Invalid alert. I broke it.

There I was quite happily trying to learn this dance (as you do)…when I twisted my foot awkwardly and heard an almighty, eye watering click. As if by magic I was no longer able to stand on my foot.

The kindness of a friend, 3 hospitals and 5 hours later….

Broken foot

Be warned: Dancing in your living room is dangerous.

No running. No Streetz dance. No Forest School. No life…for about 6 weeks. Ack!

I am an idiot!


One response

  1. Oh my goodness! These pictures of your broken foot are soooooooo incredibly sexy. Admittedly, I have a little thing for attractive women (such as yourself) with foot injuries. I’m sorry you hurt yourself in the first place. But Yowza! Your pics absolutely slay me (but in a good way). I hope your cute little tootsie got plenty of TLC when it was in its busted state.

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