Rag curls went well! I remember my Mum doing that when I was younger!

    I have tagged you. The rules are on my blog.


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