The dummies guide to coping with a broken foot!


Although this isn’t the actual xray of my fractured 5th metatarsal, I believe this ‘artist impression’ is a good representation of my fracture. I did a pretty good

5th Metatarsal fracture

job of breaking it, even if I broke it in a pretty stupid manner!

As it’s been fi

ve days since I broke my foot and I’m starting to get the hang of life with the use of only one leg, I thought I would treat you all to some top tips! These are things I’ve discovered from living with a broken foot!

Computer Chair1) In the absence of a wheelchair, a basic computer chair on wheels makes an excellent alternative. I am now able to move around the downstairs with quite some speed. It also enables me to carry items, which is not possible with crutches. I wouldn’t advise going out in public on your computer chair. You’d probably get some funny looks – stick to the crutches in public places!

2) Crutches really hurt your hands. I have covered the handles with my (clean) fluffy bed socks. This makes it a bit more comfortable to use them.

3) Get yourself an unbreakable flask. If you are not fortunate enough to have a wDrinks Flaskheelchair/computer chair/carer/personal assistant then a flask is essential for your days caffeine intake! I can just about carry a flask and hobble along on my crutches. It needs to be an unbreakable flask because it does clatter against your crutches as you shuffle along! The last thing you need when you’re already invalid is a trip to casualty after swallowing glass fragments!
Now I make use of my wheely computer chair, I’ve reverted back to making cuppas and carrying them (with extreme care). Be careful to avoid scalding yourself from spillages. I tend to take 2 or 3 sips before I attempt to transport my hot bevarage. I think a thermal cup with a lid would be useful in this situation.

Shoulder Bag4) A shoulder bag is essential. It’s not possible to get anywhere easily or quickly when you are minus the use of one leg. I have got into the habit of placing everything I’m likely to need in a big shoulder bag. My bag currently contains wallet, keys, mobile phone, cordless home phone, pen, paper, painkillers, magazines and a bottle of water. The bag travels round the house with me so that I’m never far away from the things I need. It’s a real pain to have crawled to the top of the stairs…and then the phone rings downstairs!

5) A tall stool is your friend. I asked my children to place a tall stool in the kitchen for me to use. This means that I am able to reach the sink/cooker and cupboards and have both hands free. I can use the stool in a ‘zimmer frame’ manner to help me propel myself around the kitchen.

Cushion mountain6) Create cushion mountains. For the first few days it’s essential to keep your foot elevated. I have created a cushion mountain on the sofa, one on my bed and also have a stool and cushion which I use whilst sat at my computer. I also find that my foot is more uncomfortable than painful and padding it with cushions whilst I am sat down or in bed trying to sleep eases the discomfort.

7) Obtain a big sock! My poor little toes poking out of my cast often get cold and feel uncomfortable. I cover them with a large/stretchy sock.

8 ) Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Being stuck in the house might be driving you round the twist…but it’s a long way to hobble to my local shop on crutches – I got half way before a friend intervened thankfully! I’ve had loads of offers of help and people really don’t mind taking a trip to the shop for you (they wouldn’t offer otherwise). Spare your arms/shoulders/hands and healthy leg the trauma.

9) Online grocery shopping rocks! No need to leave your home or have to worry about carrying anything. It helps if you have a couple of eager kids to pack the shopping away when it arrives. Also, expect them to want to sample some of the goodies after they have packed them away – it’s only fair I suppose!

10) Bathtime basics. I’ve started to master the process of keeping clean. I’m bathing every other day and then having a (one legged) stand up wash in between. There’s no need to spend £10 on a “waterproof protector” (as shown on the leaflet given to me by the fracture clinic)! A large carrier bag and some gaffer tape does the trick! Take care climbing in and out of the bath. When you are in the bath stick your poorly leg over the edge and make sure that you have everything to hand before you get in. Dry your good foot well before you get out of the bath to prevent slippage and further injury!

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  1. Hi there I am soooo happy I came across your site it was very helpful. I am now stuck in a cast and crutches and it really sucks as you know.My two little girls still don’t understand why i can’t hold them or take them ride their bikes. How did you find a sock to fit over your cast?lol What color did you get? I got blue,my daughter loves blue. How long does it take for the swelling to go away?Feel free to email me so we can vent,lol.

    • Sorry about your foot Dave. I, too, broke my 5th Met last year at the end of September, it was 6 weeks in a cast, and due to the carelessness of the physio who put it in a cast, it was taken out before healing had commenced! This meant I walked on it for 4 days, still broken. It swelled alarmingly so I returned to the doctor who sent me to a specialist, who put me in a surgical boot for 6 months!! Horror……however it healed, albeit slowly. After physio for 6 weeks, I am now completely OK, no swelling in spite of the doctor saying it would probably swell up for a year or more. No pain, it is now fine. So take it from me, don’t try to rush it, if you are young, unlike me, you will probably heal more quickly. Just wait until it is really ready. All the best.

      • I’m so glad I came across this website. Julie, you make me feel better. I thought I was the slowest healer ever. I shattered (comminuted fracture) my fourth metatarsal in April. Didn’t start weight bearing until 14 weeks post injury. I have been wearing an aircast for about 3 weeks now and can walk for very short distances (like around the kitchen long enough to make dinner). Still using one crutch around the house and 2 when going out anywhere. I still have no hard boney union yet though. Do you remember how long that took for you?

      • Hi,
        How does one know if the doctor took off the cast earlier than expected. I broke my 5th Met too, and the doc took the cast off on the 5th day and I am now on a walking boot. I am so scared that he has made the wrong decision as I am still in pain.

  2. I came across this site 5 days into my own identical breakage and laughed so much at your description of the swivelchair, as I had also mastered that gem.

    Now 9 days in, I would add – hire a cleaner. It is impossible to clean floors or vacuum in this state.

    My foot feels fine, but the crutches and bumshuffling take it out on the rest of the body/ I am thinking of using my son’s skateboard knee pads and wristguards for protection!

  3. Hello mumsee! I was googling for an image of the same fracture when I chanced upon your blog post and I must say that you are spot on for everything I am going through! And yes I do make use of my home computer chair to move around too!

    I’m in my 3rd week since my fracture and my toes still swell up when I attempt to “stand” around for too long trying to whip up a meal for my family. Do you get that? I guess those in the same predicament would understand the frustrations and inconvenience we go through. (And yes, using the crutches HURTS! LOL)

    I will forward your post to my family to help them understand that how I feel is not an isolated case. =)

    Hope you are well!

  4. having never broken, fractured, or sprained anthing until now, this is my first whole day with a broken foot (thats very similar your pic).
    its soooo frustraiting being bum bound as im very active with housework, kids, dog, etc… etc…etc. simple things (we take for granted) need planing, energy and time!. iv set up a space in my livingroom with everthing to hand and at the moment im quite comfy (till i need the loo, lol).
    its made me smile reading your post as iv felt prety usulsess and fed up all day, and i feel sorry for my poor boyfriend who has had to cope with me and my dog that im sure wants to have me over!!
    near enough got everything you suggested, my hands hurt, so going to buy some bmx gloves tomorrow as my son wouldnt donate his, lol.

  5. Hi,
    I’ve enjoyed reading through everyone’s emails. I’m nearly 4 weeks into breaking my 5th metatarsal bone and I’m simiply miserable. I’m helpless and I’m so very sore from the crutches. To add to that, I’m going stir crazy being locked in the house. My DR told me that it would take 4 to 6 weeks to heal. However, I’ve done some internet reading and in most cases, people say that it take much longer. In fact, many have said that they stayed in their casts/boots for 6 weeks only to find that the foot was not healing and would have to have surgery. Reading this was put me in a sad place and I’ve been so very depressed ever since. You see, I’m have a hyperactive personality -so sitting for long periods of time make me insane. Has anyone healed in 4 weeks?

    • I just returned from the hospital. I broke my 5th metatarsal. When i first got this in the cast the doctor said the cast will come out in 3 weeks.. now the doctor has checked and said it will come out in 6 weeks and if not then there will be a surgery… i have already had a surgery on the foot.. i m so damn scared and frustrated

      • Every injury seems to be different – it depends on where and how you’ve fractured your met 5. I’m in week 6, coming out of the cam walker this week, I hope. The time has dragged on, and flown by as well. I hope your recovery is speedy, and no surgery required. Good luck, and stay positive.

  6. i just fractured my left foot and have the boot and crutches tfor many weeks. is it wrong to be upset with my husband for not helping me around the house? iam baffled at his lack of compassion in my state. i do use a chair on wheels to do dishes, cook etc. what is your opion?

    • I realize that you injury was many years ago but feeling very frustrated, decided to see if anyone else felt like I do now. Not having a helpful husband is making it much worse. Thank you for your comment on how you felt during this healing process.

  7. nobody can understand how it feels, not only do u loose the loss of a foot, u loose ur arms too, and its hard work sometimes dragging my body about, lol, iv never felt so useless in my life! and have cried through frustration! im about 5 weeks in, just had my cast off and feel free, lol, well…. not for long thow, still hurts and my last few toes are still numb, is that normal??? still not sure if i need an op till my next exray, so fingers crossed x

    • Hi Sharron! I fractured my 2nd matatarsal about a month ago. Took the half cast yesterday and my 3rd toe to the last toe is also kind of numb. Glad to know I’m not alone.

  8. It’s been nine days since I broke my 5th metatarsal, and if I let myself dwell on the fact that I still have four and a half weeks of this non-weight-bearing hell, I’d be in despair. (to say nothing of the several weeks/months it will take to get back to full strength after the boot comes off. And that’s if everything heals well.) Why did I ever let anything bother me before???? I could walk then!

    Seriously, I’ve been learning some tricks. The computer chair works well on the kitchen floor, but not on carpet; I still have to use the crutches there. I tried the crutches at work, but it’s just too hard. Luckily, I have a very supportive workplace, so I’m going to use a wheelchair there. Someone will bring me to and from the car each day, and I’ll store the chair in the secretary’s office. A friend lent me a shower chair to put in the bath, which is a godsend. (I’m not allowed to take off my boot at all, not even to sleep or bathe, and it was really hard to try to balance on the narrow edge of the tub while washing.)

    As far as the unhelpful husband goes, you’re very right to be upset. I live alone, and I absolutely HAVE to depend on helpful friends. You just can’t do it on your own. Have your doctor or someone he trusts explain to hubby that he needs to become the total housekeeper for the next few weeks — and he should fetch and carry for you, too. If he still doesn’t get it, appeal to his self-interest. Just think how much worse it will be if you fall on your crutches or scald yourself moving about the kitchen on a rolling chair, and he has to care for the bedridden you as well as the house! He’s got it comparatively easy now. It’s depressing enough to lose your mobility and life for six weeks; you can do without an unhelpful spouse, too. (He might just not realize how hard everything is; when I first started on the crutches, etc., I had no idea what it was going to be like. I thought I’d be able to cope pretty well by myself. Wrong.)

    Another hint for the live-alones: keep extra light bulbs and a flashlight/lantern by your bed (or someplace handy) in case the bedside light burns out or the power goes out. You can’t get around on crutches in the dark!

  9. I fractured my 5th metatarsal 9 weeks ago. Unfortunately after 4 weeks, the bone had healed incorrectly and I needed surgery. Because the surgery was very complicated I have been on bedrest for 5 weeks, with 9 days to go. Hopefully I will get the cast off in 9 days. If I need more bedrest I will go absolutely crazy.

    Crutches are excruciatingly painful, I´m not able to drive and my poor husband is doing absolutely everything around the house. Here´s hoping there´s only 9 days to go.

  10. I thought I would drop a quick response to add to the mix. I am just four days post-break and if you can believe it three days overdue in my second pregnancy. In addition I have a nearly three year old daughter! What a miserable situation to be in and the emotional challenges are quickly seeming to be more extreme than the physical ones. I am still in almost a state of disbelief that such an unfortunate accident could take place at such an already challenging time. Any words of support would definitely be appreciated…please tell me that surgery is not the norm for everyone with a fractured foot!

    • i broke my 5th metatarsal 20 26/3/2010 ( 2 wk ago) i had a big flood in my town (Thasala) i also had 5 mo and 3 yr old baby . i would like to know about yr treatment . Now i am on fiber walking cast

      • I feel your pain!!!! I broke my 5th metatarsal just a few days ago and I’m almost 37 weeks pregnant! I’m dying on crutches and can’t believe the timing of all this! I know I’ll obviously survive but it’s hard to feel that way now, especially because my podiatrist already thinks I need surgery 😦 😦

  11. I just happened onto this site and am amazed as to how many of us are struggling under similar circumstances!
    I am now in the 2nd week of the leg cast up to my knee. I was wallowing in self pity until I read all of your posts! I was put in a ‘walking’ cast and then a boot…..and have continued to hobble here and there –
    The Dr. told me it would take 3 – 6 months to heal….he did give me three choices:
    1. leave it alone and hope it will heal
    2. cast it and hope it will heal
    3. have surgery, then a cast and hope it will heal

    He mentioned something called a ‘bone growth stimulator’ but cautioned that insurance might not pay for it and that it was only for ‘special circumstances’.

    It is not my driving foot so I have still ventured out and about – even trying to do some grocery shopping. It was nice to discover that there are still people who will offer to help when they see you are struggling.
    I too use bags and baskets to carry things around….I live downstairs – the kitchen and shower are upstairs… does make me plan and think things thru…..and to eliminate everything that is not absolutely necessary!
    I wish I could say that I am using this time to write my memoirs or paint a masterpiece…..but all I have managed are a few pages in a journal! and even those smacked of self pity!
    Your stories helped a great deal….I certainly don’t feel like I am in this by myself! Good luck!

  12. well 3 weeks ago to the day whilst doing my 2nd degree black belt in taekwondo i came down heavy and rolled the ankle, was taken straight to the hospital where they xrayed the ankle bandaged it up and sent me on my way, went to the hospital yesterday and said i thought the 5th meta tarsal was broke and surprise surprise yep it was just like the picture, needless to say upto the knee in cast it was only put in cast yesterday and already ive had enough, you dont realise how much one leg does lol oh and itch but must not put anything inside cast yeah rite, a paint brush fits just right. what i want to know is there really any need for the cast to go all the way upto the knee.? You dont see david beckham hobbling around…. oh just to say i had done just enough to pass my grading before i was carried off so that was a nice bit of news.
    well here goes another 5 weeks and 6 days….

  13. Thanks for all your comments on this post. I hope everyone is coping well given the circumstances!! Remember you’re not going to be in this predicament forever.

    It’s 4 months since I broke my foot and I am pleased to say that I am pretty much back to full health. My foot (particularly around the site of my break) does get sore if I have been on my feet all day. I get nervous about my foot and have lost a bit of confidence in it actually. If I’m in a crowded environment I worry that someone is going to step on my foot and I worry about walking on uneven surfaces.

    I am back doing dance and do not experience any problems (just my normal lack of co-ordination and style)!!!! I am not currently running simply because I don’t have the time.

    Take it easy x

    • Mum…I found your blog encouraging. I fractured my fifth metatarsul 7weeks ago. I came out of the boot last week and need to keep sneakers on at all times except sleeping or showering. I’m still not getting around great. My foot feels like a brick. I started physical therapy this week. I have to go twice a week for one month. My foot is still swollen and occasionally painful. Throughout this whole situation, I found myself very depressed, angry at my family for the eye rolls when I would ask for help. I agree with everyone on here…mentally stressful! It’s so frustrating not being able to do simple tasks. I’ve shed many a tear, and then remind myself that things could be worse…glad you’re doing well! I’m hopeful that I will one day get back to my Zumba classes. Admittedly, like you, I am not very coordinated in dance either! Lol! Good health, all!

  14. hello again, its nearly thirteen weeks since my break but im still having a few problems with swelling and bruising from time to time, however, i can now wear (if sensable) high heeled boots, not all the time thow, lol.
    just started to get some feeling back in the left side of my foot and end toes, and can even move my little one, lol, iv been a bit worried about it because i think if i cant feel it, i could damage it without realising it properly, and the thaught of going back in a cast is a depressing one so i look after the foot and it keeps me away from that dark place! lol.
    it seems to be taking for ever to get my energy back and i have put about a stone in weight on so just getting back into rythem of things and just walking to town and back is brilliant but tiering and i do pay for it slightly because its very hilly where i live.
    i didnt think it would take as long as it is doing to mend but im sooooo glad to be back on it (even if it is a bit dodgy).
    feel for everone !!!!!!
    but it does get better, iv learned to slow down and realise that i cant do everything in 1day,allways rushing around never really relaxing x

  15. I’ll admit that this my third day with my break (second in a cast, i thought it was just a sprain until i saw it in the morning) I cried in frustration. This is my first and hopefully last break, but I’m clumsy as all hell. I can’t stand to be in the flat on my own, but I can’t bear the thought of climbing two flights of stairs to get out or back in again. I do however have an admiration for those on permenant crutches, they are incredibly strong people to be able to deal with day to day life. I realise now just how unfit I am, i struggle to get out of the bed and off the sofa. My Foot Freeness Resolution (seeing as a New Years one is was kind scuppered) Is to build up strength in my body. I was supposed to join a jive and street jazz class at the end of the month as a way to get fit. Until you suffer an incident of this type you don’t really know how much you take for granted or how many muscles you need to operate crutches, I ache all over it’s surprising and kinda amazing at the same time.

    Ohh btw: did anyones foot throb massively and feel really hot with pins and needles, any advice?

  16. I feel for you all! I’m 3 wks. in with a 5th metatarsal fracture on my right foot. I’m glad I’m not alone although I wouldn’t wish this on anyone. I’m mostly concerned about driving. I can only put a little pressure on my foot in the walking boot. I know I can’t drive with the boot because it’s too big to press just one peddle and I doubt it’s legal. If I take the boot off, I really can’t put pressure on it like I would to try to drive. I had just gotten a new job right before I broke my foot and was able to push my start date but I’m starting to be afraid I still won’t be able to drive when the time comes. Anyone else have any thoughts or time frames regarding driving with a broken right foot ?
    I, too have a new understanding of what folks in wheelchairs and on permanent crutches go through. It made me feel like a big baby to have to use a wheelchair at an airport and get into the handicap restroom stall among other new things especially when I think of others who will always use that stall and have to get wheeled through airport security among a zillion other little things that one goes through when they can’t use one of their feet.
    Happy healing to you all!

  17. Hi all! First, I’d like to say that I have found everyone’s comments on this site to be very helpful and even uplifting. I fractured a bone on the outer edge of my left foot a week ago, and was in a splint for a few days, and now am in a boot with strict instructions against any weight bearing. I pretty much live alone, so it’s been a challenge, to say the least. The hardest part for me has been eating meals on the occasions when one of my friends cannot come over to help me or bring me dinner. My apt is carpeted so I can’t use my office chair, and carrying anything with my crutches is simply not an option! That rules out any drinks in a cup, or soups, etc. As for cooking, I get too tired standing on one foot to even make a sandwich. The best I can do is hobble on crutches to the kitchen and then put my crutches at the table and hop over to the fridge and grab cream cheese and bagels and then hop to the table (which is a few feet away). I am sure the hopping is not recommended, but without it I wouldn’t be able to eat at all while alone! I’ve been relying on pretzels, dried fruits, and other snacks that come in a bag a lot, but that only goes so far.

    Work-wise, missing work is not an option for me. I live in a big city, but getting to the subway seems next to impossible on crutches even though it is normally a 7-10 minute walk. I am also terrified of navigating the subway system in rush hour on my crutches, not to mention the possibility of having to stand in a packed train for several stops. I have been very fortunate to get rides to/from work from a coworker who lives nearby, but when he can’t drive me I have to rely on taxis for which I pay out of pocket, and it is not cheap! I have 3.5 more weeks in the boot until my next ortho appt, and we will see where we go from there…

    • I found a place on the internet called Crutch eze They sell pads and a cool pocket for your crutches. The pocket will hold a hard reusable drink cup and you can carry it with you or your cell phone so you don’t have to try to hurry across a room to get it.(never a good idea) This product as well as the pads for my hands that I got from this site were my saving grace. I was in a hard cast for 9 weeks non weight bearing, an air cast for 4 weeks non weight bearing and now can sort of walk in my boot or a stiff shoes but pain and swelling are still an issue but at least I don’t have to sleep in the boot or cast 🙂 Kay

      • Hi, kay I broke my left ankle june 28,2014. Had surgery July2 they put a plate and screws in. I am now in a cast I have a week left of nab. I go back to the ortho august 12 im hoping to be put in a boot. But my problem is I cant get comfortable. What did you do while in a cast to get comfortable enough to sleep at night?

    • My small town has a medical bus transit called Link Plus that offers free transportation for people who can’t drive due to medical, physical or other ailment so they used to drive me to work and appointments when I was in a wheelchair for awhile and also during the winter. My insurance also offered 24 free rides a year on a medical bus too.

  18. Hello,
    I live in Florida, am 46 years old, and came across the site while searching for “broken foot recovery” and wanted to share with you as well.

    I am too non-weight bearing for 4 weeks as I just broke my 5th metatarsal bone last week and had surgery a few days ago. I had to have a pin put in to help the bone fuse back together.

    Instead of struggling with crutches or a walker, I rented a relatively new device called a KNEE/LEG WALKER which is a new alternative to get around. It cost me $75.00 for the month from my local medical supply company and has saved me!

    It is a scooter type device with four wheels that you can steerl. It has a tall handlebar with hand brakes and a padded seat for you to rest your bum knee on allowing your boot and broken ankle/foot to always stay off the ground resting. You get around by using your good leg and foot to push yourself. I can go around my house (wood floors and carpeting) so easily. You can back up too although it’s harder. You just have to get used to it. I can also take it outside to get the mail by going done one step out my front door. Very easy.

    The one I rented is called the Free Spirit from Essential Medical Supply Company. Please check into this scooter – you will be able to do so much! Take care all 🙂

    • Hi Sheila,

      Just wondering how you are doing since you broke your foot, and how long it really took till you were up and running again. I did the same thing…here is my story that I posted on that same blog site that you found;

      Hi all,

      Bummer for the Summer!!!
      The world is wide open thanks to Google, even when you’re stuck home nursing a broken foot.
      Glad I found you all!! I’m 3.5 weeks into a 5th metatarsal avulsion on my right foot and I was assigned none weight bareing for 7 weeks. The worst part of this is that 3 years ago I had (elective)surgery on my left foot, trying to releive pain in the ball of my foot. It wasn’t the quick fix I was hoping for …so now my good foot is my bad foot!!!!
      I live in New York, but went to Miami Beach for a wedding and vacation. On June 21st, my hubby’s birthday, I slid off of a curb and caught my fall but twisted my right foot while catching myself. I thought it was just bruised, no big deal. At 5:00AM the next morning , when I couldn’t step down , I figured I’d go to the ER and rule out a fracture. Guess not!!! I went to that wedding in a wheel chair.

      One of my closest friends is a podiatrist, so when I came home he was overseeing my foot.
      I went for a follow up x-ray after 2 weeks and found that the fracture of the bone worsened from a 1.5 mm spread to a 5.8 mm spread. Based on my x-ray, he and a colleague, who is an orthopedic surgeon concured that surgery was necessary. The Surgeon had a cancelation the next day in his OR schedule. I was thrilled because every day that I wait , the clock starts again for the NWB healing process.

      The next morning after not eating from midnight, I get to the hospital (A top hospital in NYC) and do the whole pre-op; Chest x-ray, Foot x-ray, EKG, Blood drawn, Urine, IV line inserted, etc. Finally the surgeon comes in, introduces himself and starts pushing and prodding my foot. “Does this hurt?” “Does that hurt?” I promised him if he hurt me I’d SCREAM. He couldn’t make me SCREAM!!! He stepped back and said “If you were my “mother” (Now that made me SCREAM…cos I really don’t think I was old enough to be his mother)I would advise her NOT to do the surgery at this time. Since you have minimal pain, no swelling and you’re physically fit, I can’t say for sure that you will heal any better with the pin in your foot as you would without. We can always do the surgery later if necesary” (But that would start my NWB clock again…Yikes!!!!!!!!!!)
      I listened to him and went home, with an EBI bone stimulator…that I have to wear 10 hours a day!! I really hope it was the right decision. My friend, the podiatrist still thinks I should have gone for the surgery. Time will tell!! I’ll report back how all this ends!!! Feel good all!!!


    • For those of you on Medicare, I believe the knee/leg walker(scooter) is covered. I have been using it for three weeks since breaking my 5th metatarsal and love it. Crutches are dangerously unstable for older folks (like me) and very uncomfortable to use. Even if you have to pay for this it is worth every penny!

  19. I am currently on week 9 completely non-weightbearing (out of 12). I broke my cuboid and 3 other bones the week before Christmas by tripping off a kerb. For the first 3 weeks I struggled with the crutches, even falling over a few times! Like the last post, I highly recommend hiring an orthopaedic leg walker. It completely banishes the need for crutches, and allows you to be hands free. I am a high school teacher, and because of the legwalker, I have been able to work (almost) normally. I have not had a single day off work – even though I am non-weightbearing. My one is called a K9 Orthopaedic Scooter, and I am hiring it for £8 a week. (A deposit is necessary however). It is so worth it – it has revolutionised my recovery!

  20. I’m three days into my right-5th metatarsal break and today is my first real “bummer” day. It’s the weekend, and I have no idea how I might manage going back to work tomorrow. I’m a first grade special ed teacher, NOT a sedentary job. But it is a very bad time to be away from school, and my being off puts a burden on the other teachers during a critical time. I am very awkward moving around and besides, it hurts! I didn’t get very much info from the ER doc, just to go to orthopedics within 10 days for follow up, so I don’t know what to expect. I am feeling scared and dumb at the same time. whaa! This forum is comforting in that you all know exactly what I’m going through, but also some of your stories are scaring me.

    • This is my second time breaking my foot in one year. UGH! I have to share with you that I use a scooter called the ‘roll about’ and it has saved my life. I have young children and work full time so getting around it critical to me. I rented the scooter from my foot surgeon but you can also rent them online.

      good luck!

    • Ann,

      I am in my 4th day of my right 5th metatarsal break and I’m an elementary special ed teacher, too! We have a half-day of kids and then a “work” day left this year (as if we don’t work any other day), and I did go to school last Friday with my walking boot on. I’m wondering how long it took for your fracture to really heal. I thought the summer would be plenty of time, but after reading all these cases on this blog, I’m terrified it will take longer.

      I don’t know if you’ll even see this, because your fracture was over two years ago, but if you do, I’m very interested in your long-term outcome.


      • Liz, some of these who have long recovery times have what is known as a “Jones fracture”, which is a break in the 5th met at a spot that has poor blood supply. If you are in a walking boot then you don’t have a Jones fracture as you either have surgery or you are non-weightbearing for months. I had a fracture of my 5th met, it took almost 3 months to get healead but I also broke the joint so that is supposedly what delayed it. I am still dealing with my foot though because I have also injured the peroneal tendons. I have severe tenosynovitis (inflammation of the tendon sheath), and trying the cortisone shot thing. Don’t be surprised if even after the bone heals if you have other issues that take a bit to heal as there is always “collateral damage” when you break a bone. I also work in the schools as a spec. ed. assistant, and was off work for 5 months as I couldn’t do my job on crutches. Good luck!

      • To Lori below. I have a confirmed Joes Fracture, Was in a boot ‘aircast’ from first day. I was encouraged to weight bear at week 5. I’m at week 8 now and still have pain. Scared I was told to bear weight too soon; the whole issue of long non weight bearing for Jones fractures is controversial; so not all doctors ascribe to a long weight bearing time. Their concern is bone loss from non use, and that weight bearing is what stimulates bone growth; so a sort of catch 22 there with a Jones Fracture. Me: sort of thinking my treatment isn’t working so well; or else it’s going to really take a LONG time! 😦 Not happy. In fact I’m sort of scared and anxious.

  21. It’s coming up to my fourth week in a cast and I’ve been feeling totally useless and frustrated. A few weeks ago, when moving some furniture, I moved a broken mirror and balanced it on a chair, to move out the house later. When walking away from it, it fell on my left leg, cutting through my achilles tendon and some nerves. 8-10 weeks in cast. Then some ugly boot thing and physio. woohoo.
    I’ve never had a proper injury before so I’ve really learnt to appreciate how difficult it is for anyone who has some sort of injury, which means they are no longer capable of simply carrying out their usual daily tasks. The pain is also so annoying!! It stops me sleeping. With the cast I get the feeling sometimes that it feels really tight and burning, and a pins and needles sensation. Also, because it’s my nerves repairing i get these really sudden pains up my leg, almost like electric shocks.
    It’s really had an effect on me as I can’t do anything normally anymore on a cast. My school is literally all stairs, so i’m exhausted and terrified all day, and I have to be in school as I have major exams coming up!! It also effects your social life which is one of the most frustrating things. Realistically, of course you can’t go out anymore to your mates’ parties, around people who are gonna smoke and drink and possible knock you over. Not only that but I feel like a right cripple.

    How are people coping with being stuck in the house the whole time???? And how can you keep up with all the work you have to do when you feel so depressed and exhausted!?!?

    This actually sucks.
    Clearly I’m having difficulty looking at the positives.

  22. Hey Alice,

    I am in school as well and broke my leg 4 days ago…ur definitely right that this situation sucks but given the fact that I can’t change it, this is the time to test your strength and will power. People go through MUCH worse things and come out totally strong and while I was depressed for the first two days, I am taking this as a Survivor challenge, literally. You gotta keeo your head straight and high and find ways to cope. Its also strange that I’ve realized how little you need to be happy and let some of the things I don’t really HAVE to do, fall away. Its making my crazy life much more calm and I guess thats a good thing. I know that after these 5 weeks are up, I will have to get back to the rat race and this is the only time when I can relax, chill, read books, chat with old friends, sleep, sing out loud and not worry about where I have to be next. Just keep it cool and be glad that this is just temporary injury. People with lot worse cards have played much better in this game, so you can pretty much make it through:)

    • You are awesome! This was posted years ago, but it made me laugh out loud from my “sick bed,” where I”m on week 3 of a nasty Met 5 break. Funny how all of our orthos say different things, and quite worrisome. Mine also said I could weight bear on the heel; I was told 3 weeks, then 6 until we see if I need surgery. I’m worried that the ER doc didn’t warn me enough to stay off of it; in that week between when I saw him and my ortho, I’m thinking more damage occurred. Ah well.

      I am an avid hiker and backpacker and my boyfriend and I don’t see each other much with our busy jobs, so it was rough to have to cancel all plans. I insisted he go ahead with brothers and such, but that’s been harder than expected to swallow! He writes me constantly and comes to take care of me when he’s here, but otherwise I live alone.

      Anyway, this post made me really cheer up and think of the bright side. It definitely has slowed me down and changed my life. I’m forced to handle things I wouldn’t normally deal with and would put off. I feel calm and relaxed most of the time, and working exhausts me so thankfully I am protected and able to take sick time to get some relief.

  23. I fell going up (yeah up lol) the stairs, twisted around and crashed down on my foot 6 months ago. Yep, I broke my fifth metatarsal.

    My foot STILL bothers me sometimes if I have to stand on it for a long time. (The dr said I didn’t break my ankle but i know I must have done something nasty to it).

  24. Great to find this site. I’m third week in a cast now. Like Alice, I still feel the pain sometimes, either throbbing or tingling, and my foot feels cold too. Is it normal? I tried to phone the hospital but only got through to the nurse. She just asked me to go over without asking the details. I live on third floor and it will be a struggle for me to get down the stairs and then up again. Would be great if anyone who has the smililar experience can give me some advice.

    I live on my own but am extremely grateful to have friends and a neighbour who come round and give a helping hand. Have been passing time with reading and web-surfing!

  25. Hi everyone! It’s been amazing reading all your stories – mine is slightly different but I have to admit I sympathise totally with Kris who posted last September…

    I am 35 weeks pregnant with baby no 6 and have just broken my left tibia and fibula which needed surgery to fix, and spraining my right ankle badly while I was at it by doing nothing more than walking out the front door! Didn’t trip, fall or slip – but part of the worst thing has been that the staff in the ED burnt the back of my leg while fitting the back slab! I am feeling so down at the moment trying to cope with it all, but have marvellous help in my older kids – especially my 14yo daughter who has been an absolute gem. She sleeps beside me to fix my leg up at 1am when the itch is too bad to handle, gets the wheelchair (my sole method of getting round til the sprain heals) and keeping my spirits up. I haven’t been outside in 2.5 weeks… As you can imagine I am going stark raving mad! The docs want to fit a full cast this Tuesday but I think I’m going to gave to refuse til all the blisters heal (and running the full length of my leg they are really bad). My husband is an interstate driver so it’s just me and the six kids that live at home in the meantime… Thank god only one of them is really young…. 🙂 (And a private kiss and cuddle to my neat freak 11yo who cleans the house everyday for me!)

    Other than that, any suggestions for getting comfy with a big pregnant belly and no way of shifting your weight on your own???

  26. I missed the last step on the stairs and twisted my ankle 6 days ago. Had an xray and visit to the orthopedic Dr., but still not sure if there is a break or not. Am waiting for an appointment for an MRI to confirm the injury. In the meantime, it has been a very long 6 days of waiting around with my foot up. There were a lot of good ideas on this site. Many of which I’ve used. The wheeled chair is definitely a big help. I use it upstairs in the kitchen and bedroom and bath and use the crutches downstairs in th family room. (We have a split level home.)
    I must admit I am scared about going out on my own. Just getting out to the car is a chore! So far I’ve have a lot of help from my family which is great!
    Hopefully I’ll be back to a more normal life soon. I’m an elementary teacher and the school has a wheelchair for me to use which will help a lot.

    • That’s my injury – amazing how missing the botton step can cause such a debilitating injury. Had my plaster off and 2 pins removed on Thursday. Had the accident 5 weeks ago – displaced fracture of the 5th metatarsel. Now in a protective shoe and crutches with instructions to put weight on my heel. Another app’t in 2 weeks. Thank goodness for my partner He has done everything around the house and is looking after me realy well.

  27. I sympathize with all of you. In my case I have a double wammie. I had a bad fall and broke my left foot in several places, including the long bone of the small toe. My right leg has tramatic fibula fractures in three places, with the worst at the ankle. So yep! This means that I have cast on “both” legs. OMG! Immediately after the fall I was taken to the hospital and went into surgery the next morning to reset the right leg and put in a bar/plate to support it. There are 9 screws holding it together. The left leg was set and put into a cast without surgery. After a week in the hospital and another week in rehab I finally got to go home. My house is two levels. I have been living upstairs in my master bedroom only and meals are brought up to me. I hobble around with a walker, its not easy. Chairs with wheels roll away from me when I try to sit in them, or try to get out of them so my family has removed them from my room. I use my straight highback garden chair, with pillows, with a footstool when I sit up. Taking a bath is a real chore, it’s my daughter’s job and she is a great help at that. I don’t go anywhere, just to the doctors when I really have to. It’s been 5 weeks now and life has not been easy. Need to keep both feet elevated a lot, if not they swell. Thank God for such a supporative family and friends that are always checking on us. My son and daughter are in their mid 20’s and my grandchildren are 6, 9, &10. EVERYONE has been just great in pitching in. My grandchildren can’t wait to come over to visit with me and talk story. They try to help in anyway they can while they are here. My husband jumped in and took over the household duties including cooking, thank God he really is a good cook. My son has his assignments as well. No one had to be told, they all kind of just fell into their rolls. The doctors say that it will be at least 4-6 weeks for the casts. ( I find out next week) When that comes off I will have to go to rehab therapy for both legs. They say it will be about another 6 months for a full recovery. They also explained that there may be a possibiility of arthritis setting in at the injury sights.

    I thank God for the love that my family is showing me by all that they are doing for me in my time of need. My best goes out to all of you. Take care …

  28. Thanks for all the comments that have been posted. I never expected to generate quite as much interest as I have with this post. I’m pleased that it has offered some support to people that are experiencing a similar injury.

    It’s now actually almost a year since I broke my foot and I am pleased to say that I have pretty much fully recovered. When I say ‘pretty much’ actually I do feel that my foot will never be the same again. I can feel/sense exactly where the break was, and I am cautious about doing anything that has an impact on that area. I am back dancing and fortunately I don’t experience any problems. My job involves me being on my feet all day and my foot copes well with this.

    I have inadvertently stubbed my toe a couple of times and that has had me worried I’ve broken it again (as it is so painful), but actually after a lot of cursing and hopping around like a mad woman…It’s been fine in the end!

    Wishing everyone a speedy recovery.

  29. Hi, I was looking through sites to find any info on long term damage to foot after break, and found this. It was very relevant as the stories were so familiar!
    It is over two years since I broke my 5th metatarsal in my right foot, and I am still not fully recovered. My injury was caused by an uneven pavement (sidewalk)and was treated by a cast for 8 weeks due to slow healing. Then, exactly a year after this, I again turned my foot whilst walking and suffered a further bad sprain. Needless to say I am wary of using my foot properly but have just started to exercise again, dance (sensibly) and try not to worry too much about simple, everyday walking etc,.Things I used to do (even at 50) like climbing, dancing all night and long walks may still be some time away, but I believe I will get there!!

    Take care all.

  30. Hello everyone. I hope there are a few of you still watching this. I fractured my 2nd, 3rd and 4th metatarsals from a bad fall. the xrays showed them to be a closed non displaced fracture. I have no insurance so have been relying on right away, one 7 weeks later and one at about 9 weeks. The x-rays show healing fractures but not healed yet. I work on my feet all night, but for the first 4 weeks I stayed in a wheelchair and/or used a cane around the house or stayed on one foot. It will be three months next week, and still can’t work through the whole night without the pain getting pretty bad. I have been afraid of fracturing it worse so I’ve not been back full time. I still feel pinching, burning and pain in places where the breaks were and even further away than the break. I did have a bone doctor look at the first x-rays and he agreed with the radiologist that there wasn’t anything really stay off it, ice/elevate etc. Does anyone know if three months is normal to still feel some pain in the foot, and if that is just ligaments and tendons screaming from some atrophy? The x ray guy said if I dont’ walk on it the atrophy will get bad and the ligs and tendons will shorten. Even going to a doc at this point would only be him telling me what the xrays are saying…healing but not healed. How long does it take to heal? The fractures didn’t require surgery. I am so frustrated and scared to go to work full time for fear I will cause a worse fracture and then I will require surgery which is not an option as i don’t have insurance. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks

    • I have seen so many posts with 5th metatarsal breaks, but none with 2nd, 3rd and 4th metatarsal breaks, which is exactly what I have. I am 3 weeks to the day since my injury. I am in a boot and using a knee scooter. No weight bearing on the foot allowed. I too feel the pinching, burning and tingling often. I take the boot off when I am resting with my foot elevated because it is so uncomfortable, but I always sleep in it. What came of your injury? Did you heal properly? Any advice is appreciated. I feel like I have a long road ahead…

  31. Hello Everyone-

    This is quite the club! 😉 I broke my 5th metatarsal a little over 3 weeks ago and was put in a short cast and on crutches. (It looks just like the picture, too). It’s definitely been an annoying and frustrating experience. I find that I’m exhausted by the end of the day and my daughter needs more attention than I can give her but she’s being a good sport running around getting me items I need.

    The doctor wasn’t sure if I needed surgery or not so he decided to wait to see how it started to heal. He said it’s better to be patient and make sure everything heals correctly so there’s no pain over the years.

    Went to the doc today and he’s happy with the way it’s been healing so he put me in a walking boot. I’m a bit nervous about putting weight on it but I’m supposed to keep using the crutches and start slowly. My poor calf is very small and I was surprised at how weak my foot is. I could barely move it back and forth after the cast came off.

    I don’t know that I have any other significant tips but the rolling chair has been helpful. I also got one of the plastic sleeves that goes over the cast so I can shower which has been wonderful. I put a stool in the shower with a towel underneath it which keeps it from slipping (someone had given me a plastic stool from Ikea that works nicely rather than spend so much on an offical shower stool). I can sit on the stool and swing my legs around right into the shower so there’s no hopping on wet tiles. I think the sleeve brand was Seal Tight and I found that it didn’t leak a bit.

    The only other tip I can think of is that my doctor told me to have extra vitamin C and calcium which I’ve done religiously. I can’t say that it’s made a difference for sure but it certainly hasn’t hurt.

    Good luck to all!

  32. Hi all
    Well I am so glad I gound this site! Am 3 days into a 4wk non-weight bareing cast. Broke my food, in a silly fall and thought it was a simple sprain / bruising. When the Dr said i’d be 5wks in a cast I could’ve cried!

    Am finding getting round on crutches difficult and so resort to crawling round the house! I just wish simple things like going to the loo and washing didn’t take so much forward planning.

    Your posts have really cheered me up, I know i’m not alone and soon enough this will be over. Thanks for the advice and I’ll let you know how my healing goes!


    • hi,
      your post exactly describes my situation right now! I was wondering how long did you wait till you started with the whole partial weight bearing?

      Any tips would be much appreciated!

      Hope you doing well and the pain is less by now.

  33. Hi everyone

    I broke mine on May 10, 2009. They said I had a very bad sprain. O K. I had a splint and crutches, two day of that was enough. My doctor found an Air-boot in a catalogue she had. O K I order it and pay for just to get it. It was so much better.
    O K, then my son gives me an air-splint, this was great. O K there is still alot of swelling and pain, it has been over a month. I go to x-ray and have several done including the foot. They tell me it is a severe fracture, this was this past Wed. Today I went back to x-ray, how come they didn’t know this before. Come to find out the ER doctor never asked to have the foot x-rayed, so it wasn’t. Now x-ray was trying to figure out if it has split wider apart since I had been walking on it barefoot alot? X-ray tech told me there is a good chance a case won’t take care of the problem, may have to have surgery. I am so mad. Oh, plus, my doctor calls for a referral. They get me one right away, but the fool doctor is out of town until the 16th of June. I can’t believe this. I broke both arms 10 years ago, they took 6 months to heal. I want to get this started as soon as possible so it will start healing. The x-ray tech said I was breaking the new bone off because of the constant walking on it. Do I sound angry, sometimes I just want to scream, cry, then other times I laugh be cause of the stupidity of every thing. Thanks for listening.

    • Just found this site and am laughing my head off because I can relate to EVERYONE’S misery because I’m in it, too! The ER doctor or radiologist missed my fracture, too. What’s worse is that I have to pay for his mistake! So, two weeks of walking on the fracture and finally couldn’t control my emotions because the pain was so bad. A specialist did a CAT scan and found the fracture. Here’s how I’m coping and even back at work in my non-weight bearing cast up to my knee for 8 weeks: I use a wheel chair around the house. My husband built a ramp off the back steps and I wheel myself into the garage in the morning. When I get to work, I use the crutches stowed in the car to get to the trunk and lift out my three wheeled kneeling scooter. Into work I go and use the scooter only when necessary during the day. (The right leg and right shoulder are complaining loudly from over-use.) I roll around in my office chair and co-workers are so kind to fetch and carry for me. Then back to the car and do everything in reverse order including getting back in the wheel chair and up the ramp (backwards…it’s easier). I’m 57 years old and feel 100. Good luck to everybody. Thank you for sharing. I’ve felt so alone until this site popped up. My husband had to come in to see what was so funny. Of course, he didn’t think anything was funny. But you have to laugh after you’ve spent so much time in pain and crying.

  34. Hi Everyone-

    My update: I’ve been in my walking boot for three weeks now (after three weeks in a cast) and I have to say my foot is feeling pretty good. I’m still nervous about going back to the doctor for more x-rays next week so we’ll see what happens. The swelling is pretty much gone and the bruising is almost gone except for the sole of my foot.

    I’ve been walking in the boot without crutches for about 10 days and it’s so great to have some freedom. I have a bit of pain here and there – mostly twinges and aches – but nothing terrible. I do have strage sensations from time to time that feel like the bone is separating as I put weight on it but there’s no pain so I try not to give it too much attention. I’ve read that walking helps new bone develop and I’m pretty much doing everything now (except working out at the gym). I also massage my foot each night which seemed to help the circulation return and continue to take vitamin C and calcium daily.

    It’s been frustrating going through this process but I’m hoping to start physical therapy sometime soon since I know I need a lot of help rebuilding muscle. I don’t know if I’m out of the woods yet with surgery but am hopeful.

    Best wishes to everyone here!


  35. Hello everyone,

    It was great to come upon this site read your stories. I appreciate your tips and will use those than work for my particular injury. I’m in New York state. I’m Day 5 into an 8 week term of a non weight bearing knee fracture. In my case, my right leg is immobilized in a cast that starts a few inches above the ankle and extends about 8 inches above the knee.

    I’m using a combination of crutches and a wheel chair to get around. Of course when I’m in the wheel chair my leg is extended straight out which makes it interesting when moving around the house. I’m going to try the office chair in the kitchen and see how it works for me.

    I was in the doggie park with my 4 year old lovable chocolate lab. He was romping with his best friend a 14 month old lab mix. It was a wonderful moment, the sun was shining, the dogs are racing through the waist high grass and running back and forth on the mowed path. I was on the path chatting with the other dog’s owner. I said ‘let’s start walking’ and then took a step. Meanwhile, with my back to them, the two labs were racing toward me and when I took that single step, they were going so fast they couldn’t compensate and crashed into the back of my right knee. Ouch!

    My husband has been great but it is overwhelming as he works full time then has to come home and cook dinner and care for me. I’m such an active person, always moving and doing something…this sitting around is very hard. I suppose it is an ideal time to let the creative writing juices flow and try to make lemonade with these lemons.

    I wish all of you well and am delighted to have come upon this site.


  36. Thank you so much for this site! I’m into the 3rd week of 6 on crutches, following knee surgery. Can’t put any weight on it at all. Its great to read about so many getting the same frustrations as me. My problem is that with my fumbling and hobbling I keep knocking my thumbs and now they hurt so much I can barely use them. I’m trying really hard to keep my pecker up. Sites like this help. Thanks for the tips, and good luck everyone

  37. I’m 4.5 weeks into a 5th met avulsion on my right foot and I was assigned nwb for 6 weeks. I have to say the dr has been pretty good and i’ve been driving for the past two weeks using my left foot – not too bad once you get used to it. The DR prescribed an Exogen 4000 bone stimulator the day he met me and i’ve been using it now for 2.5 weeks, 2x a day.

    I will agree this is a terrible break but i’ve tried to keep things in perspective, which helps a little. My wife, the kids and even the dogs have been great. I’m set to go back to the DR in two weeks for an xray and I pray he says I can begin bare weight on my foot. For everyone who is new to this injury just hang in there b/c it will get better. Read books, surround yourselves with family, fiends and try to get out if possible. Eat well and if you smoke and drink alcohol, stop – these two will really slow down the healing process.

    Good luck all…

  38. I found this thread while looking for more tips on dealing with a broken foot. Fifth metatarsal, one week ago. The crutches were killing me, especially to go any distance like from the parking lot to my office. I’m also using the computer chair. It’s harder to move on carpet, but not impossible, and it’s great on hard surfaces. I also use it as a rest for my cast (with knee bent) while preparing food or washing dishes, to spare my good leg. I’ve ordered one of the knee walkers, but haven’t received it yet. I’m glad to hear the recommendation above, I’m hoping it will be a great relief.

  39. Hi all,

    Bummer for the Summer!!!
    The world is wide open thanks to Google, even when you’re stuck home nursing a broken foot.
    Glad I found you all!! I’m 3.5 weeks into a 5th metatarsal avulsion on my right foot and I was assigned none weight bareing for 7 weeks. The worst part of this is that 3 years ago I had (elective)surgery on my left foot, trying to releive pain in the ball of my foot. It wasn’t the quick fix I was hoping for …so now my good foot is my bad foot!!!!
    I live in New York, but went to Miami Beach for a wedding and vacation. On June 21st, my hubby’s birthday, I slid off of a curb and caught my fall but twisted my right foot while catching myself. I thought it was just bruised, no big deal. At 5:00AM the next morning , when I couldn’t step down , I figured I’d go to the ER and rule out a fracture. Guess not!!! I went to that wedding in a wheel chair.

    One of my closest friends is a podiatrist, so when I came home he was overseeing my foot.
    I went for a follow up x-ray after 2 weeks and found that the fracture of the bone worsened from a 1.5 mm spread to a 5.8 mm spread. Based on my x-ray, he and a colleague, who is an orthopedic surgeon concured that surgery was necessary. The Surgeon had a cancelation the next day in his OR schedule. I was thrilled because every day that I wait , the clock starts again for the NWB healing process.

    The next morning after not eating from midnight, I get to the hospital (A top hospital in NYC) and do the whole pre-op; Chest x-ray, Foot x-ray, EKG, Blood drawn, Urine, IV line inserted, etc. Finally the surgeon comes in, introduces himself and starts pushing and prodding my foot. “Does this hurt?” “Does that hurt?” I promised him if he hurt me I’d SCREAM. He couldn’t make me SCREAM!!! He stepped back and said “If you were my “mother” (Now that made me SCREAM…cos I really don’t think I was old enough to be his mother)I would advise her NOT to do the surgery at this time. Since you have minimal pain, no swelling and you’re physically fit, I can’t say for sure that you will heal any better with the pin in your foot as you would without. We can always do the surgery later if necesary” (But that would start my NWB clock again…Yikes!!!!!!!!!!)
    I listened to him and went home, with an EBI bone stimulator…that I have to wear 10 hours a day!! I really hope it was the right decision. My friend, the podiatrist still thinks I should have gone for the surgery. Time will tell!! I’ll report back how all this ends!!! Feel good all!!!

  40. Fractured second metatarsal in left foot:

    I took a hard hit to the top of the left foot while dirt biking three weeks ago. After the impact I could still weight the foot and move all the toes so I soldiered on back to camp. Iced, elevated and took moderate anti-inflammatory (naproxen – one only). Didn’t ride rest of the day and went to work on Monday. Was really sore but walked around all week. Was taking one naproxen in morning and one in evening to help with the inflammation, elevating and resting the foot as much as possible, but work involved moderate walking on hard surfaces, approximately 3-5 miles per day or so, maybe more.

    Then six days post-accident, I was walking along and suddenly, upon putting my left foot down in a slightly limping gait, felt a sharp stabbing pain in my foot. It was like I felt something “give” in the foot. There was more pain than since the initial impact, and now after seeing the doc and getting X-rays, I can assume it was the fracture displacing. So it must have been fractured but not displaced until now. I’m somewhat chagrined and only wish I had gotten an X-ray earlier. Maybe I could have stayed off it and prevented the displacement. Oh well, live and learn. Guess I’m gonna’ have it tougher than it could have been.

    So four days later (10 days post impact) I saw my orthopedic specialist who applied a short non-weight bearing cast and said “three weeks and we’ll X-ray to see how it’s going” and “probably another three weeks in a new NWB cast”. Darn it. I am extremely active and the cast is forcing some creative workarounds.

    I also found the “knee walker” to be a Godsend. Much, much better than crutches. I rented an “Invacare Kneewalker” from my local medical supply outlet for $65 per month. It’s worth that and more. $$$ saving tip – my friend used a small child’s “scooter” as a knee walked and it worked great. Just a simple toy for 3-5 year olds worked for him. Four wheels, a flat seat about knee high, with handlebars and he was styling. Said he got funny looks out at the mall though.

    For showering there’s no need to get one of those expensive medical cast-protection bags. For me a simply plastic garbage bag and a couple of large rubber bands and as long as I’m careful not to spray directly on it, the cast stays high-and-dry.

    Doing a lot of drive-through dining. But getting around, especially longer distances, with the knee walker is so much easier. Will be heading to the megamarket tomorrow and am actually looking forward to it, instead of dreading the crutches.

  41. I enjoyed reading everyones posts and felt I needed to add to them. I broke the bone on the very top of my foot 6 months ago. Overall it has healed but still bothers me some. It doesn’t swell but still feels very vulnerable. I am very careful I had a cast up to my knee for 4 weeks, never having had any type of broken bone or bruise, this was the worst ever! I used crutches for about a week or so after the cast was put on,after that just learned to walk slow and very limited. While the cast was on I didn’t really have much pain, however…when it came off is when the pain started. Hopefully in the next few months I will be pain free. It is a very slow process and very aggravating,especially for someone who is very independent and very active!

  42. Hi

    5th meta break 2.5 weeks in,i’m in the uk middle of summer, we seem to deal with it a bit different here. plaster up to the knee with a shoe. been getting around buy by the end of the day swollen, and i got cramp in the calf last night without being able to stretch it out, ouch!! plaster off at 5 weeks and an xray to decide if op needed, doesn’t feel like i’m doing much good putting weight on the heel- (toes seem to follow), long suffering husband and child trying to be a support but can’t help feeling sorry for myself. swelling and scratching sore feeling very un nerving, is this the norm…..

  43. Hi all,
    I’m about 2 weeks in with metatarsal, talus and cuboid fracture. Doctor says 4-6 weeks, but that sounds too good to be true. Surgery is still up in the air and having a CT scan next week. The healing time for these types of fractures seem to vary and seem to refer only to the length of time you have to be in a cast for. Even with crutches and cast aside, this experience is tough and slightly agonizing if I analyze it too much. My toes are black&blue and swollen as if I gained 20 pounds (which is slowly happening from my lack of movement!) and turn scarily blue when they’re not elevated for more than 5 minutes! Hope this means it’s healing well.

    Taking vitamins, stopped smoking, taking arnica, and doing acupuncture 2x a week should speed up my healing and I recommend the acupuncture whole heartedly to anyone, it’s wonderful for healing!! What a great little forum here, it’s great to know that you’re not alone in how you feel and what you’ve done.

    My love goes out to everyone, happy healing! xoxoxo

  44. I’ve posted a couple of times and since many people have wondered about healing time, I thought I’d post another update.

    I broke my 5th metatarsal (complete oblique fracture) at the beginning of May and was in a short cast/crutches for 3 weeks. I was put in a walking boot with a follow-up in 3 weeks. At that visit, the doc said there was progress but that it had not healed and to come back in a month. After a month, it still wasn’t healed so I was given an appointment for another 6 weeks and was back in the boot for a few weeks with the advice to slowly transition out of the boot into a stiff-soled shoe and to start PT.

    I went back for my 6 week follow-up and, while the doc said the bone will continue to remodel for several months, it looks like it’s doing well. I can go forward with working out and getting back to my regular activities which is such a relief. I still feel achy and I definitely have damaged other parts of my foot/ankle from the accident and/or under-use. My ankle is very stiff, the top of my foot is tender in between the bones and there is an achiness at the fracture site. PT has helped some but I think it’s just a matter of using the foot and ankle and building back the muscle (my calves are still not the same size yet – not pretty).

    Anyway! It’s been 4 months total and while I can’t say that I’m completely back to normal, I’m getting around better and know that I’m improving since I’m not constantly thinking about how to get around or that I need to be careful. I know many of you will heal more quickly that this but I wanted to give those who may be healing more slowly some encouragement. Just try to be patient and don’t push recovery too much. As my doc says, it’s better to take the time to let it heal now than deal with pain later.

    Best wishes to all!

  45. Amazing! Thanks janey…I broke three metatarsals in March and I was just getting ready to have another x ray…they were not dislocated so I thought by NOW I would be in pretty good shape. Six months…yet I’ve been feeling pain where the cracks were/are and didn’t know if I was recracking them even more or if that is normal. I work on my feet all night cleaning large office buildings, several stories, lots of steps, so I’m using them more than if I was an office worker…your post was very encouraging. You had a worse break, it sounds like, but I am still puzzled about total healing time. I don’t mind the pain, but am afraid of causing more damage. Thanks for your post.

  46. Also into my third week with the 5th metatarsl. I do use the computer chair at home. But I am having issues with my neck because of the crutches. My neck has had to be adjusted twice already. I am not finding it easy to do things at home. I am concerned after reading some of your comments because I have a vacation coming up in early Nov and really wanted to be mobile by then. It’s great to share stories with others as I don’t think anyone who has never been thru this can truly understand. I feel like I am living in a fish bowl and just watching the world go by!lol

  47. Thank you so much for the site, and for everyone’s wisdom. I am 6 days into a fifth metatarsal break, with a nwb cast. Lovely partner helping out (it helps that she had her hips replaced 5 years ago, so she really understands the gimpy process of healing!)

    I shall look into the knee walker thing, since I can’t quite imagine doing my itinerant-teaching-music job on crutches for the next 6 weeks (or more, from what I am gathering from everyone’s journeys through their healing).

    Thanks all for super comments…it really helped me understand what I am up against here in the next year, and how fortunate I am that this is a healable injury.

  48. This site is wonderful thank you all for the helpful information and i will be sending a friend to ikea to get plastic chair to put in bath.

    I am 60 never broke anything befor then on 25th Sept went on spa day out with my daughter was getting in the jacuzzi and missed two steps my right foot turned in and hit floor broke 5th metatarsal right foot.

    Was taken to hosp had cast from toe to knee advised not to put foot on floor 7days not easy, i lived upstairs at daughters house for the 7 days felt like a prisoner.

    After 7 days got new plaster and built up
    shoe was told could put foot on floor have crutches which i hate go back to hospital Friday 23rd.

    Who would have thought such a small bone
    could cause so much trouble,i havent been in a lot of pain had some spasms which seem
    to come in waves its not painfull just feels strange.

    What i hope to happen on Friday is to get my plaster off and be able to walk on shoe with cruches.

    Good luck to everyone

  49. Hey all,

    Thanks for all of the info. It is nice to know that you are all going through (or have been through). Im 3 days in to breaking my ankle and I was feeling a little dejected.

    I went out and slipped on some alcohol in a nightclub (the worst part is that I wasnt really drunk). I came back and set the fire alarm off by burning my toast and my friend found me trying to hop up and down whilst wafting the alarm. I was convinced that I had only sprained it.

    Anyways, I hate asking my friends to do things for me so I have kind of been closeted in the flat since I did it. My friends are trying to get me to go out with them but no way is alcohol getting involved!

    Im feeling somewhat apprehensive as to how I can do my uni course. I am going to have to get taxis as my friends all have lectures too. Getting my reading is going to be a problem and there is no disabled access in the building where my course is, presumably since it is a listed building. I have just had to give up my job and I am slightly bummed that I cant play netball anymore.

    But your comments have all helped (and simultaneously worried me in case I have to get surgery too; i didnt know so many people didnt heal fromt he cast). Thanks for the inadvertant support! I feel so much better off than some of you and I realise that I dont have much right to be so dejected. Good luck to you all!

  50. Oh dear, I am not going to encourage all of those with new breaks I’m afraid! In Sydney I rolled my foot over in a hole in the road and broke the 5th met. Was six weeks in a cast, but did not heal. Unfortunately the physio who did my cast said it was healed (always heals in six weeks was his comment) and said don’t bother with an xray! I listened to him against my better judgement as I was so keen to get out of the cast. To my cost, as it had not healed, and 4 days later I was swelling and had another xray, and now the break was displaced! Whereas before it had not been. After a visit to a surgeon, I was told that I could have the op to pin in there and then or go back in a boot for 2 months, and even then it may not heal. This is all bad news. Apparently this is a difficult break as the bone is a hard one to set again. I am still in the boot and fortunately for me have helpful family and friends even though I live alone. Great to get the advice about using my computer chair as there are times when one must weight bear, eg. in the kitchen/bathroom etc. Crutches are fine, but I don’t use them correctly, i.e. I weight bear when I walk with them. I am 70 years old and find it too hard to use my arms and one foot! This does not help I know. My surgeon (in Sydney) told me it was OK to remove boot to sleep, and shower – this is Australia and you know how hard Aussies find it to do without their showers!! I do this, but I don’t think that is helping either. Been a surprise that so many of you don’t weight bear at all and still don’t heal. Any further advice about coping alone would be helpful. Hope all of us heal, eventually!

  51. Well I have had a good giggle over the initial advice on how to get around, as I have found exactly those methods to make life easier with a 5th met #.
    Rolled my ankle after a very stupid lapse of judgement fri 4th dec, thought it was a sprain so elevated for the wkend. Decided to go for an xray on mon to find out it was # 😦
    The computer chair is a godsend, although once in my destination I have to put my foot up, as it swells and turns purple.
    A bag with goodies keeps you sorted for the day and my children are very good at fetching the things I’ve forgotten (when it suits them!)
    I have 5 kids, 2 at school and a 3 yrs old and 15mth twins, so to say this is the last thing I need is an understatement ! especially a fortnight before christmas.. not impressed and my plans of going away and having days on the beach have been thwarted.
    I have a backslab on @ the mo and # clinic on wed to xray and decide if i need a boot or full cast.. reading peoples posts, I am hoping for the boot.. but not happy about the non weight bearing.. who knew that crutches could be soo exhausting !!
    I have swung from hours when it’s not soo bad to hours that I find it hard to keep the tears in and I’m only a week into it.. I hate having to rely on people, even if it is my husband and children !
    I wish everyone good luck (including myself) and hope you all have a good Christmas and New Year (as best as you can).
    Thankyou to mumsie for allowing us into your corner of the world and gaining some info on how to cope with a # met 🙂

  52. Hi everyone,
    Excuse my English but I’m Bulgarian so it’s difficult to express myself perfectly. I broke my fifth methatarsal 50 days ago. I was in a cast for 42 days. My doctor said that everything was OK and I would step on my foot after 2 days. However I couldn’t, the pain was awful, so I ask a therapist for help. He send me to another doctor and the new doctor said that the bone was not fixed /it looks like this x-ray at the top/, that I mustn’t step on my foot for additional 20 days and after that I have to make another x-ray and he will tell me if I need a surgery. I am completely desperate and I don’t know what to do. If somebody has or had such a case, please write.

  53. hello everyone i have been reading these and they really do help!!! Yes the rolling of the chair is the way to go on tile/wood. And a bathing chair is great and you can take your time taking a bath. I broke 3 toes was in a cast for 6 weeks and in aa boot for 2 weeks now but not allows to walk on it. Can take it off for cleaning and exercise once a day. So im a total of 8 weeks of healing no surgery. Im going to doc next week please pray I can start walking on this boot. Im very active and not being able to walk or drive for 2 months has been so hard. At times I dont feel like myself. Iam a high energy funny talkative person and I have found my personality and well being has been a little crushed. It is sad and hard and frustrating but the good news is its not forever.

    Only tips I can say is:
    1- try not to set your heart on 6 weeks of recovery, in most cases its longer.
    2- Start taking Calcium and Vit D or multi Vit. Really does help
    3- Swelling and cold / tingly pain weird feeling are normal and its okay to be scared when its happening.
    4- ITS NOT FOREVER – just a little piece of your long life.

    Hope everyone gets better fast!!! Stay well in your heart and mind and be as positive as you can.

    God Bless you.


  54. Well, after four months with a # 5th Met and six weeks in cast/4 months in a boot, I have now heard from the specialist that I will not need an operation!! The displaced # has started to heal, and I can now use a gym shoe for a hour or so each day, indoors only. Still have to use the boot and crutches when outside. All the advice from mumsee was taken and very very helpful. It is a long slow process. Also I am a pensionaer the doctor assures me I have no osteo-porosis and my bones are generally good for my age, so for those of you hoping for a quick recovery, don’t hold your breath – it is often a long slow process, and I am assured this is so, even with young sports people. Hope you all get better and follow the advice provided, by your doctors or mumsee!! Beware potholes and wedge shoes. Bless you all. Julie

    • What a great resource for those of us SUFFERING with this rotten injury. I am 1 wk into 5th Met…spent 3 days before getting attention, and was lucky the 3 breaks had not displaced and will hopefully heal through cast & crutches. I am not allowed back to work until I am in a walking boot. My employer forbids cast or crutches onsite. Another household help is the microwave cart. Pillow on middle shelf to support injured limb, and you can propel yourselfall over. If rugs are a problem you can lift the wheels a nudge and lift cart up and away you go. I, too am trying to be upbeat…stay strong and stretched as possible…just hope my doc can get me in a boot next check-up. In this economy any pay loss is critical. Thanks for all the great tips. Remember to focus on the positives when possible…those attitudes are healing. When you are tired or overwhelmed be as nurturing to yourself as you can. Hopefully we will all regain our health and strength in good time!

      • Hi Rebecca, I was on this site a while back when I broke my foot, and never heard from anyone in regards to my injury. I had a boot sent but never used, as I have the kind of job where you have to be on your feet all night so stayed home in the wheelchair and never used the boot. It is still here and still never used. If you are interested in it, let me know your size and maybe I could pass it on to you. Good luck and your positive attitude will heal you quickly.

  55. I really appreciate Penny’s boot offer…I am a pretty small footed person US size 6.5. Today I am committed to sitting w/ my foot elevated. I probable have been overdoing. This injury is a lesson in self-nurturing, a lot of us have spent a lifetime paying attention to the needs of others.It’s very hard to switch that focus back to oneself. All of a sudden my foot feels swollen inside my cast…wish I knew what was going on in there. Or maybe I don’t really want to know. Happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow. Penny, are you completely healed? I’d love to know of your success! Thanks again.

  56. Wish I had seen this site when I broke my leg right before Thanksgiving. I eventually figured out all of the tips, but life would have been so mich easier if only . . . . I am now 3 weeks out of the boot and the adjustments are still difficult. I foolishly thought I would be able to go back to my usual routine. I am back walking a 1/2 a day, but covering much less territory than previously and have to be careful of hills and uneven terrain. I have to remember I can’t lift as much as previously, lest my back ache. My MD says it will be 6-9 more months until near normal, but that I will always be reminded of the injury.

  57. It’s been so helpful to read all the comments. Well tomorrow I am pretty sure that I shall be told my the specialist that my foot is finally healed after 6 mnths (6 weeks in a cast, and the rest of the time in a boot. On crutches (I am grateful for the Canadian type which do not go under the arms as those are so painful after a while! I am now walking around the house in Camper shoes (the gym shoes I have seem to cause the side of my foot to swell after a while. It is a long slow process and I think that a 6 week healing is a bit of a furfy, unless you are very very young! So don’t despair all of you out there with this very nasty 5th metatarsal break. It will eventually heal, and the best thing is to let it teach you patience!

  58. hi fellow limpers & hoblers
    i came across this site 3 weeks ago after breaking my 2nd met it needed an op but the swelling was so bad that the surgon sent me home and told me to try and reduce the swelling it took 10 days of pain (no cast) and have now had the op the question i have is when i stand up my toes turn purple and my foot feels like its going to explode is this the norm.
    on my trawling of the web i came across this site its a uk site but it gives a good idea as to what products are avilable please keep posting as some tips on here are a life saver

  59. I am so glad I found this site. I too fractured my second metatarsal bone in my right foot. I had direct trauma when a 16 hand 1200 lb horse spooked and jumped on it. It swelled up so bad that the ER doctor though I crushed every bone. Luckily and to our astonishment, it was one bone fracture but a lot of ligament damage. I am now on week 4 and can not bear weight as of yet. I do not have insurance, and the ER doctor told me that i didnt need a foot doctor, that with rest and elevation it will heal on its own. I too am so tired of being stuck in the house, especially during this beautiful spring. So if i have been completely off of it for 4 weeks and am 28, how much longer til I can walk on it? Hang in there everyone, I am trying too.

  60. Well I am really glad I found this site. I have also discovered many of the tricks in the first post! I am now 7 days (almost to the hour) into a 5th Metatarsal fracture (oblique fracture of the mid-shaft) after a fall down a step. I am a bit concerned as everyone seems to have been put in a cast, I was only given a compression bandage at the ER last week. This means I am probably moving my foot more than usual. I am using crutches and non weaight bearing, my foot is still swollen and bruised. My toes and forefoot are still painfull but in the last couple of days I have been getting increasing pain in my ankle. I don’t know what is causing this? I have more xrays scheduled for a weeks time and am hoping that it is healing well (despite not being in a cast). I am relying on my housemates and friends to get around and would really like to be able to drive soon…

  61. Julie again, now out of the boot, after 5 months, and before that 6 weeks in a cast! Trouble is, now the bone is healed, I am in more pain than ever because all the tendons are stiff ++ and the bones are not moving as they should. I have physio and will have to do so for about 6 months!! However, I am happy to be able to walk without crutches. So this is just to tell you all, that this can be a long process, especially if you are in the latter half of life! Best wishes to all of you out there, this blog has been a great help and encouragement for me. Cheers

  62. 8 weeks non-weight bearing finally paid off as I am now allowed to ditch the crutches. Doc says to wean off air-cast over a couple weeks time. It feels sooo good to walk…and it hurts so bad to walk. I am thinking that I will get stronger and eventually will feel like my old self. But foot injuries, man, they are not fun. The bone itself seems to be healed, now everything else has to catch up. Take care everyone.My thoughts are with everyone going through this!

  63. Misery needs company – and this site has lifted my spirits at the moment….. It’s nice to know I’m not completely crazy and a big wimp. I am having a hard time dealing with this! I broke my 5th metatarsal stepping on a nut on the sidewalk. I have to stay off my right foot entirely for 6 weeks. This is insane, I am an active person, a runner, have many animals large and small, and a business to run. I can’t throw a tissue in the garbage without help and great effort. I am physically fit, but the crutches are more painful to my hands and wrists than my foot. The hospital nor the ortho doctor fitted them for me properly. My wrists and hands are sore and swollen, and now I need wrist supports. My cast had to be re-done because it was too tight and the foot was not straight. This injury is the pits! It amazes me how others do not offer help accept if they have had the unfortunate experience of a similar injury. . Older folks are more inclined to come to the rescue with doors and loading groceries. You really get to know who your friends are – thats the only good news about this ordeal. Not worried about weight gain. I can barely get myself anything to eat.

    • I am the first week of a Jones break, and it’s pretty awful trying to get around the house and do chores. The crutches are painful on the shoulder/ tore my right rotater cuff several years ago… anyhow, making soothies everyday with yogurt and juice and fruit, and taking vitamins, and TRYING to stay off my foot. Your post made me giggle about not being able to gain weight, due to the fact you can barely get yourself something to eat!! I am trying to keep a positive attitude as this could be soooo much worse…. Wishing everyone great healing and thanks so much for this site…. it’s great to share our stories and help each other out with tips to get get better….

  64. Oh,heck no Stacey…you are not a wimp. there have been studies connecting immobilizing injuries and the depression rate! It’s for real. But once you accept and “go with it” things seem to improve. (except for occasional bouts of despair)! Such a disruption and near impossible ways to survive. I know…we all do, we really do. However, it is essential that you let that bone heal, and try to keep some sort of positive outlook…for sanity sake and for healing. Just when it seems hopeless and endless, your doc will utter those magic words…”bone looks good”. You will cheer and celebrate and brag a bit, but then the other issues arise. You have to re-build, overcome the discomfort(more pain than the actual break and recovery for me). That’s where I am now. Still struggling but with light at the end of the tunnel!

  65. So glad I found this site!!I didn’t break my metatarsal, I broke my heel6 days ago,but I’m in the same boat, no weight bearing and on crutches for 6-8 weeks, and of course it’s my right foot, so no driving. I think I’m going to go mad!We just moved into a new home and I can’t do anything to help, I’m trying to accept the fact that I can’t do much but I think I’ve been too active.I’m so tired all the time, too, is that normal? Luckily I work from home, but what do people do that have jobs to get to? I wish there was a local support group but I couldn’t get there anyway…

  66. Wow…me too!!!!! Broke my 5th metatarsal 3 weeks ago tomorrow. Went to emergency and they sent me home saying it was only a sprain, called me 3 days later to say it turns out it was broken. Ironically I have been seeing a podiatrist for the last 8 months due to a neuroma on right foot so after the hospital called I went to him and he put me in an aircast. He called me a few days later and said due to the location of the break (he finally got the report from the hospital)I might need surgery but we would get another xray in a few weeks and see. This prompted me to get a second opinion…I’m thinking if I need surgery I would rather get it sooner then later….Anyways the next podiatrist sent me back to emergency to see an ortho…he stated I needed surgery for sure or atleast a plaster cast, the emergency ortho..said just leave it in the aircast, so now the second podiatrist is sending me to a surgeon…eek! I just wish someone would confidently tell me what I need to do. So enough of the pity really is great being able to hear about other’s and their experiences. I too have cried of frustration but for the most part I am trying to be very positive because I believe it will make a difference to recovery time. My boys are super, helping me tons so I am very fortunate. I do hope everyone heals quickly.

    Peace within.

    • Hey Angela,

      It’s almost a year since I broke my 5th Metatarsal. I almost had surgery, but the surgeon changed his mind in the lasssst second. If I were you.. ..get the neuroma taken care of while you are off your feet.
      Good Luck!!! It took 9 months till I was able to say I feel like my old self again. Then I reinjured it a little so I’m backtracking a drop. If you wanna read my story…read #40.
      Speedy recovery

  67. boy, am I glad I found this site!! broke my foot and damaged it( waiting for the results of an MRI with contrast) in a car wreck on april 12,2010. the remarks have encouraged me so much… thank you for posting this…

  68. Broke my 5 th metatarsal yesterday, er doc put a temporary cast on and I need to see an orthopedic surgeon next week, I am feeling a bit sorry for myself and am having a lot of problems with the crutches, everyone is right, the crutches hurt worse than the break. I just feel like crying today, but am hopeful it will get better. I really enjoyed everyones posts. Thanks

    • I totally understand where you are coming from the crutches are killing my hands, can’t do a thing around the house, I have a 13 and 10 year old. The 13 year old has been helpful but not he 10 year old. Stressed, frustration. I have been back to work but that is a pain up and down on my crutches constantly. After 4 weeks from the break the dr. tells me it is not healing now I am getting a bone stimulator on Monday to try. I hope it works because I am thinking if it doesn’t it will be surgery and if that is the case I wish the dr. had of done it 4 weeks ago. I am getting married on September 11 and I have lots of running to do in the meantime.

  69. Hi to all, I am a fully recovered, non surgical 5th jones fracture, 3rd degree ankle sprain victim. It happened in May 2008 and I want to write that after 1 month in cast, 1.5 months nwb in a moon boot & crutches, 2 -3 month of large sneaker and crutches and lots of exercises for 5th breaks, plus lots of swimming, (the best nwb exercise there is on the planet, ) I have my life back, run, bike, dance horse back ride you name it ; I do it. Water was the magic ingredient for me. Te 1st day I swam, I saw a dramatic change in pain level & ability to bear weigh on ankle and broken foot. My best to all, it can heal on it’s own, be patient.

    • I have to say I have started back swimming too after two weeks and I can feel a big difference in my foot on the days I swim, swelling goes down and pain is a lot less. The orthopedic surgeon was thrilled that I had a place to swim, he said it was great for my foot.:-)

  70. I am 7 weeks into a broken 5th metatarsal on my left foot. It is amazing with all the bones we have in our body, how one foot bone breaks turning the world upside down! I was not able to get surgery because of the type of break, I broke the bone high up, very near the ankle. No cast, but I did get a big walking boot, but NO walking yet. My last doctor visit he told me to start walking on it, but I have been far too scared to try. Was anyone else scared to walk? When you did walk, was it painful? At the 6 week x-ray my bone did show fusing, but apparently this is “the slowest healing bone in the human body,” according to the podiatrist and I am looking at 12 more weeks he says. I’m frightened to walk on a still fractured foot. Anyone else? So glad I found the site!

  71. Hi, everyone. This is a great site, I am glad to see I am not the only one going thru this frustration. I have a fracture in my third metatarsal and have been in a walking boot going on eight weeks. About a week ago, I got an Exogen bone growth stimulator and I can already tell a difference in my pain and swelling! I am just now able to wear an orthopedic sandle some. I am very excited about this device as I had very little healing before. I have been exercising on an exercise bike, which my doc okayed. That has helped me keep my sanity and help with some weight loss. I work in retail, have no idea when I can go back to work. When I get down, I try to remember there are people out there in much worse shape than me. Going back to the doc tomorrow. I love this site!

  72. Hello all,
    glad I found this site. I am majorly bummed reading all these stories of needing surgery and slow healing times. I broke my 5th met on sun June 13th. Today is my first day with a cast and I’ve been ok with the crutches and getting a wheelchair tomorrow. I have showered on one leg and it was pretty difficult, but doable. I have to wear the cast 6 wks before I get another xray to see how it’s healing. I have a 17month old daughter who wants my attention all the time, but I have a great husband who works from home 4 days out of the week so that’s been great. I can’t wait until I can look back on this, but I have to be patient, and apparently more careful since I am so clumsy and always spraining my ankles. Anyway, can’t wait to hear more stories. Has anyone actually been healed at 6 weeks from a jones fracture? I don’t want to be in a cast for 12 weeks :/

  73. Try forearm crutches instead of the old style ones. I have “In-Motion” brand crutches, and they are much easier on my hands.

  74. Hi Everyone
    My sympathies go out to us all!!! I’m 3 weeks post-op for a claw foot where the surgeon kindly broke and reshaped my 1st metatarsal for me, and also cut and lengthened the tendon on my big toe. Thats what i get for snowboarding. I had a cast on for 2 weeks with crutches, now i have an air-cast boot with crutches but the swelling is taking ages to go down. I’m a really active person and this is driving me nuts, as I’m usually on the beach walking my dogs or flying my kite. it’s great to find you guys who are all in the same boat. By the way the computer chair does work. lol Don’t you just feel like screaming sometimes!!!!

  75. Hi everyone, I am in my third week of 5th metatarsal break on my right foot. I am in a walking boot since first week. I used a knee walker for a week, but am now hobbling around in a boot. Ortho surgeon said bone was in place and would heal nicely with the boot. It is awkward and frustrating and makes me feel very helpless but I am getting along pretty good. it is amazing to me how some people are completely non weight bearing and I am not. Hope he knows what he is doing. Will have another x Ray at six weeks. Good luck to you all.

  76. Hi everyone. I broke my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th metatarsal in March. Boot for 8 weeks and then began PT. I had a doctor that did not have a very good bed side manner, so he didn’t really listen to my concerns, took the boot off and released me from his care. Anyway the Pt has been helping but I still have pain when I try to walk correctly. It is very difficult to put pressure on the ball of my foot, and I also have pain in the ankle, across the top by the breaks, across the top by my big toe and down the sides from the tendons and ligaments. Oh and I forgot to mention that when I fell, I didn’t just break my left foot, I sprained my right ankle. (the right ankle is doing better than the L foot with just minor discomfort.) I too feel like this is taking forever and often get concerned that something is not healing correctly. I feel like I will never run again! I am thinking about getting a second opinion and maybe a MRI, because all I had were the original ER x-rays, and the one set that the doctor took. Do you think I am not allowing enough time for my foot to heal properly, or do you think a second opinion is warranted? I just want to be normal.
    Oh and as far as the original post goes… I did all of those great suggestions myself!Plus, I am a KIndergarten teacher…talk about difficult!
    Anyway, Thanks for the site and good luck to all.

  77. I am so glad I found this site. I broke my 5th metatarsal on June 3rd. Went to hospital but then was sent home in a splint to see a orthopedic surgeron on the 9th. He said it didn’t need surgery it should heal on its own. My fiance questioned him but Dr. said with surgery there are other problems. Went back on June 29th had x-rays and told it wasn’t healing. Now he has prescribed a bone stimulator get that Monday. See dr. again on July 29th. What is upsetting me is if this bone stimulator doesn’t work then I figure I will have surgery which really I think the dr. should have done when I went to him initially. It has been a nightmare with these damn crutches, trying to work, oh yes I sit at a desk by I am up and down all day faxing, copying picking up print jobs and the crutches are killing my hands. The dr. did tell me I can start to put weight on it he pretty much told me another 3 weeks and I could get rid of my aircast and crutches. I am getting married September 11. I am having to hirer someone to clean my house as it is impossible for me to do. One day I actually sat in a chair to clean the toilet. I am so frustrated.

  78. I will never take my mobility for granted ever again…I tore my acl 2 years ago, and this tiny little bone(5th Met) has become a much bigger pain in the you know what, than my knee ever was…I’m putting a lot of energy into nutrition for the rest of my life, that’s for sure…don’t wanna repeat this chapter, although its deja vu all over again for me Johnny…So, yeah broke my 5th Metatasal, pretty close to the picture at the top of this page…I am in week 4 of the healing process and have questions that should have been answered by the doc…but its 3:46 am, and my sleep pattern is all messed up, and I’d like to compare notes and have somebody tell me its gonna be alright…mommy, tell me please…(pouts)…

    -how much does compression have to do with the bone healing process?

    -does the walking boot, which can be taken on and off, keep the bone in place/or is it a much needed insurance policy in case you fall or/ because my bone wasn’t set or anything…if you get my drift, sort of wondering, if not sleeping in my cast is gonna bite me in the butt…please no jumping to conclusions, thanks

    -also, when is the optimal time to start walking on the foot? I mean, should you walk on it if it hasn’t fused yet..or should you walk on it to stretch out the tendons…or should you walk on it to get your foot on the right track…what does this “walking on it” do… as compared to “not walking on it” and taking it easy?

    -also…is there any bill in congress on anything like that so that I can get some monetary help up in this mofo…this injury, if you aint rich…will make you broke…I’m not homeless yet..but lets just say my foot as well as my net worth will both be rehabbing for a while…Obama! where you at dog(haha, just had to throw that in there, doesn’t everybody on the internet try to be political these days…they just tell you what you wanna hear and then go do…damn, now I’m gettin political…i’ll stop)

    -and…when I first started reading peoples posts on here…I can’t really say that I felt any better…because well…its like that whole one world consciousness thing…yeah, we’re all a pretty pathetic collective…but you know what…we’re fighters I tell ya…this is only making us stronger, smarter, wiser, and more in the red in the bank account…to add on top of that the fact that I live in Orlando and I havn’t been able to get out and catch any mangrove/lane snapper, flounder, gag grouper, tripletail, or sheepshead at Port canaveral…and soon our beaches will be drenched with…yeah…we all should figure out how to ween ourselves off of oil while we sit here and heal and keep trying to…

    sorry for your troubles govna

  79. Dear All,

    Happy to stumble upon this site. I’m on the 7th week in a cast NWB for a 5th Metatarsal break (the dreaded Jones fracture). I broke it 3 weeks before I was supposed to start a new and exciting job – thankfully they are patiently waiting for my recovery. My next xray is on July 28th. I ordered an Exogen 4000 that should arrive in 10 days as I live in Asia and it take a while for shipping/customs.

    Can any fellow members chime in on their experiences with the Exogen?



  80. I had a fracture on 5th metatadler 6 days ago. I have a leg boot cast -no weight bearing- and I was told that I could take it out when I shower. I went to work today for a couple of hours-crunches-on chair- and tonight all of a sudden I have extreme burning sensation that made me cry and I removed the cast. I tried to put it back but the burning started after 5 minutes. I will try to call dr tomorrow. In the meantime please help. Is it normal? Is it bad to remove cast and keep leg elevated?thx

  81. I am using an Exogen right now and have been since July 5th for 20 mins. a day. I go on the 29th this week for x-rays and to see the dr. I am hoping this has been working because up to this point the 5th spiral fracture had not been healing. Got the cheque from the insurance company for this Exogen it ended up costing 4,746.00. Good thing for insurance. I just started yesterday trying to walk on my foot without the boot, I have been only able to walk without crutches using the boot. I really am not walking all that great but I have had to pain thankfully.

  82. Just left the doc’s office. After 6 weeks in a nwb cast, my foot is still broken (damn jones fracture). There is some healing so my doc said he is not discouraged that it wont heal. Therefore 4 more weeks in a new blue Fiberglass cast. I can put some weight on the heal only. Hopefully in 4 more weeks I can at least move into a boot.

    • Hi Blanca,

      That sounds exactly like my case – not much healing at 6 weeks in. But good news is after the 10th week (last thursday) there was significant improvement and now I’m in a boot and putting some weight on it. Just taking baby steps around the house – but still using 2 crutches until i feel more confidant. That first step is quite liberating but also scary as hell. Good luck.

      • Thanks Peter,
        That sounds promising. I hope I can be in that same place 3 weeks from now too. Best of luck to you in your recovery.

  83. It has been since June 3 for my break, was to the dr. last on the 29th of July, still no bone repair but it had only been 23 days of using the Exogen. He wants to see me September 24 which should give me around 70 something uses hopefully there will be improvement. Walking around the house has gotten better but I still must wear my boot outside so it looks like I am going to be hiding this boot under my wedding dress. That really SUCKS.

  84. Hi guys, am at day 15 of fracture of fifth metatarsal base, left foot, and 5 days post soft cast. There is pain on walking around unless I press at the site of the fracture. More than the actual fracture, the bandage/cast is troublesome, feels a bit sore around the ankle like u get on wearing a new shoe. I use a fresh plastic bag to cover the foot every day, so that the bandage does not get too dirty. The doc has only written a calcium/calcitriol pill, that’s it. I’m damn lucky, like most Indian homes, I live in a joint family and am being pampered by everyone !

  85. Hi, I broke my distal fibula in three places on July 10th, had surgery a week later now I have a plate and seven screws in my right foot. Unfortunately i fell a week ago and now my foot jumps quite often, my ankle hurts a bit and i can actually feel the screws in my foot. Am i growing crazy i feel heat and coldness at times. I havent gone to the doctor as yet, really scared that i damaged my foot more, the cast is supposed to come off on September 7th so i am waiting until then when i will be x-rayed again.

  86. I just wanted to leave an update. Broke fifth metatarsal June 2 nd. 1 week in temporary cast, five weeks in walking cast. At that point it was 80 percent healed and went to shoe with steel plate in the bottom. Then my tendons and toes were all messed up, this hurt more than the broken bone. After three more weeks and lots of messaging and stretching of tendons and toes, I can finally walk without pain. It still swells and the bone is completely healed. I just wanted to let everyone know to keep those tendons stretched out and pay attention to your toes. I was not aware that this was a possibility and could have worked on it while still in removable walking cast. Happy healing everyone. I must say this was one of the most frustrating times I have ever experienced! Glad it is mostly behind me.

  87. I wrote a while back. (see above) Broke my 2nd, 3rd, 4th metatarsal in March 2010. After the boot was removed (6-8 weeks later) I had more trouble with ligaments and tendons, and sprains than with the bones.
    Been doing PT since April and I am finally at a point where I am beginning to see a possible light at the end of the tunnel. I still limp if I walk too fast, I still have some pain, tightness and stiffness, but I’m finally beginning to gain stamina when walking, and I can excercise on my wii. I Can also jog slowly inside and on a small trampoline at PT. My range of motion is almost back to normal. Good luck to everyone… and things to get better!
    All I can say is thank goodness for PT!

  88. Broke 5th metatarsal on June 3rd, allowed to walk around house without boot but to wear outside, been outside this past week without been very careful, got achy yesterday so put boot back on, went to physio today told the girl about how my toes feel weird she worked them and my foot pretty good today gave me more exercises to do, very achy tonight, go to Drs on September 24th, hoping for good news on the healing.

    • Roxanne…you are very lucky that you don’t have to stay in the boot. The boot, although it’s needed for the healing process, really only makes the healing longer. The stiffness and instability that the boot causes is aweful. It is very normal for your toes to feel wierd. Mine still do and its been since March.I am also still stiff and achy, but I am getting better each day! It sounds like you are healing exactly as you are supposed to… Good luck!

      • You are so right on the toe thing I have a couple that are stiff and weird feeling. I was back to the Dr. Sept. 25 and finally I have started to heel. Foot gets a little sort at times. I have been out walking which feels good. Don’t have to use the bone stimulator anymore. Well on the road to recovery.

  89. Hello All,

    Broke my fifth Met. on May 19th, and wore a cast for 10 weeks. Been using the exogen for about 30 days and the xrays I took 3 days ago look promising. Still going slowly but significant improvement in the ‘boney union’ It’s been one month now in a boot and I’ve finally weaned myself off crutches and have ditched the cane as well. The doctor says I can start wearing a stiff soled shoe (ordered some nice wide work shoes from Timberland) but I’m quite intimidated by that – and I’d really like for the bone to be further along before I do the normal shoe route.

    I started work this week – a new job that patiently waited for me as I was recovering. Things went pretty well until about Friday afternoon when my foot started swelling up after a week of being relatively mobile.

    Does anybody have any home remedies that they can suggest to alleviate the swelling and stiffness? I’ve about had it with doctors and would prefer some advice from fellow recovering folks.

    • He Peter…sounds like you are healing great if they are fitting you for a shoe. All I can say as far as my experience swelling can last up to 6 months or longer. I’m a teacher so the swelling actually stopped when I stopped teaching for the summer. I’m hoping it doesn’t return. Stiffness I still have and I broke my foot in March.Ice Ice Ice and elevation !Good luck!

    • Peter,
      Have you tried the shoe yet? I shattered my 4th metatarsal in April, had an xray today and the doctor said he’d like to see me out of the boot, be the thought of that scares me to death.

      • Hi Shelly,

        As a matter of fact, today is the first day I went outside wearing a heavy duty pair of Geox cross-trainers. This is how I got this far:

        A couple of weeks ago I started walking barefoot in the house a couple times a day like – from the shower to the living room – short distances like that, and gradually started walking in the house with the shoes over the last week.

        I have to admit all this is quite intimidating as I’m relying on the boot to ease my phobias. But in the last week the boot has been causing me major swelling that I decided to try using a shoe.

        Anyway, I went outside today – didn’t walk too much but enough to realize I can walk with the shoe quite fine. The bottom of my heal on the inner side was feeling a bit sore but I guess that’s because my foot is so used to the flat foam bed of the boot. But I have a collapsible cane to help me out a little bit.

        Now you need to be careful of course, especially on those uneven surfaces and make sure you plant your foot flat ( as I’m still unable to bend my foot and plant on the ball of my foot). May not be able to bend my foot, but at least I can bend my ankle and that was quite liberating – and thank god the swelling from wearing the boot all day is gone.

        Tomorrow I have to meet some new clients so I may attempt to wear my stiff soled timberland oxfords tomorrow.

        Anyway good luck and keep me posted.

    • Hey Peter,
      How are you doing in that shoe? When you replied to me last I felt like you were miles ahead of me, but the past 2 days I have been wearing a stiff soled shoe around the house. I cannot walk properly in it. I walk like a 90 year old! Cannot roll forward on the ball of my foot yet or I still get a very sharp pain where it’s broken. Did you have pain like that? Anyhow, looking forward to hearing how you’re doing as I seem to be about 3 weeks behind you!

      • Hi Shelly,

        Good to hear from you. Just to recap: 10 weeks in a hard cast, 4 weeks in a boot,and spent the last 3 weeks in shoes.

        My foot feels a lot better, the horrible soreness near my pinky and ring toe has gone away for the most part and overall range of motion in the toes has improved. I still feel a slight discomfort at the fracture site at times, but nothing I would classify as any ‘real pain’. BTW – I pretty much walk around the house completely barefoot with no pain!

        I soak them in warm water and apply some ben-gay type ointment before I go out for the day. After a full days work, It still gets a bit sore and puffy but elevating them overnight seems to help that out a bit. I’ve had to buy all new shoes which give me a bit more room because I discovered that any tight fitting shoes were making my foot feel awful.

        Whatever you do, I strongly recommend NOT to roll on the ball of your foot – that’s a no no for our type of fractures. This I would get a 2nd opinion before I even try that and in my case – I broke the bone impacting on the ball of my foot.

        At first hard pavement or stone will kill you – so a great remedy I found is to first try walking on a soft playground floor or rubber gym mat. It does wonders for your foot both physically and mentally.

    • Thanks for your reply Peter. I’m glad to hear you’re doing so well and I sure look forward to walking barefoot without pain! I haven’t ventured outside in a shoe yet. I need very even ground at this point, so I still wear the boot when going out anywhere. Have a great day….keep walking!

  90. Hello all,
    Broke my left foot ( jones fracture) on June 13th. I’ve been in a fiberglass cast for 10 weeks and doc has only seen some very minor healing on xrays up to last week. I now have to spend an additional 4 weeks in fiberglass in hopes that I will have enough healing to move into a boot. I have zero pain whatsoever and my foot only swells when I’ve been out and about all day, but I am completely nwb except for when I’m standing in place and use my left heal for balance. Anyway just thought I’d update everyone on what seems like a never ending nightmare. If I don’t have significant healing in 4 weeks my doc will suggest surgery which I don’t really want. Good luck to you guys!

  91. I broke 4 metatarsals and had a lisfranc injury just over a year ago. As far as the swelling went, I found that I really did have to keep it elevated above the heart level as much as possible. But there were also some exercises from massage therapy that I did that helped open the lymph channels at the back of the leg so the fluid could drain out (or so I was told). They are a bit hard to describe but you might try googling “lymph drainage massage.” Basically, it involved gently stroking or stretching the back of the leg.

  92. First off, this blog rocks. An absolute lifesaver for the virgin broken-foot sufferer. Big thank you to Mumsee for making me laugh at a time when it was so needed!

    A car parked itself on my foot back in early March 2010. The original diagnosis based on X-rays was a crush injury with no broken bones — according to both the ER doc and podiatrist No 1. Seven weeks nwb in a boot with crutches (with intermittent X-rays to monitor progress) and I was then told to set the foot free and start walking in sneakers. Wrong.

    Four days of that, and it was clear it was bum advice. I insisted on an MRI, which revealed multiple fractures — 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th metatarsals, plus fractured cortex, bone edema, yada, yada… Time for a second opinion.

    Podiatrist No. 2 agreed with the MRI results on the bones. He also took one look at the weird color of my foot, palpated my very cold foot and leg, and referred me to a specialist for ROI RSD/CRPS. He was right, and it was caught early enough, which is a very good thing.

    My completely NONMEDICAL LAYMAN’S advice to anyone whose leg, foot, arm or hand is immobilized for a prolonged period:

    – Keep an eye on the swelling and color. If your foot looks like a solid block and is a scary purple or bluish color, get thee to a doc and ask about RSD/CRPS. Never hurts to ask.

    – Wiggle your toes often during the day if possible. Motion and activity are good, even if extremely minimal.

    – Early stage RSD/CRPS symptoms sometimes respond to high doses of Vit. C. My specialist prescribed 500 mg/day with Rose Hips for maximum absorption. I took 1000 mg/day and ate lots of fruits and veggies.

    – Vit. D for bone health and density

    – Vit. Bs for nerve health

    – Drink lots of milk and water.

    – I also took an enzyme supplement to speed healing and promote good circulation.

    – PT! Find a GOOD physical therapist as soon as you’re allowed to begin activity (even basic range of motion stuff) and stick with the program! I went twice a week for four months, started while I was still in the boot. Then went down to once/week.

    – Stretch your foot and leg daily if possible.

    – If you have access to one in your town, infrared sauna is great for circulation.

    – Consider acupuncture. I went three times a week for three weeks, then twice a week for several more weeks and found it very helpful.

    Six months, a lot of patience and plenty of well-researched TLC later, and I’m much better. Still have some stiffness and pain — mostly at night or after a good workout — but I believe this will resolve over the next six months. All in all, my results are much better than what I was told to prepare for. I’m thrilled I can ride my bike again, walk my dog again, drive my stick shift again, get my own groceries again and go for hours at a time without even thinking about my foot! I’m so grateful, and I’m so hopeful for everyone else on this site who may be scared and wondering whether and when they’ll do all those things again, too. You will. Hang in there. Before you know it, you’ll be traipsing barefoot through the park. See you there!

  93. I broke 4 metatarsals and had a Lisfranc injury about a year and a half ago. For those with more recent injuries, there is hope. After lots of physical therapy and work, I can jog, jump rope,skip, and balance on the injured foot. Toe flexibility is still not where I want it, but it would be ok for most people. The advice about keeping the foot elevated is absolutely right on. Because I did that, I had almost no swelling. There also are self-massage techniques you can do to help drain the lymph from the foot, but it’s best to get someone to show you what to do..It is hard to describe. That funny feeling on the top of the foot goes away after a while. Tapping the top of the foot gently seemed to help.
    I kept a blog of the recovery and the PT that might be helpful to some people. It’s called, “So You’ve Got a Lisfranc Injury” at
    It can be a long road, but there really is light at the end of the tunnel!

  94. Hi. I fracured my metatarsal bone three weeks ago. I REALLY need to drive – I cannot rely on people to drive me everyday. Has anyone tried to drive with an aircast or without? thanks! I know it is not smart, but my doc did say in a few weeks try to see if it would hurt if I would need to slam on the breaks. I am so glad I found this. Thank you if anyone can help.

    • I was not allowed to drive for six weeks, it was my right foot that was broken. Good luck, it has been four months and I am walking with just a slight limp.

  95. I LOVE THIS!!! I’ve been on crutches for 1.5 months already and have just been told I have another 2.5 months to go!!! Arrrghhhh!!!! I’m going slightly insane, I’m a dance teacher so I’m used to being up and about but I’ve got a stress fracture to my tibia (not 5th met I know), I was able to walk through the foot up until yesterday and now I’m off it completely.

    Thank you for all your top tips – I’ve sent my boyfriend to get a swizel chair on his way home, got the flask out yesterday and I have my mum coming to stay for a week, hopefully this will stop be obsessing about the mouse in my garden!

    Thank you for cheering me up and giving me ways to get around my flat – thank god I got a garden flat this summer!!!

  96. Dear All,

    Exactly 5 months to the day I broke my 5th Met in my left foot Had an xray today and doctor has told me the bone itself is 95% heeled. WOO HOO! It’s been such a frustrating process that I could hardly imagine this day. There has been so much healing progress in the last 8 weeks, and I’m happy that I can finally roll on the front of my foot – though no jogging yet ;-). Dr. says I should be walking 2km per day to get the darn thing back in shape.

    One strong recommendation is : get an Exogen ASAP. I know it’s expensive and may not be covered by some policies – but I found a brand new one on fleabay for $400. I am a firm believer that it was the missing piece of the puzzle that helped my foot progress at the rate it did, I wish I would have had it from the beginning.

    I’m also a Type I diabetic and was scared straight that it would never properly heal.

    My next appointment is in 6 months. Need to lose about 25 lbs. Good luck to everyone and keep ur spirits up!!


  97. Well I figured it was about time I let you all know how my foot went. I first posted on here on the 9th of April, back when I still thought this would be a few weeks on crutches and then back to my normal life…

    I broke my 5th met on the 2nd of April. Was bandaged up (no cast) given crutches and told it would be 4 weeks till healing… After 2 weeks my x-rays showed no healing (in fact the bone was more displaced) and I was given a CamBoot and told it would be 6 weeks in that but only 3 more on crutches… Had more xrays after 2 weeks and was told it’d be a couple more weeks on crutches…. This is how it went all year…

    All up I was on crutches for 11 weeks (and stopped using them against drs orders so it should have been more). By that stage my foot showed 50% healing on xray. I wore that CamBoot for 17 weeks (so 19 weeks after I broke me foot) until I finally got in to see an ortho spec and she told me to take it off. I was told that I should have had surgery in the beginning and at the very least a proper cast! At that stage it was about 80% healed and the spec said I would be fine with just supportive shoes.

    Now my pain is almost gone (a little if I overuse my foot) and I can walk, cycle and have even started jogging short distances. I’m almost getting my old life back!

  98. Wow this has turned out to be the best site out there to read about other experiences with this injury.

    I broke my 5th metatarsal skipping (warming up at kickboxing class at least makes it sound better). Came down on my left foot rolled my ankle and then came the burn. Sounded as bad as it felt. Immediately wrapped it with my wrist wraps (kickboxing class remember). Hobbled to my car and drove home. Iced, ibuprophen and compression/ elevation. The next day went to my GP, got Xrays and bought an Aircast as directed.

    This is week 3 day 4. Calf is getting crampy, ankle is getting sore, foot pain is gone but remains swollen. Trying to rotate ankle gently so it doesn’t end up frozen but worried I’ll move my broken foot bone 😦 Still wearing the Aircast unless bathing or sleeping and occasionally removed to “air out”. No weight bearing for another 3 weeks getting repeat Xrays at week 5. Crossing my fingers.
    Shoulder is sore from the crutches, and hands too. Glad I work out alot otherwise there is NO WAY I could do crutches.

    Speaking of working out…continuing to go to the gym, using the rower, situps and back extensions. Going easy on the arms now since they are getting a workout daily anyway.

    I figure I’m out of comission for running for at least 7 months. I intend to work on my weaknesses. Pullups and number one on my list, as is loosing a few pounds and keeping it off. I’m hoping I can keep up the positive attitude. It’s getting hard but luckily I have a supportive SO and no children to cook and clean for. Kudos to those who do, you are stronger than you think to be able to go through this.

    • Update:

      Week 4.5 2nd xray no calcification (tech told me, I saw the xray), still crutches and no weight bearing. The films were a bit early but the break is still non displaced which is good.
      Had a bad week last week. Getting frustrated. The hardest thing is asking for help. Getting angry at times. Took a week off the gym due to sore shoulders. Got a new workout plan now though so hoping it will keep my spirits up.
      Swelling is way down. Still some bruising. Wearing compression bandage at night to sleep. Epsom salt baths regularly.
      Have spoken to a few people who had the same. General consensus was at least 3 months until able to be 90% normal activity. I’m hoping I heal sooner, but not getting my hopes up.

      • Update:

        Week six and 3rd Xray shows no change. I was feeling really good too. Went to physio (on my own accord) hoping he could use some ultrasound around the ankle but he just did some gentle stretching of the bottom of my foot. He’s going to get a copy of the Xray reports and see what we can do. Not sure if he has a bone stimulator but I will ask at the next visit.
        No longer wearing the compression bandage at night, I can move my baby toe now without the burning pain. I took the top piece off the boot cause I was finding my foot kept sliding up, putting pressure on the ball of my foot. It feels much better now.
        Still going to the gym, working modified and trying to stay positive. Watching my diet and taking supplements. Trying to ignore the dirt on the floor or the pile of chores that just are going to have to wait.
        Something I have learned from all this is to just breathe and slow down when I start to get frustrated at all the things I want to get done.
        Hopefully next visit I’ll have some good news.

      • Update:

        week 10, thought it “looked better”. Still only using family doc since the reports have always said non displaced and I have no desire to see an ortho doc tell me to do the same (the wait times in the clinic are crazy). So last Xray Dec 3rd actually showed “some interval healing”. Told my doc if the report came back without any healing noted that I did need an ortho consult. Going to recheck next week (Dec 17th).
        Still on crutches, still using boot, mostly non weight bearing but occasionally balance myself on heel. Gets twinge like feelings in there. Sometimes changes colour if I change position quickly. The crutches are a pain in the everything.
        Still working out and supplementing with mag, ca, vit D, fish oil and silica. Check out my workouts

      • Update:

        This is turning into a diary of my injury (which I suppose is a good thing ). Last Xray shows continued improvement but not fully healed yet. Taking that as still no full weight bearing, however I can hobble around with my boot and one crutch (at home). No real “pain” but ankle is getting sore with increased movement. More Xrays of foot Jan 14th. It’s been 12 weeks (3 months) of crutch walking and wearing the Aircast. Still frustrated but at least there seems to be a glimmer at the end of the tunnel.

      • beware of xrays..mine looked like healing was happening..had a CT scan done…wasn’t healing the way the doctor thought!!! No more xrays CT scans only!!!

      • I am interested in the comment about CT scans. I know x-rays don’t show everything — sometimes it doesn’t look healed on x-ray but is on ct. I think I am being referred to an Ortho this week as my healing is minimal after 8 weeks (fracture looks very clear on the x-ray, not cloudy at all, which it should be by now). I’ve been to this ortho before, and I know he’ll send me for a bone scan. Do you know if that shows as much as the CT scan will as far as bones anyway? (He may order a CT scan too in this instance, but not sure).

      • It does look “cloudy”( last one I saw.) I should have been taking pics of each xray. Feeling better this week despite alot of “hobbling” around the house and Holiday parties. Ankle moving better too. REALLY need to get back to work though. Fingers crossed for next week.

  99. Hello all,
    I thought I’d update everyone as well. I broke my fifth met on June 12th, jones fracture, after 3.5 months completely non weight bearing in a fiberglass cast, I moved into a cam walker for 4 weeks, that 4 weeks was up last week and the doctor sqid I could transition to regular shoes which I’ve since been in. It was very scary to lose the boot but I’ve been doing fine. I have a limp since I’m not really rolling my foot, and if I walk to long I have some minor pain, but I am so thrilled to have avoided surgery and to be back in regular shoes! Good luck everyone. Doc says my next visit in 3 weeks, will probably be my last.

    • Congratulations!! Isn’t it great to get out of that boot!! I have been in a regular shoe for a couple of months now, and still have a slight limp but doing good.

  100. So thankful to have found this site. Broke 5th met a week ago falling off chair I had climbed on with non skid cushion, which skidded! Was in splint at ER until yesterday when I went to Pod. and now in wb. Crutches are a killer! Told to be on full crutches for a couple days and then can put weight on wb. But am wondering now after reading your comments. Don’t see too many using the wb without crutches. Go back in month. Pod said it would take about 8 wks to heal, which I doubt after reading this. So after a meltdown a few minutes ago and feeling sorry for myself I am chin up! I watched my brother go through a grueling 10 mths of stage 4 stomach cancer, before passing, and believe me this is nothing! I can do it! Good luck all!

  101. Such a great site to find! I am on my 3rd week of a 5th meta fracture and my 2nd week in a walking boot, NWB. To say that it is frustrating is the understatement of the century! Even more so, it seems like everyone around me doesn’t understand, so finding this site was great because so many others are going through it!

    I will say for those that are in the first week, that it is the worst, but trust me it DOES get better! Just hang in there 🙂

    I slipped and broke my 5th meta coming out of the laundry place up the block from my apartment. Stupid split second fall that completely took out my foot. I heard what sounded like twigs snapping as I went down on it. My boyfriend thought it was an ankle sprain but after icing it for an hour I couldn’t take the pain. Went to the ER and sure enough, it was broken. Went home with a splint cast and told to stay off of it — easier said then done considering I just started a new job and had no time off (I did end up staying in bed for two days before going back to work). Saw the podiatrist 4 days later and was put in a walking boot with NWB. My question is — did anyone who was told to not bear any weight shuffle around at all? I find it extremely hard to cook, clean, etc and although my boyfriend comes over and helps out sometimes I find myself shuffling around a little in my apartment. I haven’t had any pain in the last 5 days on my foot, so I’m wondering if this could be a sign of healing?

    I go back to podiatrist this Thursday for my next x-ray. I’m am keeping my fingers crossed for some healing. I need to be off these crutches as my commute into a city is not that easy on public transportation!

  102. Nice to hear some great recovery stories.

    For me the Exogen system worked wonders, and the healing process totally took off once I started using it.

    Any others care to share their Exogen experiences? Pro /and/or Con?



    • See my entry below. I’ve been using the Ecogen for 6 weeks. Not sure if it is helping or not. But, I hear about a lot of good experiences with it.

  103. Thanks so much for this site- I feel all your pain! I have a very dangerous job (and have never broken a bone) and yet broke my fifth metarsal tripping in the garage! I think my fracture was 2 mm and the podiatrist gave me a walking boot but I’m not allowed to weight bear for six weeks and then have to wear ‘Das Boot’ for God knows how long.

    Does anyone know if I’m supposed to be wearing the boot in bed? The podiatrist said I should but don’t have to if I don’t kick around too much but it’s so hot and uncomfortable…it also seems to cut off your circulation mid-way through the night even if it’s not strapped too tightly. Any advice?

    I feel lucky in that I’m not in any pain (and wasn’t at any point- my neigbor is a doctor and iced the hell out of it immediately) but it is impossible for me to do my physical job and I agree with the other posters that the inactivity is torture. Here are some ways I have dealt with the immobility:

    1) Rent a knee scooter from a medical supply store- totally worth it.

    2) Buy sheepskin covers for your crutch handles- they’re expensive but make crutches bearable.

    3) Figure out some places you can go if you’re able to get a ride. Mega-plex movie theaters are good because they’re scooter/wheelchair friendly, pretty empty during the day and you can movie ‘hop’ (literally!) and kill some time whilst forgetting about the foot. I also like those horrible big malls because you can scoot around on the knee scooter or kill some time slowly putzing out of your brain in the stores electric wheelchairs…..

    4) Try to do ALL the things you’ve been putting off that don’t require using the foot (letters,filing, redesigning your website etc.)
    Treat this like a job and do it for at least a few hours a day. It will make you feel more productive and when you heal you’ll have more time to enjoy your mobility. I am (with much help) repainting my dining room and turning it into an office so that I can work on developing my computer skills (which are about as lame as I am currently).

    5) Learn a language with an easy fun website like This website is like Rosetta stone but is totally free, easy and fun actually. No really it is.

    Best of luck to everyone healing out there and thanks for sharing all your stories. It’s always nice to hear you’re not alone!


  104. Hi,
    I did not wear the boot to bed, but was allowed weight bearing in the boot the second week. I had 75 percent healing at six weeks and total healing at 10 weeks. Had some complications with swollen toes and sore tendons from the boot. Good luck to you. My break was June 2 of this year and other than some stiffness in the morning I aM walking normally. It is confusing to me the differences in Dr’s recommendations . Some people can bear weight others cannot. My orthopedic surgeon would not write for physical therapy and I really could have used it. Once again, good luck, it is a nasty break!!

    • Hi Angela,

      Not sure if you are still checking this site but I was intrigued by your entries because my dr. also has a relatively unconventional way of treating my Jones Fracture. I am three weeks in and I have been in a very fitted foot cast (ankle not covered) with a surgical shoe. He is adamant that my ankle should not be covered as he doesn’t want atrophy and he is strongly encouraging me to weight bear (little by little) just after a few days.

      I didn’t do so for the first three weeks b/c it was contrary to everything I knew about this sort of fracture. However, I went back after week three for more x rays (still the same) and was put in a more fitted cast after the swelling went down.

      Now, he is really pushing me to start to weight bear – I imagine to limit atrophy and to avoid a lot of rehabilitation. (He doesn’t spend a long time explaining why – he just does what he thinks is best.)

      I go back in another three weeks for more x rays and he says that I will no longer need to wear a cast after a total of 6 weeks (e.g. no walking boot transition). Hard to understand how it will be A-OK after 6 weeks. He is a orthopedic surgeon/specialist and works with a lot of athletes – I heard he is one of the best but his methods are quite aggressive. Just curious if your dr. told you why you should weight bear early on? Blood circulation, avoid atrophy, etc.? What was your pain level when you started to weight bear? I am encouraged by your story.

      Thanks in advance.

  105. Me again! Now has been 3 wks since my break. Off crutches totally and just using the waking boot. I can take it off at night and during the day if just sitting around. Luckily I work at home on the computer so it’s easier for me. I get around great on the boot, just can’t drive as it’s my right foot. My swelling is gone and the pain only lasted a week for me. Brusing almost totally gone but toes still a little blue. As I am late 50’s I am up going to the bathroom during the night and once was half way there before I realized I forgot my boot. But still no pain then! I go back to foot Doc on the 29th. He did say that I would be in boot for 6 to 8 wks at least. I did rent a knee scooter, but haven’t use it yet, but sure I will when I finish my Christmas shopping soon!I too am amazed at all the different Doc recommendations.Also, someone needs to make these stupid ugly boots with a fashionable printed fabric at least!

    • Sounds like you are doing good. I remember putting that boot on in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom . Lol, I am glad that is all over.

      • Lol, yes it was a pain! Just read your earlier post about tendons. I will watch for that. They were pretty tight, but seems to be a lot more flexible now that I am in shoe.

      • Have to laugh….that was the worst…having to get up for the bathroom at night….one week out of boot…the sound of Velcro will forever send chills up my spine!

  106. I broke the 5 meta on my right foot near the joint, the break is in a “Y” shape. Surgery not really an option. This happened on October 9 the day before my 18th wedding anniversary, what a present for my husband (lol).I can not drive or walk on my foot. I am in a plaster cast up to the knee.

    Had second set of x-rays on November 8th. Still have a cast because they didn’t see much healing happening.

    Go back December 6 for another set of x-rays. This time with the cast off, well at least for an hour. Doctor figures the cast will go back on. Doctor figures I’m looking at 4 to 6 months to heal.

    I am using the Ecogen. The representative that set me up with the machine said I should use it two times a day(that is how bad my break is). Even though there is not enough evidence that twice works any better than once a day.

    I am also taking Bone Growth by Garden of Life for extra calcuim.

    I am thankful for the web-site. It took 4 pages of google search results to find it. It helped lift the grey cloud that was happening the other day. I have my faith in God, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get depressed over things.

    Before this happened I was walking 3 to 6 miles a day. Plus, I had a very active part-time job cleaning at the local theater (free movies, popcorn, & soda). They say I can have my position back once I’m healed.
    So, this laying around really SUCKS!!! Plus the 1800 calorie diet so my jeans fit when this is all over. I’m trying to find exercises to keep the muscles toned, but bye bye cardio.

    I can go for about 1/2 hour on my crutches, but then my leg starts to swell-up and my toes turn an ugly purple. If I do go anywhere I have to have my foot up after 15 minutes, or my toes turn that ugly purple.

    I can’t wait to have the issues of a walking boot!!!!

    Happy healing everyone, Thank GOD for good health insurance, and an understanding husband, and that my kids are old enough to help out. Plus, my son got his temps (learning permit to drive) just 4 days before I did this.

    • update:
      December 6, cast came off, had xrays, received a boot. Looked like it was healing. Dec. 7 had a CTscan done. Dec. 8th doc. appt. breaks are only about 30 percent healed, plus a bone broke loose and slide out of place. In a boot, but cannot use it as such..must stay off foot. Surgery scheduled for Dec.21 will have screws/plate/and bone-graph. Not expected to be using foot unitl spring. What a winter this will be. Only using Ecogen 1x a day now. Boy do I know how to break a bone, Jones fractures are great!!! The hard part is trying to stay in shape. Will be trying pilates this week.

      • update: December 22, 2010
        Dec.20..ultrasound on leg found blood clot…surgery canceled…starting blood clot meds. Looking at a very long road to recovery If I don’t have surgery…summer maybe before I’m using right foot. I know how to break a bone…boy will I be out of shape by time I’m healed!!!!

      • Lisa,

        Sorry to hear that you are still in the waiting mode. In the meantime, you should speak to your OS about prescribing this (insurance should cover – mine did). It was truly a lifesaver for me during my 4 months of NWB while recovering from a Jones. I developed issues in my shoulder from crutches so this was reccommended to me. You need to be in fairly decent shape and have a good sense of balance to reap the full benefits of this wonderful invention.

  107. I broke my 2nd third and fourth metatarsals five days ago. That morning I was buying a new bikini, by the afternoon I was in emerg being told I couldn’t go to Mexico this coming weekend.
    I have to say after reading some of the stories on here I am now less optimistic at how long it takes to heal. So here I sit, trying not to feel sorry for myself and trying really hard to keep things in perspective.

  108. Update: Had my checkup Monday with xray. Has been 5 wks.It showed my break is not completely healed, but doing very well. I am now promoted to wearing a shoe in my home when walking and the boot when out and about. A little scared to walk on shoe at first, but doing great! By the end of day it aches a little, but no swelling. Back to Dr in 3 wks.

  109. (Broke 5th Met on Oct. 26th) Had my Doc visit on Nov 29th. Healing is coming along nicely but not totally healed yet. Have been promoted to a shoe in the house, but still have to wear boot outside for 2 more wks. I did rent the knee walker for a couple weeks after getting boot and that really helped get around places like a mall where there is long walking, but I have a bad lower back and it seemed to stress it. Now for Christmas shopping husband pushes me at mall in wheel chair to the stores and I can walk inside the stores. I have no swelling and the blue toes are gone! Sometimes a little sore after walking on shoe in house all day. Next Doc visit is Dec 23rd.

    • Thank you Tamara. I will be talking to my doctor about this on January 3, my next appointment. I won’t be having surgery anytime soon, too scared with the blood clot issue. Our hospital just had someone pass away from a blood clot after surgery. I had a blood clot 13 years ago after the birth of my daughter, so I’m not ready to go under the knife. Doctor thinks we have the right dose of Coumdin…have an INR test Monday.
      Now have a cold, kids are wonderful!!!At least it’s not the flu. And there is no snow forecasted for at least 5 days.

      • Lisa –

        Sorry to hear you will be in a state of limbo for awhile. Is your doc hopeful that with continued use of the stimulator and with your current partial healing that things may fall into place for you? I showed zero healing until week 12 – “graduated” from NWB in a hard cast to an aircast boot with weight bearing as tolerated at week 16. That was the state for the next 6 weeks, then I was able to wear a shoe indoors/boot outdoors for the next 6 weeks. Discharged from OS at 28 weeks. It’s been over 2 years now, have arthritis in there but otherwise can do absolutely everything (I’m a runner – run about 50 miles a week AND I’m in my early 50’s). Long haul – yes – but you do eventually get there even though now I am certain you are thinking you will never be able to walk normally again. BTW – I did not have PT – doc gave me a few sheets of exercises some using bands, told me to get to a gym to start on stationary bike and eliptical to build up the leg/ankle/foot. Never had a problem. Hopefully, you can be saying the same thing by spring. Blizzard here right now – wishing I lived in Arizona……

  110. I wanted to say Merry Christmas to everyone. Don’t give up, this break takes a long time to heal. Mine took about 12 weeks and then it was a challenge to overcome the stiff tendons and overall stiff foot. You will get there .

  111. I loved reading all the stories!!! What a great help — both because I read that people DO heal eventually, and that even when surgery is needed, they recover.

    I broke the base of my 5th metarasal on Oct 31, not a Jones Fracture, but it was all the way across, almost into the space between the 4th and 5th met. It was displaced 4 mm. I was put into a fiberglass cast NWB for one week, WB as tolerated after that (couldn’t tolerate it for 5 weeks though!). 4 week x-ray showed no healing at all, but I wasn’t told this, so was really trying to WB, thinking they were removing the cast in a week. Go in at 6 weeks for what I hope is a cast removal, to have the doctor (not mine as he was all booked up) be surprised b/c of the 4 week x-ray. (I never got phoned — my clinic has a policy of “you don’t hear from us, it’s all good” so when I didn’t hear, I thought it was good). 6 week x-ray shows slight healing. Taken out of the fiberglass cast as it was chafing and too loose, put into an aircast which has been much better as we have winter here. Doing ROM exercises, but am not allowed to push the side to side motion as I’m not healed enough yet. Just went for my 8 week x-ray, no change as far as the doctor can see, she is waiting on the radiologist report. If no or only slight change, she is referring me to an ortho. My foot still gets very sore near the fracture site and also I think I’ve torn/stressed my peroneal tendons as it’s sore in front of my heel behind the 5th met. My ankle is also swollen and I still have bruising from my middle toes all along the outer half of my foot, and up my ankle to mid-shin.

    I will find out Dec 31 or Jan 3 what the radiologist says and where we go from here.

    I work in a school in spec. ed. but thank goodness for sick leave (which I hardly ever use and have built up!) as I definitely cannot do my job on crutches with a boot, esp. with my foot getting so sore so quickly. I have to walk around the entire highschool to do my job, plus be on my feet during class to assist students. I need to be able to walk well without too much pain to go back to work. It may be awhile…

  112. Reread #113 about the freedom leg brace. I’m looking into myself. I gave the information to my OS, will discuss it on Jan. 3. Because, there is no surgery for me in the near future…due to blood clot…and some other test results that came back that deal with the blood clot. healing may take awhile..but we will heal…this site and GOD are about the only things getting me through it.

  113. Ok…so I broke my 2nd, 3rd and 4th metatarsal on my left foot and sprained my right ankle last March when I fell down the steps. Although I am slowly getting better, the cold weather seems to cause a lot of pain.At least I hope it is the cold weather and I won’t be feeling this way for the rest of my life!! Anyone else having a difficult time in the Winter?

    • my mom is 63 (& obese)..she has broken both her ankles over the in 1986, the other in 2009..she has constant problems with weather..especially in the winter..she lives in Wisconsin..she has athritis in both areas.She gets conazone(spelling) shots every four months to help with the pain. Pray your don’t turn out that way.

      • talked to an older lady today (in her late 60’s). Broke her ankle two years ago. Has stiffness when ever it gets really cold out, live in Wisconsin. Probably not what you want to hear. Just keep exercising…that should help.

  114. I am also down and out a find it very depressing sitting in my apt for days trying to find things to do. I broke my foot a week before xmas and needed to have surgery the following week. The fracture was so back I needed to have 2 screws put in my 5th metarsal.I have tears in my eyes wondering what to do with myself for 5 weeks off my feet!I am happy to have found this website so I know there are others that are in the same condition and not that I am happy about that because I feel so bad for all of us I live alone and it does get lonely. Has anyone tried doing any exercise while being a prisoner of the boot?

    • I was lucky that our rec center has a wheel chair that can go in the water so I would take the boot off and they would wheel me in and out of the pool. That was wonderful. I swam three days a week. It is a lonely recovery but hang in there it does get better.

      • I checked out from my library a DVD “Susan Tuttle’s Chair Pilates”..ordered my own copy today. Great workout, did with little problem with my boot on. I’m not allowed to use my right foot at all. I’ve been down since October..I have been knitting lap blankets for the nursing home. I have a husband and kids(2 teens), I couldn’t image this without them. Just don’t over do it, if you can find some help for a few hours a day or during the week.

  115. update:
    on week 12 of break…back to using ECOGEN two times a day…January 24 will have a CT scan done to check see if more healing is happening…January 31 meet with OS…if less than 60 percent healed will continue on with surgery…Warfarin (blood thinner) finally have the right dose…but leg still swells & turns red if left down for too long. Invited to a babyshower(won’t attend..but)…now I can make a baby blanket…something to do!!!

    Freedom Leg…my doctor…said it would probably be ok for my body type & fitness level if I wanted to try it. But, didn’t really like the idea..he has had patience try items similiar in the past…found them not stable enough. So, we will stay home (out of the snow) and on crutches.

    Happy healing everyone…just remember their is always someone worse off then you.

    • Lisa,

      Will keep my fingers crossed for you. I went from about <5% to about 50% from weeks 12 to 16. That was good enough to ditch the cast, get into an aircast boot and PWB for the next 6 weeks. After that time, I was about 80% and allowed to ambulate crutch-free in the boot. At some point, weight bearing is beneficial as it encourages circulation and bone growth (good part of the reason why your foot turns color when down for extended periods of time). Surgery only stabilizes the fracture area and does not impact the end result of complete healing. If you are at 50%-60% I'd say your injury would be quite stable unless you did something foolish. But, if your ordeal ends up dragging out, I'd really consider the Freedom Leg. I never had a stability issue although I did just use it mostly indoors just in case (my injury was during the warmer months). There were very few household tasks I could not tackle with this godsend of a device. Shopping was a breeze as well. Really I did not feel left out or unable to participate for the 3 months I used this. I can tell you that the 1st month on crutches was total hell and I admire you for enduring this since October. I made sure to wear pants/shorts rather than a skirt to keep the straps more secure. I'm 5'6" and about 125 lbs. if that helps.

  116. Aaaah!!!!Feed up with it all!!!! Ditched the crutches for awhile today and walked around the house on my KNEES!!!! Want to go outside (SUN IS SHINING), but the driveway has ice on it!!!! I know PATIENCE, this will all be over soon!!! Wish I could sleep the day away like my cat.

  117. I’m so glad I found this site. I broke my right foot on 01 December and I am in cast until end of January. I have to go back to work on Monday but have been told I mustn’t drive! I can get around the house with one crutch and putting weight on my left foot but it does get very sore and swollen after a while. I need to get to the office and was wondering if I should attempt to drive. Is it legal? Besides the pain it might cause, I’m nervous of (god forbid) missing the break or something stupid. If I had an accident, I’m sure I would be liable! Any comments around this! I can’t seem to find anything on the net that tells me if it’s legal or not to drive with a cast on the right foot. P.S. I reside in South Africa – I suppose every country has different laws. Please help – our public transport is atrocious and I have been told by my work that they may start deducting unpaid leave if I don’t come into the office (even though I can work from home quite happily and productively).

    • Check with your local law enforcement aobut being able to drive or not. I do drive short distances, under 5 miles. I do not drive on major roads or highways or if it’s snowing. Be very careful because you won’t have the control you expect with the left foot. Plus, the muscle in your inner right thigh may tighten up, leaving you very uncomfortable. I recommend using two crutches..relieves the strain on the armpits. I broke my foot Oct. 8…read my messages above.
      Will be praying for you and your job situation.

  118. To Kathleen:
    My doctor reviews each x-ray taken and the CTscan at my visits to compare, I view them with him. With the CT scan he is able to view the foot section by section. I have another on January 24, get the results on Jan. 31. Read Tamara’s messages. There is also a big difference in price…so make sure you insurance company covers CT scans. My family doctor sent me straight to the OS, because it was a broken bone, that is the way our clinic runs things. I now patience can run thin at times…but remember it will heal…just not at speed we would like. I just pray you don’t end up having to deal with a blood clot…use an exercise band to work calf of the broken foot…just becareful where you place it around your heel…I find this really helps keep the swelling down.

    • I’m in Canada so the cost of CT is a non issue. However, a CT won’t be ordered unless there is some kind of non union or issues with circulation (I work in the healthcare field).
      Luckily I had an Aircast the entire time and was able to move ankle so despite being weak I still had enough movement to avoid a clot. The patience was wearing very very thin and if something wasn’t happening this time I’d end up in the looney bin for sure lol.

  119. Update:

    Week 16….Xray shows quite a bit of healing. Enough in fact that the boot came off and I’m wearing a running shoe around the house. No pain from the fracture site with weight bearing but heel is sore and ankle is weak. Have been off crutches for a couple of days now and have only had to wear “the boot” outside of the house. I’m taking it slowly and have an odd looking gait right now but it’s a huge improvement from even a couple weeks ago.
    Will do physio at some point otherwise there are alot of videos online for ankle strengthening and foot exercises.

  120. Kathleen, I read your posts and I have hope now. I am at week 12, very slight healing at week 8, my foot is starting to feel less painful, so I’m hoping that means it may be healing. I am talking to the ortho office Monday to find out when my appointment is, but I’m really hoping he just says it’s healing enough now that he doesn’t need to do anything. The last x-ray showed no real cloudiness at all, and the doctor thought it looked like it was healed in two separate pieces. I have less soreness, so hopefully that’s a sign of healing….

    • Wanted to add that the main difference I see between our injuries is that you had no displacement and I had a 4 mm displacement. Hopefully that doesn’t factor in. My doctor thought it showed healing in 2 separate pieces (non union?) but hopefully when I get the bone scan my ortho will most likely order, it shows more healing has happened in the last 4-5 weeks.

    • Keep up the hope 🙂 I’m at week 17 now and am wearing the boot outside of the house but it is easier to walk on it. Running shoes were horrible so I’ve been wearing my Dansko clogs at home. Ankle gets a bit sore but foot feels good. I’m still not 100% and I actually took a pic of the Xray with my iPhone. Looks a mess! But much better than I remember the first few looking. Have a physio appointment on Fri and will show him my pic since I really don’t think the reports are doing any justice. It’s distal and gnarly but non displaced. No one can believe why it is taking so long to heal. Now I just show them the pic

      • My foot is still sore for sure, and even burns if I’m on it too long. (And too long really isn’t that long). Hoping to hear from the ortho office today — will give them a couple hours or so and then I will be phoning them again.

  121. update: CTscan on Jan. 24…went from 30% healed (Dec.6) 40% healed…meet with OS on Jan. 31 to discuss options…on week 16…will spend the afternoon rereading all post for a pick-me-upper…would rather go shopping!!!!

    • 16 weeks and 2 days: Back from the OS, he gave me basically two choices. First choice: start walking on the foot while wearing the boot and see if it heals or breaks. The second choice: have surgey and see if we can speed up the healing process. Elected to have surgey next week(screws/plate/graft). At this time one break is healing, the second break is not healing. Plus, there is the space where a piece of bone slide out of place. Is this the right choice…only time will tell. But, I’ve read too many entries where people break the bone for a second time. But, it does feel good walking around the house without crutches even if it’s only for a few days.

      • update:(on week 19)
        surgery was 2/8, all went well, 3 screws, plate, & bone graft…muscle was filling the crack that wasn’t healing.
        2/18 x-rays look great, in cast NWB till 3/21
        3/21 go back into the boot, not sure if I will be WB or NWB.
        Keep smiling everyone…Cindy praying for a quick recovery for you.

  122. Physio says I can walk in normal shoes now. Can’t “jump” or run. Avoid dorsiflexion (lunging, going down stairs, sitting back on heels).
    I can continue working in my modified job and only need the boot if my foot gets sore. Back in 3 weeks for reassessment, then can get back to my “normal” job.
    Ankle is still sore and range of motion feels different (but alas, no boot or crutches so right now not a big deal to me). I have a gimpy limp because of it but who cares. Other toes hurt but will improve with continued movement.
    Sadly, on top of all the crap I’ve had to deal with because of this break, we had to put our dog down 2 weeks ago. It has been very difficult since I couldn’t even bring him for walks for the past 3 months 😦

  123. I broke my 5th metatarsal on January 21st and was put in a boot and told to return in 4 weeks for another xray. I fell going up the stairs! No good story there. I went out and bought ice grippers that attach to the bottom of my crutches and they have saved me during this winter. You will need to buy 2 but they are worth every penny. I paid $20. They flip up when not in use. It has been 12 days since I broke the bone in my left foot. Now today my right foot is swollen and my ankel is black and blue. I think I’ll have to call tomorrow and see what is going on. It was not black and blue until today. I wonder if it’s becuse I’m putting all my weight on that one ankle or if there is something else going on. Here is a web site that sells the grippers but I bought mine at a local medical store so I know nothing about this site but they had a picture.

    Keep Smiling everyone. Summer is coming.

  124. Well after 12 weeks, my 5th met was healed…. Could still see the fracture line but guess it’s healed enough as it doesn’t cause any pain. I am still laid up though as I had also done something to one (or both) of the tendons in the cuboid region and really can’t walk due to excruciating pain. I am not wearing a boot, but had to buy 2 pairs of shoes, with one pair 2 sizes bigger than the other pair as my foot is still so swollen. On major anti-inflammatories, etc. plus physio but nothing is changing at this point (now 16 weeks after the injury) so phoning ortho office Monday and demanding (or firmly suggesting!) that I need some imaging done and an earlier appointment. (Only the x-rays to check the fracture have been done so far as he thought it might be tendonitis. It’s NOT just tendonitis. My doctor and the physio think it’s more too.)

    I’m hoping for this ordeal to end, and like reading about the progress of everyone, so let’s keep posting!

    • I had the same problems with the tendons, actually, that was more painful than the broken bone, I also had to buy shoes one size larger and wider. I can honestly say after six months, I hardly know it was broken except for occasional swelling if I have walked a lot. Stretch those tendons every time you think about it. It takes time to heal them. I think the tendon problems were from the boot. Good luck.

      • I have more than sore tendons. There is something really wrong in the cuboid bone area — it’s a knife cutting into the bottom of my foot with every step, and that’s where the tendon burning seems to originate. It keeps me up at night, I’m taking more pain medication than I did when I broke my foot, and this pain area has been there since I first started weight bearing. I have a suspicion that I have what’s known as “Painful OS Peroneum Syndrome” (pretty bad when a syndrome has the word ‘painful’ in it!) which may or may not have caused a tear in the tendon at the cuboid bone. I am doing physio, etc. but nothing is helping, so phoning the ortho on Monday to push for more imaging (he’s only done the x-ray to check the fracture so far) and get my appointment moved closer as I’ve pretty much reached the end of my rope. I am housebound — can’t do anything because of the intense pain in that area.

        FYI, the OS Peroneum is an accessory bone that is along the peroneal tendon at the bottom edge of your foot. It can be broken as well, and can cut into the tendon. One of the symptoms is feeling like you have a rock in your foot, which I do. If it’s not OS perosneum issues, then I’ve done something in that area that is not improving one single bit at 4 months since my injury. In fact, it’s getting more painful.

  125. I also had the feeling i had a rock in my foot, it turned out to be just the tendons drawing up. Hope yours turns out as well as mine did.

    • How long did it take to get rid of that feeling? I can’t walk on it — feels like glass is cutting my foot and my physio can pinpoint the exact two spots. It’s a sharp rock, not a dull one.

  126. It took at least two months of walking and messaging it to the point of extreme pain four times a day. I had to really stretch this tendons. Yours may be something else but it worked for me. It was very frustrating.

    • It’s been 4 months since the injury, and 3 months since I started trying to walk on it. I’ve been doing anti-inflammatories, ultrasound, ice, diclofenac cream, and inferential treatments along with massage. Nothing has changed — I cannot walk on this foot.

      • Lori,
        I shattered my 4th metatarsal last April. It was 3 1/2 months before I even began to start weight bearing in an airboot. I did not walk without the boot until almost 6 months post-injury. Maybe you started weight bearing too soon? I remember that “sharp rock” feeling went I went too far forward on my foot in the boot. I took sharp pain as I sign that it was too soon. After the sharp rock pain I still felt like I had a pebble in my foot for awhile…..just listen to your body and you will heal eventually. Good luck!

      • Thanks Shelly. No, I did not start WB too early. My break wasn’t as bad as yours — a base 5th met break (not a Jones fracture). It was slow to heal, but that’s been checked by the ortho. The soreness/rock is right under my cuboid bone, and there are a couple things it could be. I am hoping to get it sorted out and FIXED soon. I am pretty much housebound as anytime I go anywhere and put pressure on that spot too much (walking or sitting with my foot on the floor) I am awake half the night with the pain. I think there’s something really wrong there…

  127. I broke my 5th metatarsal on February 13th about a week and a half ago. It was very painful the first few days and badly swollen and bruised. I saw a Dr on the 15th of February and they informed me it was broken and fitted me for a walking boot. Starting last weekend I was able to walk around my house without anything on and it felt ok. I was mostly walking on the heal of my foot and side but not bad at all. I also have a small shoe they gave me in the ER that I have been wearing to and from work(getting up limited amounts of time from my desk though.) However, I started wearing the walking boot to work today and it actually hurts so much more to walk with and is very uncomfortable. I feel better and can get around sooo much better without it on. I called the Dr. this morning to see if this is normal. Im suppose to go back in 6 weeks. Has anyone else every noticed this, or been in a similar situation??

    • I found that the boot hurt also but I was told not to walk around on my heel as it could make the bone not heal correctly. The boot holds your foot in the correct position for healing. I was also told not to walk on it at all and to use crutches. I just had my 6 week x-ray and they said it will take another 6 weeks in the boot and cruthes. He did say I could hobble over to the table carrying a coffee with just the boot but I better use the crutches for everyting else. I was told to sleep in the boot also. I’m doing everything they say because I do not want surgery and I want it to heal the right way. You didn’t mention crutches but if you are worried about snow and ice make sure to get the ice prong attachments for the crutches.See posting #127 Good Luck

      • It is amazing to me the difference in Drs. My orthopedic surgeon told me mine would not heal unless I walked on it with the boot on, then after it was 85 percent healed they wanted me walking in a stiff soled shoe or a shoe with a plate in it. It still took about two months to heal and he thought it should have healed sooner !!

      • I think it also depends on how bad the break is. That is one thing nto everyone explains. To bad we couldn’t all show our x-rays. Mine is sad now with the metal holding the bone together!(week 19 1/2)

      • After 12 weeks in a boot and NWB I had another x-ray. Now I’m told come back in 4 more weeks. I really thought I’d be off the crutches and out of the boot by now. I guess I have some slow healing going on. Started me on Vitamin D, Vitamin C and Fozamex for my bones after a bone density test. Got to say I hate getting old. I just hope that it’s better by pool weather and they don’t come back and say that now I need surgery.

  128. Im 26 years old so I dont know if that has anything to do with it. I was off my crutches after about 5 days. I did hear back from my doctor though and he said the boot mostly hurts because Im just not used to wearing it yet. It felt better though as the day went on yesterday. Just hurts more when I first put it on. I agree that what Drs say are so different. Mine dosent want to see me back for 5 weeks and it should be done by then if everything went well. Im going to start wearing it all day but when I get home I wont be wearing it. He said as long as I dont walk to much without it on I should be ok. Its just so heavy and hard to walk around in. Hope it gets easier!

    Did anyone think about asking for a temp. handicap parking permit? I did and I have one coming now. I think its a great idea and even if you arent driving whoever is driving you as long as you are in the car can use it too. Good for these winter months for sure.

  129. @Dee: I found that when I first started wearing the boot (after I had the fiberglass cast for 6 weeks), it was VERY uncomfortable for the first day or two. It was better after that. I also thought about getting a disabled placard, but my doctor said it would come just when I was getting out of the cast (at 6 week)…. I wish I had gotten one as even though this is a small town, there are times I can’t park very close when by myself. If I’d only known I’d still be on crutches 4 months later (no boot anymore) with tendon issues after 12 weeks of waiting for the break to heal, I’d definitely have gotten one.

  130. Has anyone had this problem? Broke 5th end of Oct. My break was at bottom of 5th. Out of boot and walking in stiff shoe. But I have pain at the base of my toes on top of foot and on bottom of foot where it’s thick at base of toes. Sometimes minimal swelling on top of foot. Not in area of break. Wondering if maybe my tendons were also injured in fall. Anyone had this problem. It’s not a sharp pain. More like a sore muscle pain.

    • Yes, I have. I broke the base of the 5th, and 4 months later still have tenderness at the base of the little toe, sometimes the toe next to it, and partway up the 5th. The actual break area doesn’t get sore too much, and when it does it feels like the tendon. I *did* have tendon damage, which wasn’t realized until after I was out of the boot. The ortho I saw 3 weeks ago said he didn’t think there was a tear, but I’m not so sure, and neither is my physio.

  131. update:
    Week 22 & 6 days…cast finally came off, In a walking boot/NO MORE CRUTCHES…told minimal walking…bone density like an 80 yr olds…overtime bone will strengthen…go back in one month..break looks excellent…totally healed

  132. I’m so frusterated with how I get back to work. I had surgery done 3 weeks ago and I am a Hair Stylist.

    I Shattered my 5th Met…
    Broke my 4th Met
    Dislocated my Lisfranc Joint
    and injured my ankle similar to a fracture.

    I’m SO emotional today. Usually I am much more positive, but just cant be that happy go lucky girl today.

    I bought a high stool to help me work, but not sure how it will all come together.

    cranky day…oh well.

    • Hi April,

      I know how you feel! I am going on my 6 day of having a broken foot. Jones break, pretty bad, and have to be in this boot for 12 week, no weight on the foot! Husband is going to buy me a chair today, so at least I can roll around the down stairs. Swifered the kitchen floor this morning, and almost tripped again…. GOD, it’s so hard, my foot is killing me!! Hang in there! 🙂

  133. Hi everybody. Thanks so much mumsee for starting this blog for us all. The internet sure has its bad points but for lonely stuck at home people it is the best thing out there. I have enjoyed reading all the stories and advice so I thought I would post my story as well for others.
    I had a 1 mm spiral fracture of the mid shaft of my 5th metatarsal left foot on Feb 6th, thought I had just sprained it at first and I thought I should get an xray just in case 3 days later, which was just as well.
    My GP put me in a cam boot instead of a cast as he said I could take it off for washing. NWB for 6 weeks and another x-ray on 19 Feb. I wasn’t game enough to take the boot off for those 2 weeks and he told me off for it. 2nd x-ray had no change; don’t know why I bothered to get that one. I started taking the boot off for showers but had to sleep in it at night. This was so uncomfortable and eventually I started getting a sore knee from it.
    Another x-ray on 11th March and report said still no healing and a gap of 3 mm! I started to worry then and asked to see a ortho surgeon for a second opinion as I love hiking and wanted to do the right thing. Ortho surgeon said he saw healing of the bone and that the x-ray was slightly different angle, thus creating an illusion of being wider. I was to continue on as I was and another x-ray on 30th March. What he also told me was I could move my toes and do some ankle movements. My GP told me to keep my foot immobile when the boot was off for washing and this caused mobility problems later on.
    Another x-ray on 30th March and 70% healing so my ortho said I could ditch the boot and crutches and wear xtrainers, walking 15 mins per day and do stretches and see him end of May for another x-ray. It is now 2 weeks later and I still can’t walk without crutches. There is a lot of pain in my ankle on top of the arch and just at the back of the heel. My knee hurts as well when I walk. My husband and friends think I should be walking unaided by now and I am so glad there are people out there who are slow to heal like me. This website gives me reassurance. I am going to line up a PT and try that. The break is fine just the ligaments/joints/tendons or whatever that are causing the problem now. I long to go for a walk in the bush and Sunday was my lowest day yet.
    I also have the pain and stiffness with my 2 smaller toes like some of you have. Painful when I try to stretch the little toe.
    I wish I had found this link sooner. It would have helped.
    There are a few good tips in this pdf file, especially moving the foot if you are in a boot.

    • Annette, I am just like you — everyone can’t believe I am still needing a boot (I am without crutches, but that’s only in the last month) for a “little broken foot”. However, it is still very very swollen and painful. I can’t raise my heel off the ground when walking, so walk like a duck with that foot (when without the boot). I do the range of motion stuff though. The pain I feel is along the peroneal tendons, and I’ve had a CT scan. It showed traumatic arthritis (broke into the joint). I am having an MRI in a week and a half and hope it shows something. Like you, I’m getting really down about not being able to do any real walking esp. with summer looming. If I need surgery, the prospect of a summer laid up in a cast or boot … ugh. I am back to work now 2 hrs/day, increasing gradually, but wearing the boot. (My job is on my foot all day).

      As far as the movement thing in the boot: Finding that link may not have helped other than to have you ask the doctor. They don’t like you to move the foot when there’s a fracture of the 5th met at first as the tendon pulls on it and the fracture doesn’t heal. You were just following instructions!

  134. Hi Lori
    I can’t believe the different treatment everyone has been told for healing. You are still in a boot, that is so unfair. My ankle is still swollen and I have to use the crutches in the morning till my foot warms up then use one crutch but every step hurts my foot and knee, and I can’t put weight on my bare foot, only with trainers, so I’m in them all day. I can’t put weight on the front of the foot either but when I walk with 1 crutch I lift my heel and pretend to walk properly and bend the knee but not use weight, so hopefully it will loosen up one day. If I try without the crutch I limp badly and it is bad for the knee. My knee probs are from sleeping with the boot, it was so rigid that my knee joints were stressed so now have to work on that as well. We are in autumn now and the best time for hiking. Grrr!
    I hope you go well with the MRI. Gosh the thought of longer cast/boot time, you will need anti depressants! I went back to work for 5 hours 1 day a week, in a second hand book shop. It was great but very tiring. This link shows a woman doing yoga with a foot fracture, with her boot off after 4 weeks. Don’t know how she does it without further damage.
    I have my first PT tomorrow. My ortho surgeon said not to bother but it might help loosen me up a little.

    • Do yourself a favor and do the PT. My ortho would not write it for me and it took me an additional couple of months to get the foot and tendons and ankle loosened up on my own.

  135. This is a great blog, thank you, and it’s very reassuring to see the support and advice from many other people suffering similar problems.

    I fractured the base of my 5th metatarsal left foot on 6th April. After a trip to A&E, I’ve had 2 visits to fracture clinic, one to get a fibreglass cast on and today, one week later when they’ve taken another x ray. Doctor told me to come back in 4 weeks then they’ll take the cast off.

    I was wondering what other people’s experiences have been of the NHS in the UK. My 2 visits to clinic have lasted 2 or 3 minutes maximum, doctors did not introduce themselves and I can’t help feeling like I’m just another patient on the hospital conveyor belt.

    I know I have to go back in 4 weeks, but I’m none the wiser about whether the cast is working and the fracture is healing – maybe too early to say? The lack of information and lack of any personal individual care leaves me feeling like I don’t trust them. Maybe I just have to, and wait and see what they say in May!

  136. update: first some refresher information:
    broke 5th met. on October 9
    DVT found December 20
    Surgery February 8th
    today(27 weeks & 2 days) no more boot / no more doctor appointments. I have been officially released !!!! I am able to walk about 1 mile without any pain…just a little bit of strain behind the heal. Hopefully the metal in my foot won’t have to come out. This will only happen if it becomes troublesome. I can feel the metal when I rub my foot, and when I tie my shoes I have to be careful. Good luck everyone still in the mist of the healing…my prayers are with you. to follow my story start with #109 entry and keep reading.

    • Lisa, Congratulations on beign released! You had a long haul and I only wish you the best. It is nice to see someone be able to leave this sight and move on with life. I’m looking forward to my next x-ray to see what they will tell me. Best of luck to you and happy walking!!!!

  137. Hi all, nice blog here 🙂
    I broke my left ankle a week ago and I was trying to get some information about the question “now what?” 🙂
    So it was really interesting to read the stories here and I hope all of you are good or getting better at this moment.

    • Hi Vlad,\\

      I like this blog as well. lol, guess misery loves company? It’s so encouraging to hear when others are healing and getting their lives back. I am on day 6th of my break and already going nuts. It’s really hard to sit around the house when there is so much I am used to doing. Trying to eat healthy, take my vitamins, and try to keep a positive attitude and pray a lot. 🙂 Wish you well, and hope you feel better soon.

  138. It’s not easy, but i think you just have to become objective about yourself and recognize that occasionally when somebody is criticizing they are only giving their opinion and not always practicing what they preach.

  139. Hi everyone, I have had 2 sessions with the PT now. The first one on 18th Apr was a foot manipulation (ouch) and he gave me some exercises for the calf and knee. The next one today was foot manipulation, extra knee excerises and 15 mins with the stimulation machine. I am still on crutches now at 11 weeks post fracture with 3 weeks in xtrainers. I hope you all look after your knee while you are in a cast or boot (if you have to sleep in it) as it causes more problems. Use a pillow under the knee when sleeping on the other side and don’t hang your foot out of the bed whilst in the boot or cast. 8 weeks of that has really put my knee out of wack.
    Hope everyone is going ok with their injuries.

  140. To work my knee during my healing process I used Susan Tuttles chair pilates DVD. I also would use and exercise band, I would place the band around the heel of my injured foot (with the cast & then when I had the boot), then I would bend my knee and straighten the leg. I would do 3 set of 10. I worked the other leg also. I also tried to go for short walks (1/4 to 1/2 mile), while walking I would raise and lower the cast or boot several times during the walk to exercise the knee. Just be safe when walking with crutches!!!

    My husband just recently injured his back. His PT told me to expect pain in the foot for several months, due to the bone density loss. That as the bone strenghtens it will cause some discomfort.

    Happy Easter everyone…try to keep positive.
    Lisa (28 weeks since my break)

  141. 29 weeks since I broke right foot. This past week I went for a PT session. Glad I did,I now have 10 stretches to help loosen up foot & ankle. I recommend at least one PT session for anyone off their foot for more than 2 months.

    • Lisa,

      Gosh, 29 weeks of non-bearing weight? You poor thing, how are you managing? Do you have to have surgery? Sorry for the all the questions… 29 weeks is such a long time.. I hope you are doing well!!! I am on 3 weeks today, and am terrified I will be in this boot and crutches for 29 weeks! Let me know how you are doing…


      • I have done a FEW entries on this site about my situation. They start around November 9. All the ones that say Lisa are mine.

  142. Hi Everyone,

    Well 3 weeks since I broke my foot. Had a x-ray taken last sat. and dr. said, he does see some healing. Went to my g.p. and got a referral for an orth today.. next week I go. He said I would be walking on it by the 4th of july, but, you know how that goes… I am terrified to walk on … no weight bearing for 10 more weeks… we will see. I will keep you guys updated as I find out things. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this bone is healing… *sob* I miss my life, sitting around here is for the birds. Thank god for husband, and friends!! Take care everyone, and I am praying for all of you collectively that you heal well, and get better~~~~

  143. Hi everyone! I fractured the 5th metatarsal of my right foot falling on some stairs on March 5, 2011 during a weekend getaway at a rustic cabin for my 41st birthday. Because of weather and remoteness of cabin it was about 48 hours before I was able to get treated. Initial x-ray @ urgent care showed mildly displaced distal spiral fracture of the 5th metatarsal. Put in short Aircast boot & referred to ortho clinic. Was seen by ortho PA March 7 the following day, given boot and told to be NWB for 4 wks & return to follow up. 4 wk follow up appointment (April 5) x-rays showed some minor healing as well as a movement in the fracture (now more displaced).

    Referred to foot & ankle ortho surgeon, who I was able to see 2 weeks later (April 20). X-rays at that time showed no additional movement & small amount of healing (callus). Said displacement was at 16%, surgery usually definitive at 20%. Gave me two options, recommending the later. 1st option-continue without surgery, hoping it will heal–there was a 50% chance it would heal to the point where I could start walking in the boot by the end of June. If it didn’t heal by this time I would need surgery definitely. 2nd option=ORIF surgery with screws, plate & bone graft–80% I would be able to start weight bearing in boot by mid-end of June. I opted for surgery, which was scheduled for April 22.

    Ortho said surgery went very well. Surgery included 6 screws, a plate & a bone graft from my heel. Immediately after surgery I was placed in splint. Saw ortho surgeon for follow-up May 4. X-rays looked good & he placed me in a cast (red & goes up to just below my knee) and said NWB for 6 weeks. Next appointment June 15. Depending on the amount of healing bone shows at that time I will return to my Aircast boot & begin to put weight on it or have it recasted for another 2 weeks.

    Returning to work Monday after being off for the surgery. I feel very fortunate that my employer has been great & very flexible during this time, especially since I won’t be able to drive until the cast & boot are off.

    Have had knee scooter for last 6 wks & will keep until can be weight bearing. Highly recommend one of these. Much easier & more fun than crutches. Surgeon said 65-75% of people don’t have any issues with the plates/screws & don’t need taken out and even those that do must wait at least a year.

    Patience is not a virtue I have much of, so this has been a relatively depressing recovery process for me. Reading posts here has helped me feel less alone, so I appreciate all the postings. Wishes of fast healing to all!

    • Your situation is similiar to what I dealt with. Just a heads-up. You may end up with a lot of pain where the bone graft was taken from. I am dealing with that right now. I’m walking twice a day: one mile & a two mile walk. PT told me to expect this due to the bone growth…growing pains at 41!!! Keep you will be over before you know it.

      • @Lisa-I love the growing pains comment! I shared it w/a few people already! Thanks so much for the info & encouraging words. Not looking forward to the pain. Have you had any issues with the hardware in your foot or is it mainly the heel?

        I am so inspired by how much you are walking–hopefully the pain will decrease & go away completely soon. Definitely keep me posted if you have time. How long did it take you to go from walking in a boot to walking as much as you are now?

  144. Michelle:
    During weeks 25 – 26 (I had the boot on) I was walking 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile almost daily. Boot came off week 27, I started walking 3/4 of a mile to one mile daily.
    By week 28 I was walking twice a day one to 2 mile walks each time. I am now on week 30, I’m ready to try walking 2 1/2 to 3
    mile(s). I’m also planning a speed walk of 1 mile next week (week 31). Once I’m able to do a 3 mile speed walk I will consider myself healed 100% ( I don’t think this will happen until July or August).

    At this time I’m slowing down my progress, because my husband is walking with me. On April 9th he fractured a vertebra in his upper back, so he can’t walk a fast pace.

    I don’t even notice the hardware in my foot. But, I’m told wait till winter. So we will see. I do have some swelling. Not sure if it’s because of the healing process, or if I’m still having issues with the blood clot.

    The hard part is taking off the 5 extra pound I have put on, plus to rebuild the muscle tone.

    Good luck on your recovery. I feel fortunate not having severe linging problems. I pray to recover as well as Tamara has.

  145. Hi all

    only 65 hours since i broke my foot so all advice most welcome,training to play a charity football match which is in 9 days time now gutted i wont be playing,be lucky if i attend at all,i broke my 5th met when just about to shoot at goal i caught the ground first, knew straight away it was going to be a problem,now reading all the advice i feel it could be a long job,as i walk 12-14 miles per day as a hospital porter,not been there long enough to get long term sick pay,so worried about finanical situation aswell,all in aid of charity,but i guess thats my boots hung up for the final time,well iam 53 in a few weeks.well hope to speak again on this site as i now have plenty of time.

  146. How glad I’m not alone in feeling totally hopeless, and getting advice from other people!

    I went out of my front door to greet family 10 days ago and my knee gave way and went over on my ankle.

    At first I thought I had sprained my ankle and put a bag of ice on right away while trying to see to all my visitors. But when a egg appeared at the side of my foot and it was going a nice shade of black and I wanted to be sick, thought maybe a trip to A&E should be taken…

    So using the NHS for the first time (I have been working abroad)I was assessed quickly (after being in the loo vomiting and nearly missing my turn) X-rays told me I had broken my ankle and put in a temporary cast and told to come back in 2 days to see the Doctor.

    What a bl**dy pain, visitors, a new job to start in 4 days and living in the middle of no-where.

    Back to the hospital spoke to the OP/Surgeon who said it was a clean break and would heal well??? A lightweight caste toe to knee and solid shoe thingy was given and told no weight to be put in my foot but to keep active(???). Told to eat plenty calcium and drink lots of orange juice for vitamin C and to have lots of sugar in the morning. The Doctor also recommended a daily injection into my stomach to thin blood and to help stop blood clots. This is now being done each day by my husband (bless him) as I could not face doing it myself or the bother of a district nurse each day. It stings and I have now a nice collection of bruises so just another 32 to go!

    The crutches really are a bother as you have all said, but a friend showed me how to use them to get up and down the stairs. Im not that good with them but trying. My hands are getting really sore and my shoulders are aching. Having 2 knees that are not the best is not helping as Im scared my other knee will give way and be in a worse state. Have not got the typist chair yet, but sounds good.

    Washing is a struggle but my balance is getting good as well as, dare I say my thigh muscles are improving using the loo! Bought one of those bags to cover my leg and have sat in the shower on a cheap stool which was bliss, how do we take getting washed for granted….

    Needless to say my poor husband is running around doing everything, I feel so useless but did manage to go into the kitchen to eat (my house is on so many levels) and it really felt like such an achievement. But Im feeling very tired in the afternoon is anyone else feeling like that?

    I will keep reading the posts from everyone knowing that things are not that bad for me and others have far worse situations to deal with and my heart goes out to you all.

  147. Just an update on me. Went back to the hospital today and had my non weight bearing plaster cast removed (almost 7 weeks after fracturing fifth metatarsal) fracture has started healing but still has a long way to go. Been sent away with no plaster cast. Strict instructions to heel Walk using crutches. Was told if I mess up this stage I will be in pain for the rest of my life.

    Plus he’s signed me off sick for another 6 weeks which I find a but baffling.

    This break is not fun 😦

  148. Lisa–Wanted to check in on how things were going. I hope things are going well for you recovery wise; your husband as well. Your story gives me hope and I have been running on empty on that the last few weeks. Update on where I stand (maybe” sit” would be a more accurate word) below.

    14 weeks since injury; 8 weeks since surgery. I have put on some pounds from my limited movement & the nice weather feels like it is taunting me. Not being able to drive myself or do many things independently is also wearing on me emotionally. While the physical limitations are challenging, I have found myself often struggling more mentally than physically with this injury.

    I go back to the ortho next Wed. for removal of this cast & x-rays. Then will get another cast for a few more weeks or am moved back to the Aircast boot. Trying not to get my hopes up in case he says a few more weeks NWB is necessary. That said I am also scared something will go wrong once I have the ability to bear some weight since I haven’t walked on it in approx 3 1/2 mo.

    I have been having more sensation is my foot (little bouts of itching or uncomfortable feeling in the foot/heel/ankle area) the last few weeks, which I guess is better than numbness. Glad to hear you don’t notice hardware in foot so much. I too am wondering about winter. I live in WI & saw a few references to having more pain based on the weather here. I am hoping I can start PT soon. I would like to start walking in a warm water pool as soon as possible to start regaining some strength & flexibility.

    Again I want to thank you (and the many others) for posting on this board. It has really been a place for me to come to when am down & could use the company of someone who understands how emotionally challenging this injury can be. My friends, family & work have been great, but their concern/ caring is often in the form of asking when I will be back to normal again (walking & driving again) & be able to be active with them again, While I appreciate their concern, it can be a depressing conversation to have over & over again. I have made it this far by trying to keep my focus on the now/next few days (baby steps) not the how many weeks longer, as focusing too much on the latter can be emotionally crippling when it is longer than you want it to be.

    I am hoping for, but not expecting, some notable progress/good news at Wednesday’s appointment. I wish you & everyone else the BEST & speediest recovery possible.

  149. Michelle:
    I think this injury can be more of a mental issue, then just dealing with a broken bone. Yes, people’s comments got very annoying. At times I just wanted to scream. But, then I would remind myself, I WILL HEAL and It could be worse. What got me through was digging into a Bible study.
    Since I started bike riding several weeks ago (I’ve only gone several times 3 to 6 miles), my limp has almost disappeared. It does come back at times, like today I did some gardening. Now I have a slight limp, but no pain!!! Also car rides over 30 minutes I start to stiffen up in the legs. When I get out I limp for about 5 minutes. But, I’m not sure if some of this is due to the broken foot or the DVT (blood clot).
    If you can start walking with those crutches do it!!!. I tried to walk when ever possible. It was only about 1/2 mile, but it all helps. Plus, sit on the floor and do some stretches & weight lifting. Work that upper body!!!
    I put on a few pounds during my injury and lost muscle tone I had. I just joined TOPS, plan on attending my first meeting Wednesday. I just can’t get those few extra pounds off on my own!!!!!
    We will pray that you will soon be WB.
    My husband is still off work, the spine specialist said 12 weeks to heal. That brings us to July 9. He has a doctor’s appt. tomorrow, will probably be off work for several more weeks. It will probably be Christmas by time WC & disablilty is finally straightened out!!! What a pain, glad I didn’t have to deal with that with my injury!
    Now a funny for you. In order for my husband to see a specialist we had to drive 1 1/2 hours. So, I drugged my hubby up really good for the ride. Got to the appointment and had several forms to fill out. Hubby couldn’t even spell (feeling no pain)!!! He was spelling everything the way it sounded…I should have let him finish the forms, but I was a good wife and took over.
    Just a heads up…heels can be worn again. I just bought a pair of 4″ wedges. Can only wear them for a couple hours, but it sure feels good.
    Happy healing,
    Lisa (35 weeks since break)

    • Lisa:

      Thanks for the continued inspiration, advice & prayers—I can’t tell you how much I appreciate them. You are doing so great. High heels, I was wondering if that would ever happen again. I am SO HAPPY FOR YOU! I can’t wait to go for bike rides. I have promised myself a new bike once I get the ok to bike ride. Great idea on the TOPS, I am definitely thinking that or WW will be in order once I start walking & driving again. Keeping you & your husband in my thoughts & prayers, as this has been such a long journey for you both as a couple. Do you have kids? WC & Disability paperwork-UGH! I had to fill out forms for short-term disability (ended up applying for 3 days after my surgery, after taking 5 PTO days & 2.5 bonus days). Since my time off was so short & didn’t involve WC, I think the paperwork was much easier & payment was quick. Love the funny! You crack me up.

      I am now out of the hard cast & into the AirCast, still NWB. Ortho says I am healing well, but this injury is slow to heal. I go back on July 5 for more x-rays. Logically I get this, as my foot & leg feel very weak, but I have hated the loss of independence. I have been on my own since I was 16 (both parents died) & not being able to run my own errands, drive etc is killing me. I hate having to ask people for help, everything taking more time, not being able to go to the dog park & making others modify plans to fit my mobility challenges. AirCast Pros: shaving (never had such long hair on my legs-ICK!), sleeping without it & being able to massage & stretch my foot. Cons: It is HOT & not as sleek as my cast (pants don’t always want to fit over). I never thought I would refer to a cast as sleek. 🙂

      I asked about starting PT & ortho said that will be some time yet, as even when I am partial/full weight bearing in the AirCast I will need to take time to get to know my foot again & build its strength before I or a physical therapist can start pushing it without the potential for re-injury. I asked if I could ride a recumbent bike—No again. I asked what I could do, he said my physical activity really needs to be limited to things I can do while sitting for now. Walking with crutches…if I were more coordinated I would, but am so worried about stumbling/falling & delaying my healing or re-injuring myself. Have been stretching & weight lifting, but need to do so more often.

      This last month has been the hardest thus far—especially this last week. I have been having horrible back spasms from sitting with my foot up all the time & my uneven gait for the last 4 months. Despite sending out a blast email updating people on my ortho visit so I wouldn’t have to have the same conversation people call or stop by my office to ask “How is your foot doing?” & “When will you be walking again?” I know they are trying to be good friends, but it takes everything I have not to burst out in tears. I also slipped getting out of the shower one-footed on Thursday. I don’t think I hurt my foot (no pain), but did pull some muscles in my leg making it painful to extend & bend my leg. RECOMMENDATION TO EVERYONE: Get a non-slip bathmat. Mine was 100% fabric & slid right along the floor when stepped on it with my good foot when getting out of the shower). I ended up taking Friday off of work as I felt physically & emotionally crappy. My boss sent me flowers today with a card saying keep your chin up—which is both nice & terrifying in that I am clearly becoming less positive.

      I am trying so hard to keep perspective, but it seems to be more & more difficult. I know I am becoming depressed—lately I have NO motivation, am irritable & just avoid people for the most part as I don’t want to talk more about my foot & don’t want to be crabby/negative & damage my friendships long term. They just don’t get it. To be quite honest, I don’t think that I would get it had I not experienced this injury. It is for that reason that this board has been so great for me! You all understand how frustrating this can be. Not exactly sure how to lift myself out of this funk—I have thought about the Bible study, but my relationship with religion has been pretty rocky since my parents died. We have people coming to visit the next few weekends & I am hoping that will help more than hurt.

      Best, Michelle (16 weeks since break)

  150. Another healing story,
    I broke my 5th met on 2/20/11, fracture severe enough for surg,done 3/4/11. Had a metal plate put in my foot that looks like a big metal toothbrush that held all the pieces together.
    Healing has been very slow, but thank God we are getting there! (Docs exact words today). I got an Exogen bone stimulator on 4-19, exactly 45 days after my surgery, which I use 2ce daily for 20 minutes. I take Calcium/vit. D supplement, and have been careful nutrition-wise, avoiding sugar and eating more healthy. I am in an Aircast boot since 3 wks after the surgery, complete NWB for 10 wks, at 12 wks could only use heel, no foot rolling! Today its been 14 weeks since surgery and I can do PWB, no walking yet. My arms and good leg have grown way stronger since I first was injured, so I can do much more than in the beginning, when all I did was worry and struggle to do anything. I rented a wheelchair after the 1st month, then bought a cheap one from Walmart, what a Godsend. I had relatives give me a walker which I have used instead of crutches.
    Way easier for me, helps distribute my weight more evenly. I pray for all going thru this recovery, it has been very challenging, but trust your instincts regarding your injury, and give yourself ample time to heal. Walgreens has a good selection of groceries you can get online if you can’t get out to shop. Keeping your foot elevated helps alleviate some of the heaviness of the boot. Slow and steady is the way.

    • update, Saw my doctor today who says the Xray showed very subtle improvement. I can put more weight on my foot, in the boot and in a tennis shoe. I am very slowly putting the weight on and attempting to walk. It is scary! I don’t want to reinjure my foot, and also don’t want to lose any use of my foot. Next appt is another month away. Doc says I am a high risk for non-union, not exactly what I wanted to hear. Please pray for me and for my recovery. Lost my job on 4/30/11, business closed so I am out of insurance and the added stress of looking for work and learn to walk are really tapping my emotional resources. Physically I cannot walk so I am working to overcome my fear and find some normalcy. Thanks

      • Gosh Dee you not having a good run at the moment. It is a worry. You don’t know how much to push it, especially if there is pain or bad ache. One minute my foot is great for about 10 steps with no pain or ache then some ache. The next time I walk I can hardly do it! It is very frustrating. When you put your foot down to start walking you just don’t know what to expect. Keep focused. I have been doing leg lifts and side lifts etc with ankle weights so I can hopefully keep the bone density from getting worse. Hang in there, we all feel for you.

      • Thanks Annette! Sure look forward to the day we can look back on all this and be proud of our hard work. I was up for 2 weeks on walker in the boot, then got caught up and hurt my little toenail. Had to come off, and even tho its a yucky color, its hurting less each day. Everyone is so right, the mental challenge is up there with the physical. Prayn for every1 on this site.

      • Update: thank God, walking at last. More like gimping along, lol but who cares? took my first steps on 8-11-11. Was at bathroom sink and just thought boy it’d be easier to just put my foot down, and there I went, like a toddler. I bought a great pair of shoes, LA Gear Prediction, black to go w everything(wide size). Perfectly comfortable, no breaking in needed. Ankle swells by evening, I’m up a few hours a day at most. It’ll be 7 months on 9-20 since the fracture. My Dr. has released me from his care so being careful. Taking it 1 day at a time. Prayn 2 go back to work part time soon. Don’t give up, you will make it. May God meet all your needs.

      • P.S. Do not try walking on a barefoot! I had my first “steps” with my walking boot on and used for about 2-3 more weeks til I graduated to a tennis shoe. Doc says no going barefoot for another 2-3 months.

    • Been walking since August now, some days better than others. I feel the metal in my foot alot of the time. I have been worried for a few weeks as the recovery remains so slow. Sometimes I believe physical therapy would help, but am fearful of it. It is such a blessing to be able to get up and go places. I use the walker early in the am when I get up til able to walk on my own freely. My ankle still swells, probably due to me favoring my healing foot. I am not actively looking to work full time yet, just don’t know if I can handle it. Expecting full recovery eventually. Hang in there everyone

  151. Well, it’s somewhat reassuring to read all these stories and helps one keep things in perspective. I haven’t seen any situations on here that quite match mine, but I know there are others out there with the same injury.

    I fractured the navicular bone in my left foot back in September of 2010 and did not get it properly diagnosed until March of 2011 following a CT scan that revealed the fracture. Initially, my doctor thought is was tendinitis, then later, a bone spur and after several deadends with PT and alternative treatments I finally knew why I was I so much pain everyday.

    Within a week of the CT scan results, I was in for surgery for a reduction & fixation of the bone (2 sizable screws installed). 14 days after the procedure, I was put in a NWB cast for 4 weeks. I’m now on week 5 of 6-8 of being in a walking boot. Unfortunately, I am still getting quite a bit of pain at the fracture sight when walking. I’ve gone back to the crutches twice for about a week each to avoid putting weight on the foot, but am feeling worried and frustrated that the surgery didn’t take. I’m going in for a follow up CT scan in two weeks to find out what’s going on.

    My guess is that I was overlly ambitious upon getting the walking boot and overdid it. Anyone else out there dealt with a delayed union on this sort of injury? Any advice?


  152. Michelle:
    Sorry you are in a slump. You’re right, unless you have gone through this type of injury…people just don’t understand.
    If you need some good laughs…you tube….Tim Hawkins….he has a lot of funny stuff to watch. He is a Christian comedian.
    Just remember what happens in our life is who we are. You can act like a victim or you can take the bull by the horns and move on!!! Easier said then done, but it can be done.
    Exercise…Susan Tuttle’s limited movement Pilates DVD.
    Your on the down side now….light at the end of the tunnel.
    Yes, I do have two kids. Who were a big help during my down time.
    P.S. was able to ride bike for 8 miles…walking 3 miles at a time. Plus, in my garden for 1 to 2 hours at a time.

    Smile people….there is life after a broken foot!!!!

    • Thanks Lisa! You continue to provide cheer and inspiration to me. Both in your encouragement and your accomplishments. 8 miles on the bike, 3 mile walks & gardening. So happy for you! Can’t wait until I can share such good news. I will definitely check out Tim Hawkins on You Tube. Checked to see if the Pilates DVD was available at library or via Netflix–no luck. Am considering ordering on Amazon. In the interim my hubby has plugged in the Wii and has us boxing.

      Keeping on moving & keep me posted! Have a great 4th of July holiday. Ditto what I said to Annette (reply to 160). If you want to exchange emails let me know. I am on FB, Yahoo Messenger & Twitter (although I don’t ever tweet, I just follow others to keep in the loop).

  153. Michelle:
    I had tears in my eyes reading your post, it really is so hard to stay positive. I keep saying I love my foot and it doesn’t hurt but my mind is having a hard time believing. I to try to avoid most people too cause I am sick of the same old questions and looks. It is hard to stay motivated, especially when you are by yourself. My husband does casual work away from home 2-3 days per fortnight leaving me with a dog I can’t walk and I get really down when he is away although I don’t tell him that.

    I haven’t posted since April (postings 139, 140, 145) as I didn’t have anything positive to say and still don’t I’m afraid. Since April, I had my final xray on 15 May which revealed severe osteopaenia in my foot. I am still having trouble with ankle which is still swollen and am still sore in the mid section of my foot. I have seen a chiro to sort my back spasms out caused from using one crutch and now am trying to walk through the pain on paracetamol in order to get my bone density back. I still use a crutch sometimes and I now have a sore left shoulder and arm from overuse because my right always had a crutch attached. I have hired a treadmill for 1 month so I can walk with slight support on the rails to keep my back straight. I am now stuck on some crazy merry go round, pain = don’t want to walk = more bone density loss = more pain. I cannot believe I am still not walking after 20 weeks now and don’t know when it will end and worry that there is something else wrong. This is so depressing and I feel so useless and frustrated. There is so much I want to do and can’t. It is now winter here in Australia and I’m afraid I am still a long way from bushwalking and hiking with this foot, let alone walking my beautiful dog.

    Thanks for all the posts everyone, it helps that there are others out there.
    Regards Annette

      • my heel hurt for a few weeks after I was able to walk in regular shoes, but we figured it was do to the bone graft done (Feb.8th week 18)… around week 28 I was able to walk in week 32 that pain was gone….now I just deal with mild swelling….yes, I feel the metal at times
        Smile everyone….this time will end!!!

      • I am having this too. Hoping will resolve like Lisa’s did as I also had bone graft done. I have had some ankle pain also, but I am wondering if this is just like post-workout pain when you haven’t worked out in a long time. Hoping so.

    • Annette: So sorry this has been such a long and difficult road for you. Being alone must be challenging. I am sure your dog provides great comfort. Mine definitely do, they seem to know when I need a good cuddle. I am fortunate my huband works from home so I am really never alone unless I really seek to be. It is summer here & it is hard to watch out the window as everyone walks and bike by.

      As hard & tiring as it can be sometimes, I know being more social can improve one’s mood. One of my non-local friends that I talk to on the phone regularly said she could hear the lift in my voice once I was able to go back to the office. Last week I reached out to a few co-workers and friends and scheduled dates for them to pick us up lunch and hang out with me in my office–the only rule is not discussing my foot unless I bring it up. This way I don’t have to bother my husband as much about groceries, get some good friend time in and have a mid-day lifting of my sprits. I also ordered groceries from Peapod this week (national company that delivers groceries in many cities in the US) to reduce the added stress of my husband finding time to take me grocery shopping or go on his own on our behalf. It can be really hard to get yourself out of a funk, especially as you are in one longer and longer. Please now that we are here for you, as are many you probably don’t even realize are.

      This week has been a better one than last. I have expressed to some of my closer friends and co-workers my frustration about the constant asking about when I will be walking or boot free again.Believe it or not, they have been pretty empathetic about it and have been more conscious about their own comments and good buffers with others when they are with me and the foot questions start. Some have also asked me to tell them one thing they could do to make things easier for me (e.g., drive me somewhere, pick up items at the Farmer’s Market, take me to lunch or a movie).

      While sharing my frustrations with someone besides my husband or this message board has not eliminated my tears or frustrations, it has made me feel less alone and more comforted. It is hard to need help and to have to ask for help. Like most I am not good at it, but once I did ask I received heart warming support. I know who my good friends are after this….some I didn’t view as good friends before, but they have been so supportive I can’t imagine seeing them any other way now.

      Keeping my fingers crossed for some continued news of progress at my appointment next Tuesday and in the interim trying to keep my focus limited to getting through the next few days. I continue to take lots of vitamins, massage my foot and appreciate that I can at least sleep without a cast or boot.

      If I can provide any support from across the world let me know. I don’t want to post my email on the Internet buy if you have Yahoo Messenger you can message me there (happygirlmeesh- ID is a bit ironic at the moment) and I can give you my personal email.

      PS Where in Australia do you live? I studied abroad there one summer. I went to school in Adelaide, but traveled for about a month before school began and several weeks afterwards. I loved it there and even considering marrying if I would have been able to stay long term. My former US roommate was also born down under and her dad and some other family members still live there.

  154. Hi Michelle, I don’t have a yahoo account. I am on facebook though, don’t post, mainly to keep up with relatives really. I feel better today as it has been a good day with my foot. I have been able do get about a little better, but that might change tomorrow. Up and down is the way my life is at the moment. My husband is going away for 2.5 weeks on 7th July so I am hoping I am more mobile, so I can at least walk my poor Molly or take her to the beach so she can run her head off or she will be out of her mind as well as me. I had a friend ring today, I had not spoken to her for about 2 months. Goodness, she said, I thought you would be over it and walking by now…. It doesn’t help. The ortho surgeon has recommended orthodics as well so I have to try and use them. 6 months ago I was full of life and dancing the jive, the next day, a simple side step changed my life. You just don’t know what is around the corner and how much you life can be changed. Sieze the day while we can, I say. Hope your appointment goes really well next week for you.
    Regards Annette

    • Sorry, if forgot to tell you, I live in NSW about 4 hrs north of Sydney. I have visited Adelaide, a lovely city about 15 years ago. The climate is very mediterranean. We have a mild sub tropical climate in Port Macquarie. Where abouts are you?

  155. Annette: Hope you hanging in there. Ups & downs are pretty common for me too, as I imagine they have been for everyone on this board. If I am able to stay focused on just the next few days I do okay, it is the longer term thinking that gets me down. Hence why I try to avoid talking with people over & over again how long this may continue on yet. I have been pretty blunt to some of my closer friends & family about this & they have continued to do their best to fend off or respond to the others asking these questions or making the “this is taking forever” comments when they are with me. 4th of July here in the states & the celebratory outdoor activity basis of the holiday has been a emotional challenge so today is kind of a down day. Mother in law here too, but that is a much a blessing as a curse.

    So sorry your husband has to go away for such a long period. That must be very so hard & lonely. Even if my husband doesn’t know how to cheer me up some days knowing he is here is a comfort. Your dog (what kind of doggy do you have) will be fine even if you can’t get to the beach (beach, I want to live by a REAL beach!!) for a walk. Dogs sense their human’s feelings & can be such great comfort when you are down. I am on FB & opened the privacy settings so anyone can search for me temporarily (Meesh Leiker) if you want to connect there or swap emails there. It would be nice to have someone to “chat” with that understands this injury.

    Australia is so beautiful. Before I started school in Adelaide I spent time in Sydney, traveled up the easy coast (Brisbane, Hervey Bay, Mackay, Whitsunday Islands [awesome sailing trip], Townsville, Cairns, Port Douglas & Cape Tribulation) & then headed down to school. My favorite 2 day trip while we were in Adelaide was to Kangaroo Island. On my way home I spent some more time in Sydney & made a stop in Fiji for a few weeks. It was a wonderful trip. Can’t wait to make a trip down under again but won’t do so until I can spend @ least 3 weeks there as it is such a long trip to get there. I live in Wisconsin, which is almost a polar opposite climate to where you live. It has been really hot here the last week or so, but winters are VERY cold, snowy & icy. The good news for you is that hopefully you won’t run into that seasonal pain some people mention that happens in cold winters.

    Ortho appt tomorrow…both excited & scared. This will be my first set of standing x-rays since the break so am keeping my fingers crossed for being able to start putting a little bit of weight on my foot in the boot with crutches. I also am terrified he may say something else.

    Hang in there!
    Michelle (17 full weeks since break, 11.5 since surgery)

  156. Lisa & Annette: My x-rays & foot looked good at my appointment today & the next part was music to my ears… after 4 long months of 1-legged status I can begin walking in my “moon boot” of an AirCast as my foot tolerates. Yippee! Skippy! Well maybe not the last one quite yet. I can start PT in 2 weeks to regain strength and flexibility in my foot. He wants me to focus on swimming & recumbent indoor biking when I start PT, as he said these are both low impact on my foot and will help build strength. I will likely have quite a bit of swelling for another year and the said that this is normal after foot surgery. There is a strong chance I will be walking in shoes regularly before month’s end (he said I can start trying a little bit each day on the 18th). Since he described the shoes I could walk in as “sturdy shoes” I am thinking they won’t be pretty fun ones yet. 🙂 Hope to be driving by the end of July & able to ride a bike shortly after that. Back to the ortho in 6 wks for a progress check.

    I know starting to walk again after not having done so for 4 mo will be a slow & bumpy process and there will be days when I need to revert back to the scooter/crutches/boot again because I pushed my foot too far, but I am still ELATED BEYOND WORDS to be moving forward and on the path to getting some of my independence back. Knowing I can stand up freely in my shower has never felt so good.

    Now I just have to build up confidence in my foot as I start learning to walk on it again. I am so nervous as the rocker boot/AirCast is quite a bit higher than all my shoes except high heels & I am not ready to try that, My foot is still weak & I am just scared I might hurt it. Ortho said to let my foot & its soreness be my guide as to how much I walk and progress. He advised against longer distance walking in the boot…said it wasn’t made for that.

    Thank you so much for continuing to support & encourage me during this long recovery process. Your empathy & encouraging words have and continue to mean a great deal to me. Keep me posted on your recoveries & I will do the same. Lisa, I am hoping to get to the point you are at, as you have been doing so GREAT. Hope your husband is coming along as well. Annette, hang in there and message if you get down or are having a hard day.

  157. PS–How much pain/soreness did you experience when you started walking again? Ortho said it should be a 3-4 on the 1-10 scale and if it reached a 6 or higher I needed to slow down & rest my foot a bit but also noted everyone was different.

    • It all seems so long ago…but, I recall if I walked with the limp it wasn’t too bad. But, when I tried to force proper bending…that was a different story. As for shoes, I just bought a pair of Air Nike Cross-trainers. My tennis shoes that were all leather hurt too much…I still haven’t tried them again. My sandals are men’s (I wear 11 in women’s), I find they hurt my foot after an hour…too stiff.

      With my boot I remember walking up to 1 mile. Just keep an ice pack handy for the evenings.

      Today I biked 10miles & picked strawberries. I’m up to walking 3 miles in the morning and 2 or 3 miles at night.

      The limp only comes back if I wear my heels too long. But, if I wear wedges it’s not as bad as spikes.

      My husband start PT today. Sees doctor on the 11, hopes to return to work on the 12, but PT doesn’t think so.

      Annette: Thinking & praying for you…I know how depressing this injury can be.

      • I can’t wait until this is a distant memory for me too. Starting to walk has been challenging, but I suppose I should expect that after not walking for so long. I have been having lots of swelling, heel & ankle pain along with some pain where the break was. I know some of this is normal, but it is so hard to know what is what & I don’t want to risk re-injuring. I am also amazed at how tired I get from walking such short distances. Promised myself the zoo this weekend so I can have some incentive & distraction while walking.

        I was able to stop using the crutches to assist me in walking & am now using a cane. When I walked into a staff meeting yesterday everyone applauded, which was embarrassing & sweet all at the same time. I still have my knee walker this week, as getting to the lunch room to make lunch & going to meetings at the complete opposite with materials isn’t working so hot with the cane. I hope I will gain enough strength this week so I can ship the knee walker back & start going without the cane. Can’t get into PT until August 8 so I will be trying to do some stuff on my own until then. I pulled some metatarsal fracture PT info off the web, but am open to suggestions.Once I start PT I can begin walking in the pool and swimming which will be nice.

        You are doing so great!! I come back to this site often to remind myself how good you are doing as this helps motivate me. Thanks for that.

        How is your husband doing? I know how frustrating it can be to be off work so I hope he is improving at a rate that has allowed or will soon allow his return to work.

      • hi i am amanda 53 from namibia. 15 days since operation for 2 breaks both sides of my ankle. it is still very painfull, the swelling is moderate,i am in aircast and are not allowed any weight bearing , i an move my foot insidecthe airboot, is it allowed? i am very depressed, start going to office today in the morings but is very uncomfortable! any tips? and will it ever heal?

  158. I’ve been reading all the comments with interest. Wow, we’ve all had a long road, haven’t we?? As for me, my story in a nutshell: Broke the base of my 5th met on Oct 31 when stepping off a curb into a dip. Heard it “pop”, knew it wasn’t good. Displaced 4 mm, took 3 months to heal as it also broke into the joint. Have traumatic arthritis there (significant, the CT scan said)… However, the bone did heal. The peroneal tendons, not so much. I have had continued pain on the lateral ankle since the injury, with a particularly tender spot at the bottom outside edge, where the tendon goes under the foot. Have worn the boot, did PT, had a cortisone shot to no avail. Had an MRI which shows significant tenosynovitis, which my ortho says is not as common in the ankle as it is in the wrist and thumb. I am awaiting a surgery date to clean it all out. The little good the cortisone did has completely gone now, and I am back to having to wear my boot for any amount of walking. Nervous about foot surgery, but ready to get on with my life. Can’t do any of the things I like to do. We’re visiting my son in Vancouver BC and I can’t walk the Stanley Park seawall, or do any of those lovely things I’d like to do because of my foot.

    I wish everyone speedy healing with their foot, and hope that in the next couple months I won’t need to be reading these blogs etc. because I’ll be too busy doing all the things I’ve missed doing the last 8 months!

  159. Hello everyone…well I wrote quite a while ago but my saga continues. In March 2010 I broke my 2nd.3rd, and 4th metatarsal of my left foot. Boot for 8 weeks and then PT until August. I always have pain, tingling and slight swelling in my foot. I can walk and do most things due to the PT. Excercise, wearing any kind of shoes (any high shoe is history for me), and walking long distances (especially if on uneven ground) cause major problems for me. Pain is always a problem and I need to take Tylenol daily. I work in a camp and am constantly on my feet. Anyway, the camp is taking a field trip to go ice skating this Friday. Due to my fear of re-injuring myself and the constant pain, I decided to go see another doctor: a very recommeded sports orthopedist this time (this is my third opinion). The doctor looked at my original x-rays and cringed. He said that I have a lisfranc fracture and was misdiagnosed in the beginning. He also said that I should have had surgery and pins put in my foot. Yikes…not what I wanted to hear, but at least I know I’m not crazy! Anyway, he is now sending me for a cat scan and a MRI to see if there is anyway to help me get back to normal. Not sure what the options will be, and I’m very conflicted as to what he might say. Anyway, I’ll write again when I know more. Oh and he told me not to google lisfranc fracture because what I read could actually upset me. He said lets just take this one step at a time. (Literally!)

    • Donna, thank goodness someone finally found out what is wrong! I agree — don’t google lisfranc as some stories I’ve read on that while researching my own injury are bad. The thing is that you’ve been diagnosed, and I’m glad of it as this injury can be permanently disabling if not treated correctly (as you can well imagine from your ongoing problems). Keep us posted!

    • Sorry this has been such a long journey for you. I hope you get some good news, both in terms of your immediate and long term recovery.Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  160. Michelle that is great news that you can begin walking. In hindsight, I wish I had started walking in my boot first so my knee would start to realign itself instead of having pain in the knee, ankle and foot all at once. I didn’t even know you could have an air cast boot, I had a very basic cam walker with just a padded cover for my leg, no air, very uncomfortable.

    I can still only manage the treadmill 10min twice a day, or once a day on some days. I bought an adapter for my bike so I could ride it inside also 10 mins twice a day which has strengthened my knee. I am so sick of wearing joggers all the time. When I try to do yoga I have to stick to floor work and have to avoid warrior and triangle which hurts my foot and ankle. I managed to do downward dog for a short time yesterday, yeah! I am so glad I have an auto car so I have always been able to drive once the boot came off.

    My pain was quite great when I tried to walk when the boot came off and found that I didn’t walk straight so reverted to two crutches for light support so I could walk straight but it was still painfull. The fracture area was fine, the ankle area and front cushioned area hurt mostly.

    Lisa I am a size 11 Australian which is a size 12 US. It is not fun having big feet is it? It will be even harder to get shoes now that my foot has changed. I have always had a narrow fitting but I think that has changed now as well.

    Lori I feel for you not being able to walk the seawall. I haven’t been to the beach for ages because of this foot and long to feel the sand in my feet. Let’s hope we are all out and about doing the things we love soon.

    Donna I hope the doctor is wrong about the fracture and you start improving soon. It is an awful feeling when you don’t improve as quickly as the average person and start to feel there is something more wrong. The internet is a great place but sometimes too much information can be depressing and make the imagination go wild.

    My husband Kerry left for his outback trip yesterday, back on the 24th. I really hope I have some improvement to show him by then.
    Happy feet everyone. 21 weeks post fracture.

    • Hope you are doing okay with your husband gone. It sounds like you are gaining ground on what you can do especially with the bike which is great news. My ortho said for me to focus on biking (& swimming) once I can start exercising again & said these will both do a lot to help my recovery by strengthening my foot and ulimately improving my walking. Thus keep on biking & walking as much as you can do without too much pain and I am sure you wil have some improvement to show him when you return home.

      Starting to walk again even with the boot has been a slow go thus far. Trying to do a little more each day, but it is surprisingly exhausting & my foot swells a great deal by late afternoon each day. I am having some back and hip pain from the height difference of the Aircast & my shoe. No way to resolve that unless I wear a 4 or 5 inch stilleto on the other foot which is not in the cards. Not sure if fear or pain or some combination thereof are holding me back from pushing harder. So many people tell me not to push to hard & tell me stories of reinjury or less satisfactory outcomes from those that do. Looking forward to starting PT where I can get some help and tips. It took me almost a month to get an appointment so I won’t start until Aug 8 unless someone cancels & the 21 people on the list before me don’t take the appointment.

      Hang in there! 18 full weeks since fracture, 12.5 since surgery

  161. On a more vanity based issue…how are others who had surgery dealing with the scar? I am hoping fun strappy shoes aren’t out forever and have been applying a scar repair serum to my scar daily. Not sure it is doing much…probably should have taken a picture initially for comparison–have done so now.

    I am wondering how others were treating their scars & if anyone else has had any luck minimizing the scar. Any tips on products to try/to avoid would be appreciated.


    Michelle (18 full weeks since fracture, 12.5 since surgery)

    • My scar is on the side of my outer right foot. It’s not much of a scar, it’s almost totally disappeared. The heel scar from the bone graft is totally gone. I didn’t do anything for them.
      My husband is off for another 4 weeks…till the middle of August. He is hoping PT will get him back sooner. With 90’s + this next week…I think he will be glad to be home another week.
      KEEP COOL EVERYONE IN AMERICA the heat wave is here…watch your feet…keep them cool and clean…you in the casts yet really be careful of any changes!!!!

  162. Hello all. Found this site just yesterday when googling ‘coping with a broken foot’. I broke the 5th metatarsal on my right foot on the 4th of July. I jumped over a cooler and landed on the side of my foot. Careless, yes, but as an active 29 year old I didn’t think twice about jumping. Instant pain and couldn’t put any weight on it. That day I got a temporary cast and they had me come back 2 days later for a plaster cast. Doctor told me I wouldn’t have to have surgery because 1) it wasn’t a Jones break (even though he said it was a ‘pretty good break’) and 2) he doesn’t like doing surgery if he doesn’t have to, because of possible complications down the road. So I’m learning to be dependant on others and having to ask for help left and right. It is really taking a toll on my emotions. Thankfully I have a job that allows me to sit down. Someone in an earlier post said something about people not understanding what its like unless they’ve been through it. Very true, as one of my coworkers said to me today, “oh, it can’t be that bad”. I’m hoping that I will heal quickly, but from what I’ve read here the last thing you want to do is push it. If my scenario sounds like any of yours, can you tell me how long you were in your cast and then what happened after you got your cast off; like did you have to wear a boot, or something else? I’m going to Vegas on an already planned trip in mid-August (for my 30th birthday), and I’m thinking I’ll probably still be in my cast at that time 😦

    • Hi Elizabeth!!! I too broke my 5th met by stepping off a curb and rolling my ankle. I was in a fiberglass cast for 6 weeks, but my break didn’t show any real healing yet, so I was in a boot for another 4 weeks. My break was displaced 4 mm, and I was close to needing a pin but didn’t. It broke into the joint.

      You ask if you will be out of the cast by mid-August — you very well could be. Most are who have a regular 5th met break.

      I have not been so lucky — while breaking my 5th met, I also injured my peroneal tendon. The MRI didn’t show a tear, but I’m not so sure. I do for sure have significant tenosynovitis of the peroneal tendons, and a cortisone shot didn’t help. As a result, 8 months after my injury, I’m currently awaiting a surgery date to clean it all out. Hopefully your situation isn’t like that and you will be out of your cast and walking around Vegas, maybe with a slight limp!

    • Elisabeth,
      If you will be flying to Vegas talk to your doctor about blood clots. If you are in a cast yet he may want to put you on blood thinners for the flight.
      Lisa..(I broke my right foot Oct. 9, 2010, my post started in November, I’m the only Lisa on the site right now.)
      Wishing you a speedy recovery!!!

      • Ok, so a week ago today (July 13), I had been in my cast for about a week, and I started getting some pain in my calf. I called my nurse and she told me it would be best to come in so they could check it out. I hemmed and hawed over the idea, thinking that maybe I was just overreacting and that the pain I was feeling was simply from the lack of movement in my lower leg. But that evening I was talking to a friend of mine who is in the medical industry and I told her the pain I was feeling and she basically scooped me up and took me into Urgent Care. They cut off my cast and did an ultrasound on my leg. Sure enough, blood clot. It was superficial, but still, I was shocked and kind of scared. Because it wasn’t ‘deep in the vein’, I was instructed to take aspirin and would see the doctor again after the weekend. They wrapped my foot and put me in a small boot for the weekend. That was exciting because I could use the pool! Had an appointment with my podiatry doctor early this week and he said he would prefer to let me finish my healing with my foot wrapped and in the small boot, as long as I vowed to continue no weight bearing. This was great news to me. But the moral of this story is that if you have any pain in your calf whatsoever, go into the doctor right away! Don’t wait. You’d rather be safe than sorry! And the other moral of this story is, if you are an active individual like me and you were stuggling with the fact that you would not be able to exercise while handicapped with your foot injury, try a swimming pool!! You can bascially let your bad foot float in the water and kick with your good foot and use your arms. It felt great with no pain to the foot. Just be careful getting in and out of the pool 🙂

  163. What a delight to read the e-mails and realise that I am not alone in feeling positively stupid stuck on my backside all day! I also have a complicated fracture of the 5th metatarsal, not only broken downwards but twice across as well and a break in the 4th. Backside is beginning to get friction burn from going up and downstairs to the loo and using the crutches is a nightmare as my balance is not too good and ,as everyone says, they make your hands sore (I thought that was only me!). The blogs have brightened up my day and made me laugh – good luck to all those break bones in their foot – you’ll need it! Keep smiling

    • It’s so true To keep positive is the biggest challenge almost one week after surgery and 6 days to go before dr will put me in a boot. I can’t wait just want a normal sit in the bath!

      • my update: 4 weeks today since broke right ankle both sides. still in pain and cannot be without painpills for more than 6,hours. swelling and still very uncomfortable. aircast and see ortop tommorrow and cant wait to see xrays if healling is on the way at least! drive to kalahari thursday with husband and is 6 to 7 hours driving in truck. any suggestions to keep my foot comfortable because it will not be able to level it totally? feels i loose 4 years of my life and not only 4 weeks yet!!!

      • I hope you have a good Dr.’s visit! Xrays will tell alot. Knowing that the bones are healing is a good thing. You will probably get to put more weight to the floor once the bones have healed. Your doctor will inform clearly on what to do. By taking a long drive next week, think about taking extra pillows and maybe a small stool to prop up foot. Maybe you can make a few extra stops to get out of truck to move around and streach. Don’t forget the pain pills! Have fun and enjoy your trip!!!!!

  164. Broke my second metatars bone and i´m really bad asking for help, but really miss having some soup, eben though is the midle of the winter, cant really move the plates or glasses with drinks from the kitchen, cause i need both my hands for the crutches and there is no online shopping here, guess i´m screwd :S

  165. Two weeks ago missed a step, rolled foot, and broke left 5th metatarsal. I was in denial that it was broken, hoped for a sprain, then next morning couldn’t put weight on it, drove myself to an urgent care center and x-ray showed a displaced fracture. Doctor there referred me to a specialist and said to expect surgery. Thankfully my specialist doctor wants to avoid surgery if possible, and told me to say home/immobile and completely off foot, and let’s hope it heals on it’s own. At 2 weeks, we are continuing the non-surgery option, and I pray and hope for the best, with next appointment 2 weeks. 10-12 weeks non weight bearing to go. Went back to work today.

    Oddly, I broke the 5th metatarsal on my right foot 4 years ago this same time. I am a 115 lb. 5′ 4″ fit 44 year old woman, who lifts weights, attends aerobic/kick box classes, and runs 5-6 times per week. I got over that injury in 2007, and never imagined it would happen again. Also a silly accident, stepping off a curb. That break required no surgery, about 10 weeks non-weight bearing and 5-6 months before could work out normally again. This time I fear is a bit worse.

    This site is wonderful, as it is a reminder this is temporary, and there are others who are dealing with such an injury. My prayers are with you. I truly believe, and am encouraged by comments here, that healing from this type injury requires mental strength. I am single and live alone, which is not easy with this situation. You would think having been through this before I would be OK about it, but if anything I know the road ahead. Good thing is I am more prepared this time – already purchased a shoulder purse, rented 2 knee walkers (one for work/one for home), and at 2 weeks am purposefully doing my normal social activities as best I can do. I get super tired and need to rest/sleep lots, but am determined to take it a day at time and remain positive. I have bad moments, but try and focus on all the positives. It’s the left foot, so I can drive. It’s summer, so no snow to slip upon. I just moved into a house 2 months ago, and was previously in a 2nd floor apartment. I couldn’t afford to renovate the bath, and the previous elderly owner had 3 handicapped bars in the bath – they are saving me now! ha.

    To be super active and then be taken down and move so slowly – it’s tough Thank you for your posts, I’ve read them all. As someone who is just entering recovery of this injury, and have been through it before, I know logically you get past it. Just hope to keep reminding myself of it! Chin up, and good wishes and prayers of healing to you all.

    • Michell–So sorry to hear about your break. I too was injured doing something silly, which like you I found puzzling & a bit frustrating. Having this injury a 2nd time, I can’t even imagine. My thoughts & prayers are definitely with you.Renting a knee walker at both home & work is a great idea & will be a great tip for future visitors to the site. So happy to hear you moved into a house which will be easier for you to get around in and that delaying remodeling worked to your advantage. My injury was to my right foot, so I could not drive until recently. So happy you are able drive & are keeping an active social calendar. I found myself not wanting to, but when I did I was always so much better for it. I hear you on the tired, I am more energetic now, but the PT has my body feeling beat up & sore, which is good in a way as I must be making progress. It must be challenging to be on your own, but it seems like you are keeping busy and I know friends & family are eager to help so let them do so. I know, easier said then done. Not sure where you are located, but I found, and (or another local grocery store that delivered) to be of great assistance during the time I wasn’t able to do as much on my own. Hang in there! Hope the healing continues & you don’t have to have surgery. Best, Michelle

  166. Hi All,

    June 26th, 2011, I stepped on uneven flooring 1 1/2 inch height difference, wearing 4 inch heels, rolled my left ankle and fell. I was at my future daughter in laws bachelorette party. Thought it was just a bad sprain. Finally went to urgent care on June 28th fo find a broken navicular. (chip fracture is what they called it) and torn ligament. I was put in a boot. No crutches (I even asked for cruthes but the dr. said I would not need them) and was refered to a podiatrist and sent on my way. Podiatrist appt was set for a week and a half away. In the meantime no one told me not to walk on it. I was using a cane.
    Saw the podiatrist who put me in a soft cast and I had to wear the boot on top of the cast. I had my sons wedding coming up in a week. Big church ordeal..
    Back to the drs in 10 days and he takes the cast off and tells me don’t walk on my foot for at least 30 days…Geez…Now I got cruthces. Well the last appt dr takes an xray and tells me my foot is healing and I can try to put a shoe on however I am still in the boot. Still very swollen by the end of every day…Cannot put a shoe on it.

    I too have been scooting around the house on my computer chair. I have laminate flooring which has been holding up extremely well under the wheeling around. I have a walker with big wheels and a seat with a basket I take back & forth to work every day. I have a mini van with auto doors and the walker is not heavy so I can easily get it in and out by myself and handicap access to my building. I work in a large office so wheeling around (I have to go backwards) on the walker works very well for me. Co-workers have been extremly helpful just doing simple things like carrying a cup of coffee to my desk for me, picking up prints off my printer, etc. I only use the cruthces to get back and forth from my front door to my mini van. I have a great husband who has been doing so much including the grocery shopping. I am a 57 year old woman who is always very active going places, boating, riding our Harley and hanging out with friends and familty alot. You have to stay positive. It’s pretty hard..

    I even went with friends to a Kid Rock concert in a wheel chair and went to the county fair the next day in it too. Today I am going to attempt to go shopping by myself with my crutches since I can start to put a little weight for balance on my left foot now. It still hurts and there is still swelling, but I am patient. I really miss taking my dogs for a walk…

    My advice to anyone is use any tool that will help you get along and don’t worry about how others will react to it. The day I showed up at work with a walker everyone was amazed. I am still hearing jokes about how I need a back up beeper, a motor on it, I need to paint flames on it…lol…

    Good luck to all….

    • hi katleen i had my aircast on today 12days after surgery with some screws and plate i am not allowed any weight on the foot but is it possiblevto sleep without the boot? it is very uncomfortable and i need some good sleep as well? what was your experience?

  167. I broke my right foot last Thursday. I was running down the stairs to catch the bin man when I lost my footing at the bottom and went over. I am due to go to the hospital tomorrow to see if I need an operation. At the moment I am in a back slab which I find very heavy. I can’t put any weight on my foot at all and this is really frustrating! I was in the middle of painting my kitchen so I had my fridge/freezer, dining table and chairs etc all in my living room!

    I am a single parent and find it very difficult. Every muscle I have aches from using the crutches so to give my muscles a rest, I’m crawling wherever I can! lol. I don’t have a chair with wheels unfortunately. I have found a way of ironing though, I put a chair next to the ironing board and kneel on it with my right knee and stand on my left leg, when my leg starts hurting I sit down to iron!! To carry things around I put them in a plastic bag and hang it on my crutch and then take it upstairs with me as I go up on my bum. That’s also how I have carried dirty washing down stairs to be washed. It took me over an hour to change 3 beds this morning!

    You don’t realise how much you take for granted until you can’t do certain things. I don’t even have a drink in the evening of coffee or anything else so I don’t need to go to the loo in the middle of night as the other night I hopped to the loo, fell over and banged my head on the wall!

    Haven’t thought of a way to hoover or cut my grass yet so if anybody has any ideas!? lol

    I’m using my holidays up at work as I don’t get paid while I’m off. I’m going to have to make a decision as to what I’m going to do as sickness benefit is hardly anything but I’m sure all my work colleagues will help me out.

    I have every sympathy now for people who are on crutches permanently or for a long time.

    Thank you for listening to me moan! lol

    Good luck to everybody who is in the same situation.


    • Paula:
      You are frustrated right now because it’s only been a week and you are still getting used to not being able to walk. I’m now 8 weeks post foot-break and still no walking. But believe me, it will get better and easier. Just don’t push yourself or try to do too much (sounds like you are doing a lot! And the more you try to hop around you are bound to hurt more than your head!). Ask for help; neighbors, friends, relatives. I’m not sure how old your child is but if they see mom in this situation their heart will go out to you and they’ll probably want to help. To get the grass mowed, I am fortunate to have my mom close by to do it for me, otherwise you might have to call someone to do it. There have to be teenagers out there that are looking for some extra cash before school starts. Good luck and rest that foot girlfriend!

      • Thanks Elisabeth. I’m glad I found this site as I now know I’m not the only one in this situation. I’m just not used to sitting down and doing nothing but If they tell me tomorrow I need an operation because I’ve not rested my foot, I’ll only have myself to blame. I just get so frustrated! I have had the offer of help from a lot of people and I’ll will take up more offers. I suppose I’m just pushing myself because I feel I should be able to do it. In fact I’ve just had my friend on the phone going mad at me! lol. I’ll see what tomorrow brings and go from there.

        Hope your able to walk soon.

        Thanks again.


  168. Just wanted to update people: I broke my 5th met on Oct 31 while stepping off a curb, stepped into a dip and went over, heard the “pop!”. Casted for 6 weeks with no healing, in a boot for an additional 5 weeks, finally healed. However, foot and ankle still very sore, tried to go without a boot for 6 weeks, no go, back in the boot. MRI showed severe tenosynovitis. I just had surgery on Aug 12, so not quite 2 weeks ago. I’m currently in a back-slab (splint), get staples out in 2 days, then casted. Not sure how long I’ll be in the cast, and then will move to a boot.

    I can relate to the crutches, NWB period. However after my last bout in the fall, I’m pretty adept. It also helps that it’s not winter (snow and ice on crutches is NOT fun!) so maybe that’s why it seems easier.

    With winter, I found that it wasn’t maneuvering IN the snow that was so bad, it was coming into a building with wet crutches! Almost killed myself a few times, esp. when I was not able to put weight on bad foot.

    I’ll let you know how this healing period goes. Not sure how long the recuperation is (he told me 2 scenarios, and I can’t remember the one that involved the splint/cast/boot), but I’m hoping this is the end of it!

    • You seem to be having a lot of problems which makes me realise how lucky I am. I broke my foot last Thursday and been in a back slab for a week (that was definitely long enough!). I went to the hospital today and been told they don’t need to operate (although how they can tell that by not looking at my foot or doing an x-ray is beyond me!). I have now got a pink cast on up to my ankle which looks quite cute! lol.

      Going back to work on Thursday to see how I cope. Just take 1 day at a time but it is harder than I thought it would be.

      Hope your recuperation goes well and your on the mend very soon.

  169. They did an x-ray the first week though? They would have gotten the results so know they don’t need to operate after that. Hope your recuperation goes well, but be aware that you may have damaged other things, so if after the cast comes off and your foot gets strong you’re still having issues, have that looked into.

  170. Yes they did x-ray on the day that I broke it and it was a complete break. They did mention that they would decide if I needed an operation today but they seemed happy enough. Didn’t realise how long the recuperation would be until I read this site. Good luck with your recovery.

  171. Wow. This is a 3-year-old blog post and STILL getting comments! Thanks so much for this. I broke my left 5th metatarsal a week ago and am in a “walking cast” that doesn’t feel fully walkable. (Maybe it’s too early to try walking on it? I’d ask my podiatrist or a nurse at his office, but they never got back to me when I called early Friday before the Labor Day weekend. Boo.) Still using crutches, though I’m able to put a wee bit of weight on the cast — enough to be semi-walking with the crutches instead of just hopping around.

    How soon did people go back to work after a fracture like this? My particular break was relatively clean, and while the podiatrist didn’t give a long-term diagnosis, he said chances are good that I wouldn’t need surgery and that hopefully things would be healing nicely by the next time I see him (in another week and a half).

    I missed a whole week of work, though I was able to do about 20 hours from home. As a contractor without sick days, I was grateful for that!

    Anyway, I’m very grateful for an extremely helpful husband, who is already a stay-at-home dad for our 3-year-old. She, in turn, has enjoyed watching cartoons with Mommy in bed all week. But he’s going out of town at the end of this coming week for a long-planned 5-day fishing trip (he offered to quit, but I insisted he go), so I’m a little nervous about that. I’ll probably end up camping out in the 1st-floor living room of our split level during that time.

    Thanks again for the community that this extremely useful blog post has created! Glad to know I haven’t been alone in this!

    • Hi

      You will be fine on your own when your husband goes fishing. I’m a single parent with a broken right foot and its amazing how quickly you can adapt to situations. I broke my foot 2 weeks ago and I’m back to work because I don’t get paid while I’m off. I’m lucky that my boss has been picking me up to go to work and a friend has been taking me home. Only another 5 weeks of this to go! lol

      I was glad I found this site as I felt I was the only one in this situation.

      Good luck while your husband is away fishing. You’ll be fine and just take things slowly.


  172. Great post. Full of useful tips. Some of which I found out by necessity and swearing a lot. I’m on week 4 now and it’s driving me insane. If anyone wants to read my account and see a picture of my hideous zombie foot, have a look here
    My heartfelt sympathy to anyone with a broken foot.

    • Thank you Keith for making me laugh until I cried at your blog. I’m from UK and have lived in US for 30 years. Broke my 5th met of right foot (so can’t drive) on Sept 1st. Thought I was a total whiny wimp, feeling like I do eight weeks into this crap, and so frustrated with it, until I found this site. Haven’t missed work, used the scooter, now attempting to weight bear at the advice of a pathetic Ortho doctor who gave me little to no education. Have asked myself all the questions people on here raise….should I sleep in the boot, how much pain is too much when you walk…..why are my toes numb…..why does my tendon stick out like a vein….why is this taking so long…..should I walk on it less…..should I try and walk on it more……endless questions. But, then I realized reading this that I wasn’t alone, and with your blog I realized how much I missed the wonderful dry, sarcastic, down to earth British sense of humor. So…..thank you from the bottom of my heart and from my lousy broken right foot for the smile today!!

  173. Tomorrow will be one year since I broke my right foot 5th met. Some encouragement to the broken foot world: Life does go on, I barely know that I broke it. Yes, there is swelling to deal with and a few activities I that when I do them I feel the metal in my foot (like jog on the trampoline). There are some shoes I cannot wear, or wear for long periods of time.
    But, I thank GOD that I have my foot, and that my life is back to normal.

    • Great message Lisa! I know we communicated often during our injury & your words were so inspiring to me as you were further along in your recovery than I was. I concur with your comments… even with a few challenges that remain in my recovery being able to walk on my foot again, drive etc… is so wonderful and so unbelievably appreciated. I encourage everyone with a broken foot to hang in there, know that your foot will heal and use this blog for the awesome resource it can be. It can provide hope, inspiration, compassion and friendship, especially on the most challenging days of your recovery. Wishes for speedy healing to everyone!

  174. Thankful to see this, but frustrated at what might be ahead. Just broke 4 – yes … 4! – metatarsal bones (2 – 5) and was told to see an orthopedic surgeon. Went in for x-rays without the worst pain I have had because I already have a metal pin that was put into the Jone’s Fracture (5th metatarsal) years ago when it did not heal at all over 4 or 5 months.
    Very nervous about what to expect this time. Any ideas?

    • PRAY PRAY PRAY and find a good circle of support, I think you will be down for awhile. Make sure you follow your doctor’s advice. Don’t be scared to get a second opinion, this is your foot/life, not the doctors!!!!!!! It took me 27 weeks from the time of break to being released from OS. Also, find ways to exercise your body while not being able to walk on foot. I liked pilates for mimimal movement.

  175. As so many have commented, it made me so happy to find this site! I am more than 5 weeks in to breaking toes and a long bone, and the recovery process is so long. At first the broken toes were being taped together which resulted in loads of pain because the breaks in two of the toes were missed. A walking cast was added which helped. My schedule and life is such that I have not been able to be off my feet much ( busy work, a kindergartener, and a baby ). The walking cast helps, but I still find the discomfort at night to be a lot – so much so I wake up in the middle of the night and pull the stretchy tape off of the wrapped foot which is throbbing. I also live with packs of frozen veggies on my foot a few evenings a week. Ouchie! The ortho still mentions surgery as a possibility, and this is unsettling. Wouldn’t surgery have been done by now? It is great to vent. This has been a challenging injury! At the end of the day, I am thankful though it is a recoverable injury. Broken bones do heal, right? Who cares if the toes don’t bend well….that is another story for another evening.

  176. If the covers on the bed hurt your foot during the night, shove a fat pillow all the way down to the bottom under the covers on the side of the injured foot.
    The pillow will act like a tent and keep the weight off of it…use pillows between your legs if sleeping on your sides..

    Just one of the few things I figured out…17 weeks for me now and life is getting easier. The swelling finally started to go down and I can where a few certain pairs of shoes. Still have intermittant pain…

  177. 11 weeks for me now since I broke my foot, nearly 4 weeks out of my cast. I don’t think I’ve done so bad really considering how people are coping on here. Not on my crutches anymore but still keep one in the car just in case! Still get pain in my foot and still get frustrated because I can’t do certain things. When my cast was taken off I was told my foot had only 50% healed but still discharged by the hospital without any physio or follow up appointment. Been very cautious because of this and now I don’t know how much to push myself. Going to GP this week to get some guidance on what I should be doing (as the hospital just kicked me out!). I was told at the very beginning that I may need an operation but that never happened so they had better not decide to operate now when they could have done it at the very beginning!! Hope GP can help me out and even let me know what exercise I could do to strengthen my foot & ankle as this is also stiff. My GP is the physiotherapist for Wigan Athletic so he should be used to this type of injury! I used to do my stepper for an hour every day and now finding it frustrating I can’t do any exercise! I was going to use my trampoline but I’ve been told that this would be worse than my stepper!! Oh well rant over!!! Hope everybody is coping ok. x

  178. It has been 3 1/2 weeks since I broke the navicular bone in my foot. I missed the last step on my stairs, thought I was on the landing and twisted my foot and fell on it. My doctor said that this bone is usually a very hard and strong bone and it doesn’t break easily. The doctor told me that my xray is now showing more breaks than he originally saw. I am in my early 50’s and have osteopenia, which may explain why this bone broke so badly. No surgery needed as of yet, but still don’t know. Has anyone out there broken their navicular bone (not a stress fracture) and how long did it take to heal? Using the crutches is so painful on my neck and shoulders. Does anyone have suggestions on how to get around on wall to wall carpeting easier than crutches. I cannot put any weight on my foot at all.

    • Can you get a hold of an office chair or desk chair with wheels big ones? I’m 38 and have put on some lbs from my foot surgeries, so I too know how the crutches can be painful. I have also seen handicap chairs with wheels, where u place your leg with the bad foot on (knee on a padded area) hold with both hands and push yourself around. I may need to get one myself, check online by the way. If I find the exact name of them I’ll post on here for you. Good luck.

      • Thank you for serving our country. I don’t understand why they would deploy you again so soon after surgery. Three months isn’t long enough when you do that kind of work. No wonder your bone and hardware broke down. I understand being sick and tired of being sick and tired.
        I am no longer using the crutches while at home. Instead, I either crawl or use a chair with my knee up on it and move it with each step. I mostly just stay put. It’s too much effort to get around, and this is coming from someone who is always on the go and doesn’t sit well. I will look online for a handicap chair with wheels. I didn’t even know they made them. Thank you for your suggestion. I hope you heal completely, once and for all.

      • I too are in my 50 and same thing missed steps broke the same bones and have surgery plate on one side and screws and wire otherside. 5 days from surgery have cast and next Friday moon boot after dr take off the cast and see if wounds are healed outside, I am very miserable will it past ever!! Cannot move easily in home and cannot get in bath alone at all! With the moon boot can I take it off to bath? My biggest goal at this stage!

  179. Geesh…I came across this blog just looking up pics of casts. My personal experience I wanted to share: I suffered plain ole wear and tear (in Iraq) of dropped arches, and severe bunions while walking a foot ball length flight line 5hrs a day, 6 days a week, in cheap combat boots. Returned to have corrective surgery on my right foot June 10′, left foot Feb. 11′. Deployed again May 11′ two days after taking my cam boot off. We were on a rocky FOB “camp” in Afghanistan.The terrain had river rocks throughout the camp every step you would take “literally”. Mandatory follow-up Sept. 11 2011, x-rays showed my bone and hardware totally broken down…I blacked out so now I am home again, with a U and L shape cast on, going into the a.m. to have sutures removed, x-rays and a full length cast put on : ( not too happy about that. With two holes for a bone stimulator…smh. I have spent to much time in casts, crutches, and cam boots this past year. Now I am 25lbs over my allowed weight, non-depoyable, and sick and tired of sick and tired.

  180. Denise,

    Ask you doc to order one of these if your insurance approves it. Don’t know how I could have survived 4 months of NWB for a Jones fracture without this. A true miracle invention!


  181. Denise,

    Apologies for being very rushed yesterday as I was preparing my posting. One thing with this injury, you do learn patience and become quite resourceful in order to continue to do the things you are used to doing. The navicular bone is a tough one too – tougher than the 5th MT sometimes from what I’ve heard. Hopefully, you are well on the mend but I know of someone who ended up with surgery more than 6 months later. The worse thing you can do is drag out this ordeal longer than it really needs to be. Btw, my postings are embedded in #109 and #113 if you want to read a bit of my history. Three years later, everything is more than fine with the exception of some traumatic arthritis to that foot which is no big deal (for now at least!). Hang in there as life does return to normal.

  182. Thank you for your reply. I did see the freedom leg brace online. Does it hurt your thigh muscle? It seems like that is where someone may have a problem with this device. After the crutches and my shoulder pain, I am a little skeptical of these contraptions. I am an active person and in pretty good physical shape. I will mention it to my dr. this Tuesday. I am hoping he will just say that I can walk in the boot now, but if not this may work for me if insurance will cover it. I am glad that you are doing well after such a long injury.

  183. The freedom leg takes a day or two to get used to – you tend to want to not trust it at first. I did not have a problem with soreness in the thigh muscle as the brace itself seems to take all the weight both on the lower and upper leg. What used to bother me is the fixation of the knee – I didn’t like the immobilization of that. However, if I was justing planning to be sitting for awhile, I would take the brace off anyway. You can do all the knee bending you desire at that point. Any small issues were far outweighed by the benefits of the brace. What a joy it was to be able to go up and down stairs, carry things and pretty much maintain my normal activities in the house. I could handle grocery shopping solo as well. Can’t say that I would try operating a snowblower with this – but hey – if that’s what you’re into – go for it! If you do go out into a public place wearing this, be prepared for lots of stares and questions. Believe me, I could have cared less what this looked like as it afforded me almost the total functionality I had before the injury. Hope all goes well for you on Tuesday but do remember it’s only been a few weeks for you and these things take time. Don’t overdue things once you have been cleared to begin wallking again.

    • Thank you for explaining your experience with the freedom leg. I wouldn’t have thought about the knee being in a fixed position. I don’t think that would be a problem, but it’s good to know ahead of time. I think this would work for me also, so I definitely plan on asking my dr. It’s reassuring to know that you had no problem with your thigh muscle. I know with the knee walker, people complain about hurting their knees, with the crutches I hurt my shoulder, etc. I thought that the freedom leg might cause some kind of pain eventually like the rest of the walking aids. Were you able to get in the car without having to take it off first? Since I hurt my left foot, I am trying to decide if I would be able to go to work like this and be able to drive myself. Thanks again for all your input. It really helps to talk to someone who has been through this.

      • Hi again. My injury was also to my left foot so driving to work and anywhere else was never an issue. In fact, on day 2 of my injury, I drove to the OS, was casted then went to work which is just under an hour and a half drive one way. Was maneuvering on crutches at this point, but I was able to get around pretty well. I found the brace was fine getting in and out of the car if I just adjusted the seat back a bit to do this. Since my drive to work is so far, I was more comfortable taking it off for the ride (I just felt better being able to bend at the knee and move around some for that amount of time). Once you get the hang of it, you will only need about 30 seconds to get it on and adjusted to your liking. It did stay on for short distances however. Just make sure to travel with your crutches just in case. Again, hope you find some significant healing this week. Please let us know how you are doing after your visit.

  184. Hello,
    I went to the doctor yesterday and he told me I no longer need the crutches. I am so happy. I told him about shoulder pain and after having me do a few stretches and resistance pushes, he believes I hurt my rotator cuff. Now that I don’t have to use the crutches, he thinks it will heal but if not, I will have to have therapy. I still have to wear the boot and have another xray in 3 weeks. I now have bronchitis and the plan is to start my new job on Monday.
    I have a friend who just found out she fractured her knee and will be on crutches for 6 weeks. I passed the information about the freedom leg to her.
    Thank you for all of your advice and encouragement. I really appreciate it.

    • So glad to hear that your healing is making satisfactory progress. I’m also assuming you no longer need to wear the boot to bed and to bathe? Great feeling, isn’t it? Believe me, you will feel like you’re on top of the world when the day comes that you are released from your OS – this good news visit was just a preview!!
      Good luck at the new job and Happy Thamksgiving (you will definitely be in a holiday mood now!)

      • Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving to you also. I am thrilled to be able to walk in the boot. I ordered something online called “even up.” It is used over the shoe of the opposite foot of the injury so that you don’t have unequal height. I had never heard of it before until a friend mentioned that her mom had one and it made walking more comfortable. I figured it’s worth a try. Yes, I no longer have to wear the boot to bed which is wonderful also. Thank you again for all of your encouragement.

  185. What a fantastic site. This is the first I found when I was looking for ways to help me round the house after breaking my foot. The shoulder bag tip has been a godsend. I have also bought some wheelchair gloves to help me use my crutches. Please do not take this site off. It really helped me and i am sure will help others!
    Please read my blog that I did to cheer me and others up because its going to be along haul.

    • Wendy – Pls. see posting #113. Words cannot describe what a lifesaver this was to me. Best wishes to you for a full and speedier than you are anticipating recovery. You will get there.

  186. I have just found this site 8 weeks after breaking my 5th metatarsal. I see lots of good suggestions here. I was lucky to find a small wheelchair very cheap at a thrift store which I have used around the house, it made it so much easier carrying things. Also I was able to do some house cleaning and such in it after the first couple of weeks. I used crutches when leaving the house, which I found just as difficult and awkward as others have described here. I was cleared to remove my boot and walk on my broken foot 4 days ago. It is still sore and the ankle is stiff. One thing I am experiencing that no one else has mentioned is that my knee hurts during and after walking. I am assuming that it’s just unaccustomed to bearing weight now. It seems a little better now than it did at first. Has anyone else had this problem?

    • I just broke my foot & have a boot. I went to my chiropractor to readjust my hips and get a massage to work out the kinks in the rest of my muscles that are having to over compensate for walking funny with a boot.

      Go get your self adjusted and a massage. Hey! you will feel great afterwards. Im going again next week.

    • Hi Sherry, I broke by 5th metatarsal Feb 6 (11 months ago) and the boot came off at 8 weeks. I also had knee problems when I started walking. See my posts 139, 140, 145,167. My knee is almost back to normal. I think my main problem was having to sleep with the boot on and my knee got out of alignment, then a fallen arch from 8 weeks in the boot caused more problems with my knee when I began walking. I found the stationary bike very helpful in strengthening and squats using the back of a chair for support helpful as well, concentrating on alignment (knee over the toes) as I did them. At first I only could dip a little bit but now am nearly back to normal. The PT helped me immensly with exercises and told me to walk using a ‘strong’ leg, ie tightening my butt and imagening a strong leg. Crawling around on the carpet on my knees also helped. My main problem now is still my ankle. Had MRI scan which showed no scarring but specialist thinks I have mild Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. A combination of high arch, skinny foot and boot for 8 weeks (the velcro strap across my arch).
      The actual fracture was nothing compared to all the other stuff that has happened. Concentrate on proper alignment when you walk to get that knee back to normal. Someone suggested a walker for around the house and I wish I had thought of it, a break from the crutches and also keeps you aligned as walking with 1 crutch can cause more problems. A good knee massage is always good too. I also agree with g’s post, I went to an osteopath to fix my hips which also helped my knee. I had no idea I was so out of alignment till she told me to lay straight, I thought I was but was about 6 inches out!
      Hope this helps, regards Annette

  187. I think the best thing I did was to get a shower chair. I borrowed a huge one from my sister in law & plan on using that for a while because I can slide in an out of the shower without that awkward feeling of “is this going to work”. Also I bought a used smaller chair at the goodwill for when I am feeling better. It was about $10 compared to $100 at the store.

    I have diabetes and keeping your foot & toes dry is important so keep that in mind to. The next thing on my list is doing some darn exercise. I need to do some sit ups to get more abdomen strength.

  188. Wow, there sure are a lot of comments on this topic. It’s amazing how common this type of break is.

    I fractured my 5th metatarsal on November 27th and it’s now December 8th. This is not the first time I’ve done it either.

    Back in June, I did the same thing.

    When I was a kid, plaster casts were used, but those days are gone. I am now in an air cast and have more freedom.

    When I did this back in June for the first time, I slipped twice in one day on rocks while at work. I was in an air cast for 8 weeks. I don’t think it ever healed right.

    It would still get sore, and it was bothering me just days before doing it again.

    On that Sunday night, I had rescued a dog from the park and was taking care of him. I went to get on the floor with him and rolled over on that foot with all of my weight.

    I went to the hospital 2 days later, only to be told that there was nothing wrong, but to ice it and stay off of it.

    When I went to the fracture clinic the following morning, I was told that there was a hairline fracture.

    $135 later, I was walking home assisted by my crutches. I haven’t used them since and don’t plan on it. Since I still have to work, I can’t be using them.

    And I have to drive on top of it, and it’s my driving foot that got broken.

    I’m hoping that it heals properly this time, I can’t afford to have to take time off work if I need surgery.

    • Well, it’s now December 20th and I went for a followup this morning.

      Looks like it’s healed already, so I’m staying out of the cast as much as I can from today on.

      The sad thing is that I rolled on my left foot yesterday at work. I may have fractured the same bone, but the specialist didn’t feel the need to x-ray it since I was walking on it with little pain.

      We’ll see how things go in the next few days. If I have to, I’ll use the cast on my left foot.

      I’ve been lucky there’s been no snow, so I haven’t had to worry about the cast getting wet with snow while working.

      With my right foot healing as fast as it has, it’s better than the first time I did it in June.

      It’s been annoying to say the least.

  189. Hello everyone. I was so glad to find this blog. I have spent several hours today reading your accounts of life with a broken foot and I feel encouraged that “this too shall pass”. I broke the 5th Metatarsal on my right foot on December 4th, 2011. I tripped and fell after my foot got caught in the power cord for my laptop computer. I landed heavily on my right side with my foot and hip taking the brunt of it. I was walking around on it that first day even though it hurt pretty badly to do so. I even drove my daughter to work using the ball of my foot to press the pedals. As I walked I could feel something moving inside my foot so I knew something was definitely wrong. I went to my family doctor the next day. He had the nurse shoot some x-rays of my foot and sure enough it was definitely broken. When he came in to give me the news about my foot he said “Merry Christmas!” The x-rays showed a diagonal break on the 5th Metatarsal but my doctor said that the bones were in good alignment and that it should heal well if he put it in a cast. I was given a fiberglass cast that goes mid way up my calf and I have to wear it for at least 6 weeks. I have a very understanding boss so I am being given time off from work without fear of losing my job. The doctor gave me crutches and told me not to put any weight on my foot. I am 47 years old and have never had an injury like this one except for a broken collarbone that I got in a car accident while I was living in England as a child.

    I reached the two week mark yesterday and I already feel as if I am going out of my mind! I am so tired of the boring stuff that makes up daytime TV programming. Facebook is not much help either. I guess it is time to start a new hobby.

    I have been getting around the house on a rolling office chair and find that it works quite well. It allows me to stand up to do dishes or cook so I don’t feel totally helpless. I hate the crutches because I feel so unstable on them. I only use them when I absolutely have to. They are the old fashioned kind that go under your arms so I have to be careful to not actually hold them under my arms. Don’t want to damage the nerves. A co-worker loaned me a pair of crutches that go around your forearm but I find them to make me feel even more unstable. My upper body is not as strong as it should be so I think that is part of the problem. An elderly friend of mine let me borrow his walker but it is quite awkward to use since my house is pretty small. So, all in all it is the rolling chair and the crutches for me. I usually hate the fact that my house is so small but in this situation I am actually really lucky because I have a lot less distance to cover than I would in a bigger house.

    I do not feel much pain from my break…. just a twinge now and then. I have been feeling a lot of discomfort from the cast pressing against my foot. Sometimes it is almost impossible to find a good position to place my foot in. The itching has also started but my doctor told me not to put anything down in the cast to try to scratch the itchy spots. He told me to use a hairdryer on the coolest setting and blow air inside the cast to relieve the itch. I haven’t tried it yet but if the itching gets much worse I will have to see whether it works. I am worried about blood clots because of all the forced inactivity. I am going to ask my doctor if there is anything that I can do to help prevent them. I have to go back to him in two days time. Hopefully he will do another x-ray to see if any healing has begun. I am really hoping that it has begun healing because some of the stories on this blog really scare me… month after month after month in a cast. YIKES!!

    I live on an island in the Bahamas (Abaco) with my husband and our two daughters. The rest of my family live on the main island (Nassau) and we are supposed to go to spend Christmas with them. This will involve a flight on a 50 passenger plane. I will have to be pushed out to the plane in a wheelchair and will then have to hobble up the steps without using my crutches. Thank God that the railings on the steps are pretty close together. It should be quite an experience but I am willing to deal with the inconvenience of traveling because I want to see my family.

    I hope that I will get through this experience with my sanity intact. I feel comforted by all of your stories and hope that everyone still dealing with broken bones, and their aftermath, will be blessed with complete healing!

    • Naomi: I broke my 5th met on Halloween of 2010. At the time, I didn’t know it, but I also damaged the peroneal tendons. However, with the cast, etc: If the itching drives you mad, take a benadryl capule. (or some other antihistamine). As far as blood clots: You can flex and release your calf muscles even in a cast so do that, plus keep it elevated.

      My break took 10 weeks to heal but found out later it was because I’d also broken the joint. I still had pain, and after an MRI found out I had severe tenosynovitis of the peroneal tendons, so ended up having surgery to debride and release them (clean them up basically). It’s now 4 months since surgery and I’m almost back to normal. I tell you about this just in case you have soreness even after you have the cast off (more than 2 weeks) be sure to have it checked. Usually when you break a bone, you also damage other things.

      • Thanks for the information Lori. I will try the benadryl if the itching gets unbearable.

        I woke up at 3:30 this morning in horrible pain and it would not subside no matter how I positioned my foot. I was terrified that I had a blood clot because my calf felt sore. Went to the doctor this morning and he said there is no clot, thank God. He thinks the pain might have been coming from muscle spasms. He told me to start taking one baby aspirin a day to help prevent blood clots. He also gave me a prescription for Percocet and told me to take it only if it is absolutely necessary. I am scared of taking strong narcotics like that so I will only use it if there is no other option. There is no hospital on this island so if I should develop any complications requiring hospitalization I will have to fly to a different island.

        I would try to flex my calf muscles if I thought it was okay for me to do so. I can’t move around much inside the cast. I will ask my doctor on Friday when I go back to have him do more x-rays.

        I sometimes feel a strange pulling sensation on the bottom of my foot. I wonder if that might be something to do with the tendons. I never dreamed that a broken foot could cause so many other problems. Was your cast really uncomfortable? I find that mine seems to press against my heel and ankle bone depending on how I turn my foot and it can be very uncomfortable.

      • There is no issue with flexing your calf muscles. You can’t move much anyway, but it helps. Also you should be moving your toes.

        I did find the cast to be very uncomfortable, and it would press or rub on my ankle especially. That got better as the swelling went down.

        I took Percocet for a bit, esp. at night so I could sleep (b/c of the uncomfortable cast and I found my foot/ankle would just throb and ache). Then I switched to XS Tylenol.

        You’re almost at the 3 week mark, so halfway there!

  190. Thanks for starting this blog. I had surgery on December 16 for fractures in my ankle. Dr. Put in 5 screws & plate. Had cast off after 1 week and now in boot. My foot mostly the heel doesn’t its going all the way down in boot. Sort of sitting on the back of boot. My daughter says I need to adjust or foot will heal wrong. Any advice as I don’t see Dr for 2 moore weeks. I tripped on a Christmas rug. Taking loritab & ibuprofen as needed for pains. Mostly muscle spams. Appreciate all your stories gives me hope not used to not being able to drive or anything. Manage to work about 5 hours today. Thanks

    • Just wonder if you are completely heal? Much the same op as you? Get friday 12 days after op the boot!? Can I bath and sleep without it? I need to stay positive because I feel extremely helpless! I am 53 and never thought I am old but now certainly do!! I am in windhoek Namibia and we do have excellent surgeons and medical care. Is there do,s and don,ts from your experience? I want to heal a.s.ap. good day. Amnda

  191. Wow! And I thought I was the only one! Broke my 2,3,4 metatarsals on Dec, 2 while cleaning my horse’s hoof. He moved and I dropped it right on top of the foot! PAIN!
    Then unhaltered him, returned tack to barn, hobbled to house, iced and then decided I needed to have it checked out, drove to urgent care and saw the x rays. In hard cast on left foot!Am 71 years young and this is the first broken bone. Have a farm with 3 horses and 3 ducks and live alone. Panic set in but neighbors have pitched in to feed the stock 2 times a day, friends and family have shared holiday with me and food. I have 2 walkers, crutches, wheelchair and scooter. The walkers are the best but I have to hop as no weightbearing. I can drive my John Deere tractor which is how I get around outside on the farm. Have not ventured out in the truck alone as getting anywhere on the walker or crutches is so tiring. See doc on the 5th and imagine I have a few more weeks in cast. Bet your life I will be more careful when I am back on 2 feet!

  192. I love all the posts on this blog..I will put a link to it on my blog, “So You’ve Got a Lisfranc Injury” so that more people can find all the suggestions you have here! Hope that’s OK!

  193. Hello everyone. Went to see the doctor this week only to be told that I have at least another two weeks to wear my cast. I am just past the 5th week in. I have been given a “shoe” to wear over the bottom of my cast. It consists of a rubber soled cloth shoe that has velcro straps. I have now been told to start trying to take small steps on my injured foot. This is, unfortunately, easier said than done. I look like I am doing the zombie shuffle! My daughter laughed hysterically at me the first time she saw it. I have to stick my injured leg out to the side quite a bit while I take a baby step on the good leg, then put my weight down onto the bad foot, then take another baby step, and so on. I can’t wait for the day when I can finally take normal steps again. I fear that it will take me quite a while to get to that day.

    I went back to work this week after being at home for 5 weeks. I had been keeping my foot elevated a lot while I was at home and now it has to hang down quite a bit so I am having some issues with swelling in my calf muscles. It goes away as soon as I elevate the foot for a while but it looks really strange. I have been trying to put my foot up on top of a box at work but it is very awkward because of the shape of my desk. I guess I will end up with hip problems because I have to turn my leg out at an awkward angle in order to elevate it. The box will not fit under my desk. Oh well, it can’t be helped so I have to make the best of it. I know one thing for sure….. I will never again take the ability to walk for granted!

  194. Hello – I am on day 9 of who knows how long with broken comminuted (sp?) 4th/5th metatarsals from 3am stroll to the refrigerator. he first few days were so sad cause this cancelled a long planned vacation to New Zealand that was supposed to kick of my husband’s retirement and my sabattical. I think I’m NWB for 3 more weeks, then on the boot, then who knows (going back for 2nd xray in two days).

    Feeling alternately relaxed and irritated. Husband is a saint, and gal friends have brought lunch on the two days he had to go help care for our twin toddler grandkids. Doc thought we could do a shorter trip (more beach than hiking as we’d planned for NZ) in early March, so we’re going to book a non-stop to someplace warm in the Caribbean. That is my goal.

    Glad I lost 45 pounds last year and had been working out. Crabbing my way up/down stairs in our townhome condo is not easy. Had just run 3 miles for the first time last week… sigh.

    How long to keep the foot elevated in this boot? Am having very little pain from the break, but foot seems to be hot and annoyed after 9 days in cam walker. Any hints/tips are appreciated.

    I hope the journey of healing we are all taking goes smoothly as possible. Going to sign up for a couple of online courses and invest some time in myself. Naps are good, too. 🙂

    Nanny in NY

  195. 2nd xray reveals no reasons for surgery so far, so that’s a happy thing. Come back in 10 days for another look see, then maybe we’ll put you in a stylish padded sandal. I can use my right foot GENTLY for balance now, but still on crutches. Feeling encouraged and hopeful, and I hope you are, too!

    • 3rd Xray reveals a stable situation for 4/5th right foot metatarsals. I am now allowed to walk on my camwalker/boot (that took a bit of re-learning how to walk, especially since the bottom is slightly convext). I can sleep without the boot now (DIVINE), crutches only at night so I don’t have to put my boot on to walk to the loo.

      Foot still is bruised and a tad swollen after a MONTH, poor thing. I’ve gotten on the reclining bike and pedalled for 30-45 minutes to get my cardio going again, been working out upper body and core the whole time with modified exercises. Left thigh is about 1″ bigger than right from all that workout it’s been getting.

      There is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am going into the city next week one day for a client meeting (have been able to work from home all this time), and the following week one day to the annual dog show.

      If I’m lucky, I’ll be in a sneaker two weeks from today, and able to drive again (Whoo hoo!).

      Speedy healing to one and all!

      Nancy/Nanny in NY

  196. After reading all of the posts, I’m more concerned than before. The doctor put me in a walking boot that seems to small and the nurse told me I could take it off while in bed. Now I’m wondering if I should be wearing it more.

    • Get on the horn with the doc (or his/her nurse) and get clearer instructions. I likewise felt like I got skimpy directions… I suggested they create a checklist for what to do/not do for folks with breakage, like I used to get from my vet when the dog had her teeth cleaned. All breaks seem to be slightly different, so I think there’s not one size fits all Rx for hearing. I AM looking forward to not sleeping in the boot. Was GLORIOUS to put it down ever so gently in the tub today when I was taking my seated shower.

  197. Ana what didyou break. I had surgery for 3 fracture boot pretty much 24-7. My Dr said wear it a night to keep frm accidentally injuring while it heals. If xray. If good next week I get moved to a short air cast.not being able to drive has been the hardest getting impatient after 5 weeks looking ar 4-8 more. Good luck’

  198. Hello everyone. I have been out of my cast for two weeks now (almost 9 weeks out from my break). My doctor told me that I can walk around now as long as nothing hurts too much so I have been doing that without my crutches. I still have pain in my ankle and it is still very stiff. I am also having an issue with swelling mostly around the ankle. Hopefully this will go away sometime soon. I don’t feel any pain at all at the site of my break (5th met). I do feel something shock-like on the sole of my foot right behind my toes when I let my foot roll more like it would in normal walking. I wonder if my walk will ever again be what was normal for me. Guess I will have to get used to a new “normal”. I go back to the doctor next week for him to check my foot again. It does seem to be getting better slowly but surely so I am optimistic that I will be able to walk properly again at some point. Until then, call me “Gimpy”. Hope everyone else is healing well!

  199. I fractured my distal fibular in a couple of places a week ago. Today reality set in and I know I can’t cheat and still be out of this cast in 5 weeks. For a 45 year old extremely fit and active gal this sucks. Great info on here though, and I know that the discomfort and ‘grating’ feeling is not unusual. Recover quickly and well everyone. No riding or skiing or running for me for quite some time I now realize.

  200. I was unfortunately the victim of a runaway 87 year old who thought her accelerator was the break on December 23rd. I suffered a crush injury to my foot. I have been told I was lucky as I saw her coming as I was getting into my car which she “T-Boned”….I jumped up and over, but unfortunately my left leg was hit which then caused my right foot to go under her car which was then run over as her car was coming of the curb and striking my car.

    I suffered a fracture of the 3rd metatarsal, fracture of proximal phalix (big toe) and multiple small fractures to the midfoot at and near the 2nd and 3rd metatarsals. In addition to the fractures I sustained a slight separation of my lisfranc joint and ligament and tendon damage in the midfoot area.

    I am now a little over 6 weeks and was just put in a walking cast with partial weight bearing. Since my Lisfranc separation was under 2mm the surgeon chose not to operate.

    I do not have much pain,but swelling from my midfoot to my toes is still evident…I would say about 30% more than my left foot. When I place my foot downward it immediately turns red and swells a little more, but then retreats again once I elavate it.

    My question to other’s is this….What type of swelling with your breaks did you have during week 6 and 7? I am told due to my Lisfranc injury that I will experience constant swelling for at least 4 to 5 months.

    I am also being told that it is an average 10 month recovery if everything goes well and that I will have to wear orthodics the rest of my life for extra support of the midfoot area. It is also pretty much a given that I will develop athritis at some point, which will probably become severe enough to require a midfoot fusion.

  201. Dear Andy, I hope your recovery is speedy and uneventful, and am sorry this happened to you. While your injury sounds more serious than my “strolling to the fridge for mid-night snack and broke my foot”, i’m still seeing some swelling at 5 weeks out. There’s just a LOT of healing going on in the area, with blood and osteoblasts and other miraculous body chemistry going on. I also have a calluous on the bottom of my foot that I’ve NOT been walking on (except the last 10 days in the cam walker).

    Talk to your doc – ask lots of questions, but also think in 2-3 wk increments early on. I’d say keep your foot elevated to reduce swelling keep up some icing, and massage the parts that don’t hurt if you are able. Talk to your doc about whether some warm water therapy would help (the old foot in a bucket of epsom salted water felt SO good early on).

    As for your recovery time, that’s hard to predict for sure. Be sure you talk to your doc about when you might begin some physical therapy – I think slow building of strength and flexibility will be important. I can tell already, even in the cam walker or by putting my foot down gently while sitting, that the ankle’s stiff, and that it’ll be awhile before my foot feels normal.

    Hang in there, and stay positive. Time goes by so quickly!

    Nancy C

  202. This is my 10th day with my broken foot. I have another six days before I go back for more xrays and get to see a doctor. So far I have only seen a very experienced nurse who set it in a back plaster and told me to come back in two weeks when the swelling would have gone down and they can determine what to do about the breaks, three in all. As I live alone in a rural area I am now staying with my mother where I can have some one around and am closer to the hospital. She is being amazing but she has Parkinsons and I have to be careful that I do not tire her out. My biggest problem is simply getting around and I have picked up some good hints from the blog. I find crtuches very difficult and I am nervous about falling. I have just managed to score an office chair but I am waiting on my son to come home from uni and give me some assistance while I get used to it. I work as a teacher and feel bad that my class has now been left without their regular teacher. Even if I can get more mobile I wont be able to be to get to work as it is my right foot. I wont be able to drive and taxi fares would be too expensive as I drive half hour to work each day. Trying to stay poisitive is the most difficult part of this and I know I still have a long way to go. Any hints on how to get around and how to stay positive would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Karen: you poor, poor, thing. I know how you feel. I broke my 5th meta last July (see my post #169). At this point there probably isn’t much I can say to give you any solace, but with time, things will get better, believe me! Definitely use your office chair to roll around the house. Also, don’t push it. As much as you probably still want to be independant and mobile, for the sake of your foot, you just need to rest. When you say your son goes to UNI, is that Univ. of Northern Iowa by chance? If so, that’s where I went to school! The ‘not-being-able-to-drive’ part was the hardest for me. I felt like I was pre-driver’s license again, having to bum rides from whoever was willing to take me. I hope that your mother, friends, or coworkers are just as willing and understanding. And as for your students, I’m sure they are in good care with a substitute, and are probably worried about their teacher. Maybe make them a card or an e-greeting that the sub could show in class so they all know that you miss them and you’ll be back as soon as you’re physically able. I hope these words have helped a little. Read some new books, watch a series of movies that maybe you’ve always wanted to watch. Just anything to keep yourself from going crazy during your immobility. Until then, take care!

      • Hi Elisabeth
        Thanks for the reply. Its helpful just knowing that others understand just how difficult this stituation can be. My son goes to Uni in Melbourne in Victoria Australia and I live in a very small town called Nagambie around 200 miles inland from Melbourne. It’s amazing to know that this blog is helping people all around the world. Thanks again for the advice
        Regards Karen

  203. just a quick question.. Often when I move my leg, especially at night, I get a ‘popping’ feeling at the fracture sites. Like popping bubble wrap. Is this normal & OK? Did any of you get it?

    • Did you break your leg or foot, Pip? Are you in a cast or boot of some kind, especially at night? Ask your doc about the popping thing… it seems not serious, but odd. Good luck!

      • I broke my distal fibular (post 207), the called it an ankle injury. I’m now in a full below knee cast. No orthopedic doctors in this town but I’ll speak to my GP, maybe I should get it x-rayed again.. Thanks & good luck everyone.

      • 7 weeks on and my doctor decided I needed surgery. Thankfully the surgeon disagreed and I am now in a walking brace (you pump it up with air). The crutches are in the shed and I’m using a ski pole. I hope to be out of the boot in 4 weeks. Boy my foot has seized up though! I hope everyone is recovering well out there.

  204. Hi, it’s so nice to read the experiences of other people from all walks of life in this site. I am a working mother of 3 and I broke my foot in the workplace on the way to the ladies room. I wore my favorite 4-inched wedge shoes and I don’t remember clearly how it happened but I think the sole of my right shoes got stucked in the carpet and I ended up a few feet away from the way I’ve been! The funny thing is: initially I was worried that someone else saw what happened and make a laugh out of it! Then, I realized that it was not a funny sight to look at me struggled to stand up and crawled to the comfort room. How I managed to come back to the production area , I don’t know but the pain was really excruciating and I really have to find someone, anyone who could get me to the office clinic. My office mates was shocked and hurriedly assisted me to the clinic where the nurse immediately applied ice on the affected area. I was brought to the nearest hospital a few minutes later and after the x-ray procedure, was diagnosed with fracture of the 2nd,3rd and 4th metatarsal bones of the right foot !!!
    No surgery was needed according to the orthopaedicdoctor but I should wear this hideous splint for at least 6 weeks. I felt helpless and depressed because it happened a few days before my 37th birthday.

    • Sorry to hear of your fall – it’s sounds like you’ve gotten good care. I broke mine the day after New Year’s, headed downstairs for a midnight snack, 3 weeks before we were due to leave for a 6 week trip to New Zealand for a hiking vacation. The first few weeks were hard (crutches stink), but it slowly but surely moved on. I am 10 weeks out now, out of the walking cast for a month. Back to doc on April 2 for another xray – hoping to be cleared for some running. Walked my first 1.5 miles with just sneakers on last week. Still some stiffness, but it almost feels like my own foot. Good luck and speedy healing – you’ll get through this ok! Feel free to ask friends and family for help –

  205. I’m nearing my 1 year anniversary of beeing released from the OS. So, I thought I’d try to find this blog site again.

    So glad to see this site is still up and running for people with the dreaded broken foot. I broke my right foot #5 October 9, of 2010. I was finally released April 18 of 2011 from the OS. Just want to let you all know there is an end. I have a plate in my right foot, which doesn’t bother me too often, when it does it’s not painful, it’s just a hey you did something to this foot WATCH IT type thought.

    The hardest challenge I have is shoe shopping, I wear a size 10 or 11 in women;s, which was hard find before I broke my foot, now it’s even harder. I find some shoes aggravate the site where I have the plate.

    But the good news, I’m back walking 3 to 5 miles several times a week, and biking. I also took on a job about two months ago that has me on my feet for 8 hours (standing on concrete) with very little affect.

    So, keep your chin-up; the majority of you will recover and get on with life. But, I’m sad to say a small percentage of you will have issues. My prayers are with you.

    Go back in the blogs and look for Lisa from November 2010 to about May of 2011 for my story and suggestions.

    • This is awesome news (I hear you about the size 11 shoes – I am getting bored of sneakers and old lady oxfords – hoping to get into an open, padded sandal as the weather warms up here). I’m walking/jogging again now – foot swells a bit if I overdue standing/walking, but some ice and ibuprofen and it’s fine. Hope to do a 5K walk/run first weekend of May. There is a light at end of tunnel.

      Nancy C
      Broke 4th/5th Metatarsal 1/2/12

  206. Thanks Lisa! This is encouraging. I broke 4/5th three months ago today, happily no surgery needed. Going back for follow up xray/visit today. Resumed walking in earnest about a month ago (did stationary/recline bike as soon at the doc let me while still wearing the cam-walker). I jogged (lightly) about 1 mile on a two-mile outing a few days ago, so I’m psyched (I’d been training for my first 5K and a hiking trip to New Zealand before I broke my foot). My injury site sometimes reminds me that “hey, you did something to me”, but mostly I’ve found that it’s my low back that bugs me (my gait’s slightly off from babying my foot) and I think I have a tad of tendinitis. But otherwise, I’m think I’m on the right track. Glad you’ve healed so well, and glad that this site was available to show the vast range of injuries and often encouraging stories during the earliest days after I broke my foot. It can seem like it’s just the worst, but it does get better. Speedy healing to all who enter here!

  207. So many useful comments! After a fairly undramatic fall off a step on Easter Sunday, I found myself with fractures to 2nd and 5th metatarsals and a split through one of the bones (?) in the middle of my foot, with goodness knows what other damage. The A&E at my local Hospital picked up one fracture on the day, sent me home with a bandage and crutches. Luckily the consultant saw me 2days later and picked up on the other stuff from a CT scan. nothing displaced so I am now the proud owner of an air cast boot – kind of a love/hate relationship! I am allowed to walk with weight on my heel, but this worries me a bit…have I put the boot on right, will I trip, uneven ground…This makes it sound as though I am walking a lot, but the short distances are such an effort.
    Its nearly 5 weeks since my fall and I’ve reached a kind of plateau. My cushion mountains, ice pack and other routines are now established. My foot is more or less the same shape and size as before. It only goes bright purple occasionaly. I have accepted that even sitting makes my foot throb after a while. The boot only wakes me a couple of times each night. This doesnt just effect me, its had an impact on everybody. I am so used to being busy, doing stuff for everyone else. It did take a while to realise that this is not going to be a quick fix.
    It has taken me several days to read all this, I have an image of lots of people around the world , with their foot on cushions, reading the posts!
    Its great reading other peoples experiences, anyone still out there?

    • Glad you found this site… I broke 4th/5th metatarsals the day after New Years Day. The first few weeks were endlessly boring and frustrating, but a good workout for my upper body (we live in a townhome with 3 flights of stairs and I wasn’t risking myself on the stairs with crutches), so up/down the stairs on my butt. Slow but steady progress through the following months – foot moving from purple to green to normal looking, camwalker, sneakers, finally sort-of regular shoes (I don’t wear heels, ever). Back to my jogging routine, and just ran/jogged my first-ever 5K event last weekend. It does get better… good luck!

      • Wow, I can’t imagine jogging! Its good to hear there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I would love to start doing some physio or just get my foot moving a bit. Patience is one of the hardest things, but I think I’m getting a bit better at that. Its such a slow healing process. The doctors dont tell you about all the wierd feelings that go on in the foot, which is also why this site is so helpful. I will never take my feet for granted again and it has made me apppriciate what I can do.
        Luckily our house has no steps downstairs, although its slopes that I find really challenging. I used to do a lot of Yoga so Im trying to any movements I can.
        Take care.

    • HI, I tore the lisfranc ligament on April 20. Tomorrow I think I will be able to walk in a boot and begin PT. I am nervous about the long term recovery and implications of this whole thing and sometimes I get very worried. Mostly about the fact that this ligament is permanently compromised. Like you, I am a big, “doer” and this is really cramping my style. I am going a bit nuts with all the limitations. So there you have it. I am especially tired of asking for “help” with everything. Sorry for the whining!

      • Hi, I know what you mean. I’d like to know what the long term problems may be, or how long all this will take. Made some progress today as I saw the consultant and am now to try bearing weight on my foot with the boot on and…may even try to move my foot slowly and carefully. Its still quite swollen where a loose piece of bone is and I dont know what will happen to that is its about an inch from my metatarsil, but he wasn’t worried about that. Of course I overdid the weight bearing this afternoon so my foot is up again with an ice pack. Tried to move my ankle , more of a slight twitch, a bit scary. Slow progress, but progress, and it did move! Slept badly last night as my the bottom of my foot developed a mind of its own, with wierd pulling sensations.
        I hope it goes well for you tomorrow.

      • Hi Christine,
        I wish you well too. Until you experience this, you have no idea how seriously affected your life will become. Not sleeping well, and all the rest is tough to deal with. Take care of yourself and keep getting stronger. Let me know if you get over being scared you will re-injure. This is hard for me to think of, too.

      • Hi Lisa,
        Well I slept ok after the weight bearing and no pain. Just done some very gentle leg stretches, on my back with the boot off. Felt alright, but I was worried about knocking my foot. Also tryed to flex my ankle, its so stiff the movements are tiny, suppose this is how its going to be for a while.
        Sunshine is making me feel more cheerful!

    • i just be in a airboot know 12 days after surgery. 2 broken bones both sides of rightfoot! the airboot i am not sure whencitcis fitted correct? should it still hurt! can i take it off during nights? will it ever be normal again!!

  208. Hey, I broke the both of my anckles on my right foot. Had surgery May 12, 2012. Doc put in plates and screws. I am stiil in a daze of it all. Still taking pain pills for a week. Wiil go May 24 to take out staples and stiches. Hope to learn more about my injury Thursday. The day I was dismissed from the hospital the Doc’s asst. released me. Told me to stay off of foot, watch for fever, make sure no discharge of infection through bandages and toes don’t turn black. He did not sugar coat anything.

      • I never slelt in my boot. That was my descision. The boot would have drove me crazy. Today I went to my Doc for my check up. He gave me a great report. They took xrays and he said that he could not see where that brake was anymore. He said that it had healed wonderfully! Made my day too! He said that I could start putting as much weight on my foot as I wanted to. Still wear the boot for a week and start walking without boot in a week. But use cane or walker at my own pace. He wants to see me in a month hoping that I am walking on my own again. That would be a blessing to me!!! He said I would have some swelling for quite awhile. That is normal.

    • how are you know? i am in airboot since friday 6 july and suffer lot ofpain. i n move my foot inside the boot , is it right? i am very depressed 15 days but how on earth ill i get through weeks? i sleep with boot because i am o afraid i do something wrong . go ck to office today but suffer from unomfartableness but few hours in morning will get time passed but the effort to go there and back is bad bad!! sorry i m not doing anyone good!

      • I wrote on blog July 6th #228 I think once in the boot things started to go forward with me. While sittting or laying around the house I would take off the boot and do foot movements. Also would rub Vitimane E cream on foot and massage in. I could see some improvements each day. I did have pain but delt with it and kelp in mind, things would get better. This has not been the best Spring/Summer but I wiil get through it. My foot still swells and is still stiff. I do miss doing alot of things but I have to slow down now. Things will speed up again soon enough.

      • Thanks for all your replies! It help a lot! I too think i will take it off in the afternoons and rub it with oil – I am only working mornings know. Would you advise travelling in a vehicle for long distance now after 16 days after op? In Namibia you have to drive about 6 hours to get somewhere? And I want to go with my husband but do not know if i would make the long road?
        In the evenings my ankle pain most of the time and is a bit reddish on the operation marks – left and right! I believe it is the movement of the boot towards the cuts? But in the mornings it
        is gone. Thanks Savanna and I pray for both of us to be healed 100% Nice day for you!

        is gone

      • Personally I do not think that I could have handled a 6 hour trip. Is that just one way? Now after 2 months I would not do a 6 hour trip. If you are used to the long travel it may work for you. I was happy after about three weeks of my surgary my neighbor took me shopping and out to eat for a few hours. I was in a wheel chair most of the time. Believe me I was wore out when I got home. But the outing was worth it. God bless Diane my neighbor, she new I was starting to get cabin fever. Hope everything works for you!

      • excellent still long time for me , only 17 says, broke both sides of ankle. swelling and pain continue and i take it as long as it just heals!!! i am back office in the mornings in wheelchair and it helps to get the time past! i am sleeping with boot but few moments when lying on my back massage with arnica oil , and will do anything to get it heals properly. over 6 weeks the screws can get out hopefully nd then i can start with physio! i kmow there is worst thing on earth but i believe GOd will forgive me for seconds of frustration and depression! all the best for you savanna it gives me hope that this will pass before summer start septmber!!!

    • hi savanna just want to know how are you doing!? 18 days after surgery and to office some mornings but i am so fed-up with this dependence! i have pain and sweilling and still taking painpills every 5 to 6 hours! see ortopeed again on 23rd july. I read through all comments on nd on and it makes me feel misrable if i red about the 17 and more weeks before ableto walk again?? it is cold and it seems to be more painfull then but this i could takeas long as it heals in 6 weeks??? byr

      • It has been exactually 2 months since my foot break and surgery. I am walking with a cain and wearing my boot. I still have swelling and pain too. But not the same pain. My walking is slow and when I am out in public, people give me respect. I love it! I will be more respectful to others when my life turns around for the better. Today we traveled across town to see my son and his family. He lives about 10 miles/20 minutes from where I live. By the way, I live in Cleveland, Tennessee USA. My little 2 1/2 yrs. old granddaughter loves to play with my wheel chair, cain, etc. She also mocked me the other day coming up and down steps on my bottom. She is a hoot! The last visit to the Doc a week ago said that I could walk without the boot starting tomorrow and see how that goes. I will start slow. What I try to do is, think things out a move slowly with caution. It is nice that their is a web site to talk/write someone with simular problems with the foot!!!!! Good to hear from you Amanda and write soon. Savana

  209. i dropped a pop bottle out of the fridge door on my foot and didnt know it was broken for almost 4 months it was misdiagnosed as cellulitus now diagnosed correctly just know that every doctor doesnt get it right and you have to use common sense sometimes and get a second opinion !!!!!

  210. went today and got staples out and got xrays. Doc said everything was doing good. Bones were all in line. Fitted me to a boot. Can shower now! Can not put down pressure on foot to floor for 4-6 wks. Also said I could do some phys. theraphy at home to keep the foot flexiable. One day at a time!!!!!

    • Can you sleep and bath without the boot? 6 days after surgery plates and screws come out after 8 weeks and in 6 days I go to surgeon for open foot for first time after surgery and to put on the boot? Any positive out of your experience will help!

      • Dear Amanda,
        After I had my staples taken out (that was 10 days after my surgary) the Doc fitted me with a boot. He said I could shower now, that is without the boot on.
        Also, he told me to sleep with the boot on. But I did not do that, it was my descision. It worked for me. Now, I can press down on bathroom scales 60 lbs. with no problem. I use a walker and walk not using much pressure to floor with broken foot. My foot still swells daily and is still tender to touch. But I can tell I have progression daily. Just be patient and I tell myself that everyday! So much I want to do, I am a Susie Homemaker type of person. And do miss doing things.

    • hi savanna! wow it is 3 weeks today since ankle brokes and i am not feelingto bad anymore I do sleep with aircast because i feel more secure! so afraid i do something to jepordize the heealing process. go for bone density tests tommorrow because i have osteoporisis and ortopedic want to start with treatment a.s.a.p. i still need painpills 3 x a day. do you still have some pain and swelling? in namibia its winter and exceptionally cold so the staying in bed is not too bad!! i am only working
      5 hours in mornings and rest ofthe time stay in bed to help the recovery process! i so dearly want to walk again an have a normal life again!! my direct email is
      i like hearing from you because i do not know any one who had this almost life changing experience. i am 53 and feel like it right now!
      better than you i will be fine if our summer starts!!! bye amanda

  211. hey everyone-Fractured my 5th metatarsal last Friday plus a small break in my ankle..I play golf and had just won a tournament…so for the first 24 hours I had a pitty party with myself…now have my hands around it…I don’t need surgery which lifted my spirits…I immediately had my husband go out and get a knee scooter on which I put my knee on the seat and scoot around using my good foot..A LIFE SAVER..rented it for $60 for the month. I have no pain or immense swelling in my hurt foot…its just hard to sit on the couch with everybody waiting on me when id rather be nursing them!!! Never broken anything. I will be checking this site…but if you are just at the beginning, get the knee scooter from a medical supply place…crutches were not working.

    • I broke fifth metatarsal 2. Yrs ago. Rented the knee scooter at the beginning. It is a lifesaver. I had the pitty party too.The good news is it does heal and I hardly have don’t have any trouble at all anymore. Sometimes a little swelling when I am on it a lot but I do whatever I want to do.

      • Good luck, Cynthia. I’m 5 months out from broken 4th/5th metatarsals. Just jogged my second 5K a week ago – it takes time, the first few weeks are sometimes just endless. I hear you re: used to helping other folks – so it’s karma time — let your goodness come back to you! Speedy healing thoughts coming your way.

  212. Hello again, Last Friday I went back to see the Doc again. He said I could put pressure to the floor with my foot. He told me to get a bathroom scale and try to put 60 lbs. of pressure down just to get the feel. I could only do 35 lbs. I have 3 wks. to build up to 60 lbs. I am doing house chores now, washing dishes and cooking. Using a stool a sink and stove. Glad to feel useful again. My hubby is not a good cook but doing his best. Can’t wait to get totally mobile!

  213. I broke my right 5th met 6/13 after trying to close a window just beyond our whirlpool tub. I was on the ledge, landed on the outer aspect of my right foot in the tub. I got myself downstairs and iced it before my husband came home from work and we decided to go to urgent care. At urgent care the break was confirmed and I was put in a big black boot and given crutches…told no weight bearing, no driving, no lifting, and to follow-up with an ortho doc in 2-3 days. The ortho doc that I saw gave me the option of the AirCast boot, which would get rid of the crutches and allow me to bear weight as tolerated. After initially trying the boot in his office he said if I was comfortable I could go back to work and asked if work would allow me to wear the boot. I had no idea, but thought he was crazy for saying I could work as I am a nurse, working 12 hour shifts in an ICU. I transport patients and am on my feet all day. What the??? I was also told that if I absolutely had to, I could drive by putting my foot in a hard soled shoe, but would have to get back into the boot before I could get out, and at work I have about a 1/4 mile walk just to get to my unit. It has just been a week and I am stressed out thinking about working and driving. I can’t imagine it’s safe to be driving with a broken foot. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? I could do it and have no problems, but what if I were to get in an accident? Would my doctor be liable for having allowed me to drive? Also, I wouldn’t mind a period of time to allow my foot to heal before doing so much activity. I have 2 young children at home and am having a hard enough time caring for them and myself. I would not put their lives in danger by driving them around with my broken foot, why would I put mine and others on the road at risk? Either way, another girl on my unit broke her 5th met and was told 100% sitting duty for the first 4 weeks, then 70% the next 4, and after that she goes back to regular duty…I imagine. I will see the doctor again tomorrow and see if I’m healing and go from there. I would just like a moment to rest…I broke my foot after all…

    • I was not allowed to drive for as long as I was in the boot which turned out to be 7 weeks. The ortho was shocked that I even asked. Was told to limit my activity also. The one thing I learned is every orthopedic surgeon treats this break differently. I was scolded because mine was not healing as fast as he thought it should. What I have since learned is that I healed faster than almost everyone on this list. I would not drive and I certainly would not stand on my feet for 12 hours a day. Hope you heal fast.

  214. Dear ktg, I think you need another Doc. oponion. It has been 5 wks. since my surgery and I can barely put some pressure to the floor with a boot on. Tell the Doc. your situation maybe you will get some much need time off.

    • I’d agree with the two previous posters… I broke (comminuted fracture – pretty nasty, but no surgery needed was the verdict after week 1)my fourth/fifth right met on Jan 2, and it was 6 wks in the cam walker for me. No pressure for 3 weeks, then light pressure with crutches for the next three. Driving was a no no – I’d have done it in an emergency, but didn’t have a shoe my foot would have fit into. Your circumstances may be different, but I can’t envision 12 hours on a nursing shift… I concur that another doc’s opinion would be smart.

      Speedy healing and peace to you!

      • Dear ktg,
        You need to put your long term health and your family first. I broke my foot on Easter Sunday . I am still only partial weight bearing with the boot on, have driven short distances wearing a trainer for the last week only- them put the boot on again. Went back to work after 6weeks after my consultantsaid I was ok to work at a desk – Im a teacher , like thats going to happen! Lasted a morning before I was driven home by a colleague. My foot was so swollen and painfull and I probably put my recovery back. At work I felt more of a hinderance than help with the big boot and crutches
        Finally back at work last week , thats 9 wks later. My foot still swells, aches like crazy and the kids stare at the boot, but I needed that time to heal.
        We all heal at different rates and I am still a long way off. Progress is slow but will be slower if you do too much.
        Be kind to yourself, you need time to recover!

  215. Thank you all for your support. I do need to take a break and rest. Today I was re-evaluated by my orthopedic doctor and discussed my concerns about driving with a broken foot. I will be out of work for 4-8 weeks till it is healed/healing and then return with modified duty. I think this sounds like a great compromise, as I want to allow time for my foot to adequately heal, and keep myself and those around me safe. Here’s to recovery and hopefully getting back to normal in the next couple of months. : )

    • Sounds just right… I think I took my first trip back to work, which involves meetings and a lot of sitting (and taking the train into New York City, and cabs here/there instead of subway) about 1 month after my break. But with you on your feet so much, the time frame makes sense. Speedy healing vibes coming your way. Take care!

      • I’m glad to hear that you are getting some time off! I sprained my other foot about 7 years ago and I got a week off from work. Hoping around on one foot is not fun. Especially when you need to go to the bathroom. When the thought comes to mind go, don’t wait til the urge. Try to eat healthy and drink plenty of water. The calf muscle in my right leg looks like I stuck a pin in it and let out the air like a balloon. Wil be glad to have matching legs and feet without the scares.

  216. My name is Amanda from Windhoek namibia and I fell l down the stairs 23 June after 24 hrs I was operated and plates screws to fix 2 broken parts,in my foot, the other foot ligament fortunately but it is painful to use,. Next friday 6 July the ortopeed will take of the cast and place in boot! What can you do or not do with this boot? Should I be able to get into the bath and should I sleep with it? Apologies if my english is poor I am very much Afrikaans speaking!

    • Dear Amanda,
      I never did sleep with my boot on. The break and surgary you had sounds similar to mine. It has been a month and half since I had my surgary and I have been putting my foot to the floor just over a week ago. I still wear my boot when I do the walking and not to much pressure on broken foot. My doc told me to not over do with my foot. I do not want to go back into surgary and have it redone. This has been the worse thing physically I have ever had to happen to me. My foot still swells and stings where I had surgury. But it takes time to heal and I have come a long way from the beginning of all of this.

      • Thank you so much for some positive feedback! I am 53 and know it will take longer but at least there is hope! I am 5 days after op so it is still painfull but at least you give me some hope that with boot I might move more easily but will use crutches for long time!

  217. Wow hello everyone. I also broke my fifth metatarsal five days ago and it looks exactly like the picture. I was put into a full cast , toe to knee and non weight bearing. I find using crutches agonising. Not only my hands but the muscles under my arms and down my sides. The computer chair is my saviour. I was just wondering if anyone had experience of going abroad. I am due to go to Tunisia in five weeks and I just hope I might be in a walking boot.
    Any insight would be good …. I’ve never had experience of travelling with an injury . I notice people have some pain where I have none . I’m hoping this is a good sign for a speedy recovery

    • Hate to say this, Katherine, but you might need to re-consider your trip (pending how much walking you are supposed to be doing in Tunisia). But, I got OUT of my walking boot in week six. You could probably travel with one late in the game, if you are off crutches. You really need to talk this through with your doctor.

      I went to Morocco a few years ago with a group trip, and imagine it would have been far less fun exploring kasbahs and such in a walking boot. I had to cancel a New Zealand trip that was to take place three weeks after my 4/5 break on January 2 this year – just re-booked to next January.

    • hope you are better but ss i feel after 12 days post surgery i would not be able to travel! since yesterday the swelling is worst and pushing against the cast which is painfull and uncomfortable . see ortopeed tommorrow to take off cast in airboot did you experience this swelling as well! the other foot inguiries was only ligament but too start swell and get blue with times! this is indeed a bad bad experience and i have to get back to office monday! good luck for you. amanda

  218. Thanks Nancy…. Luckily I’m a lazy devil on holiday and don’t plan to do much . I’ve got my follow up appt. in two weeks and I’m going to beg them for maybe something where I might be able to have partial weight bearing with maybe a walking boot to aid getting around with the crutches.
    Amanda…. Sorry to hear you needed surgery. There was a possibility I might have needed pinning but the consultant decided against it . I’ve been lucky and had no pain at all in the cast and only some swelling when ive been out. (in a wheelchair) and my foot has been down.
    I do wake in the night and I get a feeling of claustrophobia but I’m ok in the morning… Anyone else get this?

  219. Hello everyone,
    Today I went to the Doc for my 2 month check up. I had very good news from my Doc. They took xrays and he said that he could not tell where my breaks were anymore. They had healed up so good! That made my day!!! He told me that I could now put as much pressure to the floor (with my boot on and using cain) that I could stand. I am to do this for a week and then I can do it without the boot. By the time I go back in 1 month the Doc wants me to be walking (if possible) with no boot or cain. I am so happy now i can be alittle more independent now. Back to cooking and cleaning now but at a slower pace. My husband is still (thank goodness) helping me out. The breakage I had in my foot was a Lateral Malleolus Fracture and I had metal plates and screws put in. It still swells and hurts some but I am trying to deal with it. I have come a long way and feel like I am comming home again from the land of OZ. I am 57 years old and it has been a rough experience!

  220. WOW! Sorry to hear all these stories but unfortunately I am joining the group. I broke my right foot…2nd, 3rd and 4th metarsals on June 22, 2012. I triped over a gas hose and twisted my foot while putting gas in my car. I actually drove 90 miles and back that day to a training class thinking I only sprained it. It hurt so bad on the way back that I knew there was probably a broken bone. I was in a boot for 10 days while waiting for MRI results. It showed no liagment or tendon damage just the breaks. Althought I don’t know how I couldn’t of not damage some. The breaks were straight across my foot towards the base of the metarsals. I had a cast put on two weeks ago and go back in another week for xrays to see if healing. If not Dr said possibly surgery. I have been working at desk job, but I try to keep foot elevated. It does not hurt except only when the cast rubs on the high spot on the foot and I have to rearrange so it. I have a rolling knee scooter and it has saved me. I tried crutches but I feel very unsteady and afraid I am going to fall again, but this scooter is the best and I highly recommend it. I hope to not have surgery as I feel the time I have spent will be wasted as I will then have to start my time over. I am glad to hear at least that my chances of walking again will come evidently but probably not 6-8 weeks like I was thinking. I am quite active and it has been so frustrating relying on others to help. I am 58 and also concerned about healing slower and I am taking more calicium now in hopes it might help some.

    Good luck to you all and hope you all will be walking independently again soon.

    • Dear Kathy,
      It is so strange one day things are going great and the next 12 hours later you are flat on your back with a broken foot. Never would of thought of going to a screaching hault like this! It has been 2 months and 3 days since my surgery. My summer fun outdoors is passing me by. I am walking with a regular shoe on and with a cane now. Everything with my foot and legs are still stiff. My good leg has been carring must of the weight. My good knee feels stiff and sore at times. Today was the first day that I felt like I could really stand up straight and even. The boot seemed to throw me off standing up straight. I need to start doing more streaches and excerising. My husband had been my helper. He does the best he can but has a short temper. I give him a 2 on the scale of 1 to 10. I guess it gives me more drive in getting better soon! Just hang in there and don’t rush things!

      • Thanks for the encouragement. I am glad you are on the way to full recovery. I agree summer is passing us by. My grandson is here visiting for the month of July and I can’t do much with him. A note about the stiffness, I already have it too as I notice it in my toes. Before the cast I could move them (except the big toe) and now they are very stiff and hurt slightly when I try to move them. I guess this is just the way it is for awhile.

        Happy healing and be careful as you start your new independence.

      • Stiffness let up once I was out of the walking cast (Camwalker) – but had to do slow rotations, warm water treatments, etc. for 3-4 weeks to get the flexibility back in my foot (broken 4/5 mets on Jan 2). It does get better – had my 54th birthday today, and jogged 4 miles. Was really back on my feet by the end of March, by and large, 3 months in total. Was endless at the start – boredom and discomfort – but now it’s a foggy haze and life has moved along. Sending best wishes for speedy healing – sounds like with your osteoporosis, some treatment to quicken bone growth is a good idea. I have osteopenia (mild bone density problem), but healed up pretty good. Once in awhile the injury site tweaks at me, but mostly AOK. You’ll get there – hang on!

    • Hello Kathy,
      We all have something in common, BROKEN FOOT! I am 57 years old and don’t bounce back as quick! I am feeling better and have a good Doctor. Will see him again in one month. He wants to see me walking as normal as possible next time I see him! Each day when I wake up I am alittle stiff. After about 1 hour of movemnt I seem to limber up. My foot still swells and feels stiff. Doing so much better than this time last week!

  221. hi kathy i had broken both sides of my right foot ankle. had surgery and is today 3 weeks since. i do have much pain and are not allowed to use that foot at all for 8 weeks. in aircast since the 10 th day after surgery. i even sleep with it because i feel more secure! want to be on my feet before summer! it is very cold in namibia this winter and the staying in bed is not to bad!! i have poor bone density and have tests tomorrow and hopefully with the treatment it will helps the healing process! hope the best for you too!

  222. Hi Everyone, I too have spiral fractured my 5th Metatarsal and reading this has helped me somewhat… I was put into a cast for 4 days until the swelling went down and I now have a boot for 6 weeks. I am 10 days in and I am completely frustrated, I feel helpless and I am in pain.

    I am in pain moreso when I have my foot down at work because I cant get the elevation right. I ahve been told I can bear weight on my heel but I get pain down the left side where the break is. The first doctor I saw said I would need to have an operation but when I saw the specliaist he feels it MAY heal on its own fine! The issue I have is I am getting married in 15 weeks and I want to be out of this thing and pain free.. I am worried upon the 6 week xray they will decide to operate…

    I am finding sleeping hard as the weight of the doona on my foot becomes unbearable so I too have been wearing the boot the last few nights but that is also heavy and provides pain in areas where it connects over a long period of time…

    The worst is the pins and needles doe anyone get it chronic still? I am wondernig whether 10 days in I should still have it so bad… I try to reduce it by lowering my foot then I get the throb so I try to elevate it again (also very hard at work) not sure if I should go back to doctor or this is normal this many days out?

    I hope that someone else has also been in this situation with a positive outcome 🙂

    Hope everyone heals well.. 🙂

    • hi court i am 23 days after surgery for broken ankle both sides of foot. no allowed to use foot at all. after 12 days cast off and in airboot! i cannot bear the pain without painpills 3 times a day. i take the boot off for bathing and if lying on the bed i massage calf and between cuts with srnica oil. that help a lot. frustration eventually get better after 3 weeks because you get a bit use to this helplessness, depending on goodwill from others etc…. i have to talk to myself a lot not to get desperate! the fact that i am older 53 helps …. must be unbearable for young people with children etc. we run s business so its not a problem for me to stay at home when i wish too! but must say my husband pressure me to come to office even 4 hours daily otherwise i get to depressed! life has to go on! but this is still hard for me to accept! tell yourself over and over, it will pass, you will get on your feet again, thank God this is not a life thretening desease! there is people out there suffering so much!! – this is the only way i get to stay positive! it too does not hlp that it is winter in namibia snd very very cold! good luck for you and you are welcome to email me directly if you wish, any time.

      bye amanda

      • Hi Amanda… Wows sounds like you have worse injuries than I do you poor thing! I am 28 years old and havent got any kids thank god because I thought the same thing…my god what would these poor people do if they did. I do however foster dogs and have 4 at home who lets just say ‘get udner my feet’ haha.

        Worse part about the whole ordeal is I dont have any sick leave accured at work and cannot take leave without pay as I am geting married in November and need all the money I can save. My work has offered for me to use annual leave and then possibly pay it to me inadvance down the track if I need it. its just a huge added stress!

        I am more worried I wont be walking properly in 15 weeks and my wedding day will be ruined!
        The doctors have been less than helpful one telling me to take boot off to sleep one telling not too, then one telling me to bear weight in my heel and they other telling me not too – its so hard to know what to do to promote quicker healing…..

        So biting my lip I haul myself into the office everyday and endure the throbbing pain for 8 hours at my desk and try to elevate it on a seat next to me that puts me in no possible position to see my computer front on and becomes totally uncomfortable in about 10 mins! I then have horrible pins and needles that takes ages to go away only to be replaced with the deep throb 😦 Its a massive burden and a huge pain but you are right we are lucky its only a matter of time so to speak and not forever!

        My fiance Kris has been fantastic but is completely exhausted of having to do everything… good training for becoming my husband I say lol
        His now sick with the flu which makes life even more difficult! I have a friend coming to help me cleans the house and she also made us some coup last ngiht which was fantastic!

        anyway it is nice to know others are enduring the same pain even though I woudlnt wish it upon anyone… it is somewhat comforting!

        Glad your husband is making you go to work for a few hours a day to improve your mood 🙂 Wish I could stay home though!

        Take care and let me know how the recovery goes.


    • Dear Court,
      It sounds to me that you are stiil alot pain. Personally during this time I think you need time at home to heal. The first month I was in lots of pain and hard to get comfortable. At home you can stand on your head if needed. Second month was better. I had surgery right after I broke my foot. Plates and screws, swelling and scares. Now into my 3rd month and am walking with cain. Foot is still very stiff and swells. I am still moving slow but making progress. I think back to the beginning and have come a long way. I think by 15 weeks you should be in pretty good shape. Only time will tell. When I got cast off and could wear boot things started to look up. Another thing I noticed I still don’t have my strength back. I am trying to do daily chores and wear out pretty quick. Hang in there, do the best you can and you will be suprised how time flies!

      • Hi Savana Wow sounds like your must have done a good job on your break you poor thing. Yesterday was the first day without chronic pins and needles so I felt pretty accomplished 🙂 I have my foot in a boot they took the cast off after 4 days.. The boot is easier esp for showering thank god!

        My foot looks in good shape when I wake up from having it elevated but then after 8 hours of it down at work its a swollen mess again!

        I dont mind if I cant wear heels on my wedding day at this point being able to bear weight well be enough 🙂

        I cant believe its been 3 months… that just seems so long! I can imagine the bones would be very weak after an injury like this. I play basketball but I dont think I will even attempt it until I can walk properly.. If I redamaged my foot I would be devastated.

        Do you think breaks have much to do with bone density? I have been taking calcuim tablets with vitamin D but wondered whether it would be worth getting a bone density test? Reason I ask is my injury was sustained just from a slight roll in my foot I didnt even fall over and have injury my feet far worse without any breaks… seems strange to me!

        Anyway hope you start to be able to sustain longer on your feet each day, I tell you after this I cherish the simple things 🙂


  223. Hello Court,
    Glad things are getting better with you and foot! I am doing about the same but yesterday I broke a (tooth) crown. Dentist gave me antibotics and going on vacation for a couple of weeks and deal with me when he gets back. Today I thought I would do without anything for pain. During the day I usually take an Ibprofren. I felt crappy all day. Caved in after I had dinner an took an advile. Feel better now. Not planning tomorrow like that. Foot still swells and stiff. I told my son yesterday (he has been married for 5 years) that you were worried about your foot at your wedding. He said that the good thing is you can walk slowly down the isle.

    You can ask or your call his office and ask about the bone density test. I would guess with your age and in good health and staying active you have good density. Doesn’t hurt to ask! Savana

    • HI Savana I cant believe you broke a crown you poor thing! After everything you have going on and now this 😦 Hope long has it been since the break?

      I saw my GP last week and he told me I have broken to worst bone in my foot due to stability and he has 3 patients that will be in the boot for 4-6 months so that made me feel worse!

      At this stage if I can bear weight at my wedding I dont care just as long as I can stand tall and walk lol

      I had a weekend with my foot up on the couch for the entire time my swelling went right down and my foot look almost normal apart from the bruising… then after the swelluing has gone down I have had more pain with the boot hitting the broken spots and there is not swelling for support so today I feel like I cant win!

      Anyway this is week 3 started for me not that I am counting lol

      Hope your tooth is feeling ok, another thing I have had plenty of it dental surgery 11 years ago I fainted and broken about 9 teeth so when you piece it together I sound very clumsy and unlucky!

      Hope you have been painkiller free for a few days! I was and then started on them again last night!

  224. Hey Court,
    It has been 2 months and 11 days since my break/surgery. First thing in the mornings my foot almost normal, I’m talking about no swelling. I have noticed to that I am seeing old familar things about my foot. I can see the blood vessels and a tiny scare on the top of my foot that I got as a child. When everything was swellen could just see a fat Flintstone foot! My foot is very stiff in the mornings, but when I put my shoes or sandles on I can move and bend better. When the Dentist put me on antibodics within two days I could see more improvemet in my foot. My hubby said that he could see a difference. Could not tell which foot was broken. Also when I got my cast off after 10 days of surgery my calf in my leg looked like all the air was let out like a balloon. Now after bearring all weight down on foot my muscle has filled back out. Makes me happy! Walking normal is a big thing for me too! W

    • Hi Savana… so you are walking normal now? or are you in a boot? Do they know how long if you are until you can take it off? I have only been 16 days and still have that deep throb! Its feeling a bit better today.. I can bear weight on my heel in the boot but with it off my foot is very weak and any weight in my heel impacts my whole foot and hurts.

      My calf looks somewhat like that.. its very floppy and has no definition.. My poor other leg is over used and my good foot is so sore from all the thumping on the ground when using the crutches… you cant win!

      Hope today is a good one 🙂

    • Goodday all! I am on top of the world! X Rays and Dr yesterday – 4 weeks after op – and he is very satisfied! Wounds open know and it looks like a reconstructive surgeon who did it! Good work – must say that he studied in United states and South Africa even though he is Namibian. The bones healed well. The ligaments will take time but at least the bones is healing. Next appointment in theater the 23rd August to take out one of the long screws who keep the ligaments attached to the bones! Then only I will get physio to start walking, but I am now very relax because my bone density tests was normal and it just was a hard fall down stairs and the wrong treatment afterwards that cause the most damage! which he taught might be the osteoporoses. Dr too said I can drive and use pain pills when needed it is normal to have pain and swelling still ! Have a great day all!

      • Dear Amanda,
        I am so glad you had such of a good Doctor’s visit!!!!! I am always happy to. go and see the Doc and hearing progress. This has been a long ride!!!! This morning foot is still stiff and not taking nightly pain pills. Got a herbal sleeping pill to help me sleep. I does, so so or fairly good. I looked on the internet on time zones and I think you are 7 hours ahead of my time zone here in Southeast Tennessee. How far are you from your doctors’s office. It is about 6 miles for me and takes about 10 minutes to drive there. Hope you have a great day! Savana

      • Hi Amanda

        Thats fantastic news, good for you 🙂

        what sort of wrong treatment did you receive intially?

        I have 3.5 weeks to til my next xray! I am feeling as you said less frustrated coming into week 3 and now being able to bear weight on my heel in the boot is a massive plus means I can stand for longer and not feel so helpless when doing simple things like washing my hands lol

        Hopefully the wait til the screw comes out goes quickly 🙂
        Stay positibe 🙂

      • Hi Amanda

        Thats fantastic news, good for you 🙂

        what sort of wrong treatment did you receive intially?

        I have 3 weeks to til my next xray! I am feeling as you said less frustrated coming into week 3 and now being able to bear weight on my heel in the boot is a massive plus means I can stand for longer and not feel so helpless when doing simple things like washing my hands lol
        I stood in the shower this morning without using the seat and just balanced on my heel I felt very accomplished 🙂
        i am also getting around pretty well on the crutches the pain from leaning on them and the pain under myarms has gone now I know how to weight properly 🙂

        Hopefully the wait til the screw comes out goes quickly 🙂
        Stay positive 🙂 Hope your trip away isnt too much on your foot and I am glad your dont have to cook or clean, My fiance is also doing a good job of all those chores 🙂

        take care


  225. I am out of the boot since about 2 weeks ago and wearing tennis shoes and my Cabela’s sandles. My sandles are made very good and have good adjustable strapes. I am using a cain too. I also walk with a limp. When I said, walking normal is a big thing for me too, I meant the day of walking without a limp and no cain. Today I bought some herb sleeping pills. The pain pills helped the pain and helped me sleep too. Now trying not to take the pain pills thought I would try the sleeping pills. Will let you know how it works. A broken foot has diffentanly been a life style change! It is so weird how the body works in a balance. My good leg/foot has really gone through alot trying to help the broken foot/leg. Had a great day today and got alot done. Actually washed and hung out clothes. It took longer to do, but time is one thing I have. Have a great day! Savana

    • Oh Savana I am so jealous of your tennis shoe wearing lucky lady 🙂 I am feeling pretty good today minimal pain and actually stode balancing with me heel in the shower today 🙂 I am using the cructhes heavily but trying to rest on my heel to give my good foot a rest haha.

      Sounds like you still have alot of pain though esp sleeping its funny how you think that would have gone once your walking more freely but I guess your using the broken weak part too which would cause a bit a chaos.

      Glad your able to do some chores it does give you a sense of accomplishment. I packed the dishwasher last night balancing for the first time 2.5 weeks so I was impressed 🙂

      Hope it only improves 🙂

      • Dear Court,
        It was so up lifting to hear of your accomplishments yesterday! Seems like it took me about a month to make it to the kitchen sink and stove. My husband thinks I’m a good southern cook and everythime I went to the Doc he ask when would I be able to cook again. I got a stool to sit on to do cooking and dishwashing. Now I am getting into the groove of everything. Even changed bed sheets and vacumning. It took longer than usual but I “Gott ur done!” ha ha! Also, have learned to go up and down steps. I can go up better than down. My little grand daughter, will be 3 yrs. old in September and was mocking me going up and down steps on my bottom a few weeks ago. I am glad I’m past that phase of my life! I never did use crutches instead I used a two differant kinds of walkers. One with wheels and seat and the other without wheels and seat. Also, I borrowed a wheel chair when we went out to eat.. The electric wheel chair in grocery store and Walmart were awesome too. In the shower I used a shower/bath chair. Still using it some just for security and I stand up too. I have retired the wheel chair and walkers but still use the cain. I walk around alittle without cain too, but when I’m out and about of the home I use it for sure. Have a great day! Savana

      • Hi Sanava! so nice to read your comments. I am only going to have a screw remove the 23rd August before I can start with phsio and weigth bearing but will come there! The steps I rather use my bottom up and down. I dont have any confidence in crutches! Use them on the outmost situations. I do not want to fall again! Most of the time I am using a wheelchair and top floor of my home on a typist chair! My husband is very much supportive – I do not need to cook or clean, nothing! I go to the office in the mornings, thats all. I just have to travel with him which is very exhausting for me, but I have to think about the little things he want too ! Sitting in the passenger seat is all he wants from me. Doctor said too I can travel but to put the foot on the dashboard! We go tomorrow to Kalahari desert and its about 6 to 7 hours drive, stay over in lodge for 2 days and then back! I really hope it do not hurt to much, because I do have still lot of pain! I cannot wait for the next 4 weeks to past! Have a nice day!

      • Dear Amanda,
        I can tell by your writing this time that you are doing so much better!!! Progress from the Doctor means alto too!!! People like us, were so active and lots of motavation going on in our life, then suddenly goes to a halt with a broken foot. It is a slow, patient process to recovery. But the good thing is were’re getting over the hump!!!!! About in a week and half I will be going back to see Doctor and hope he will like the way I am walking! Also, he wants to take xrays to see how walking on foot is still healing. Bones have healed but I guess to see how the plates and screws are hanging in there. I hope just fine cause I have petted my foot so much!!! Let me know how your trip goes!!!! Take care, be safe and write soon. Savana

      • HI Savana… its funny how the tiniest things can make your day when you have an injury such as break to the foot!
        I can imgaine you going up and down the steps on your bottom lol your granddaughter would have thought it was hilarious!
        Nice your Husband misses your cooking 🙂
        You are very lucky missing out on the crutches they are not much fun!

        Last night was the first night I was able to put the blanket on my bed over my foot the weight was bearable it wasnt the most comfortable but my little toes were not frozen. I am Australia and in Canberra the capital and we ar ein Winter at the moment so the temp drops to about minus 6 overnight and we dont use heating while sleeping… so my little toes are red and cold when I wake!

        I am also lucky I have no steps on my house I only have to get in and out of the shower over a small rise but have got that down pat! I didnt even use the seat in the shower this morning I was able to balance well on my heel without the boot with minimal pain.

        Tomorrow is week 3, 3 weeks to go to my xray! I hope yours goes well and your screws are holding up… hopefuly the doctor is impressed and is only up hill from here 🙂

  226. Dear Court,
    Glad you can cover your toes up! That shows us how sensitive our break to foot is. My ankles are still sensiitve but no where near as bad.
    Yesterday, my husband and I went over to my son’s house to visit. My little grand daughter asks me if my foot was better yet. Sorry to tell her no and her Nonnie hopes to get better soon. I want to do some babysitting soon too. Her Mother will be going back to school teaching next week. And the grandmothers do the babysitting. She is at the age where you need to be on your toes!

    A week from today I will go back to foot Doctor hopefully for the final time! Hope xray look good too! Will let you know whats going on
    Getting excited too, my hubby and I are starting to build a new house. Now we are living in our RV. We have been traveling the USA in it. It has been
    super fun! We came back because our parents were in ill health. Since then they have passed on. The only parent that is living is my Dad. He is doing good as of now!

    Keep up the good progress!!

    • Hi Savana

      I cant believe you have a week to go how exciting! I have just started week 4 so I have 3 weeks to go.

      I bet it would be hard for you not being able to do much with your granddaughter! Feet as so important and its one of the more frustrating things to hurt I have decided!

      I have been able to maybe stumble I would say around the house well around the kitchen or my room bearing some weight on my heel. It hurts my hip a little though as the boot puts my leg out of alignment.

      I ams til suing crutches as they dont hurt me anymore and I can use them alot better then 2 weeks ago 🙂 I have had a few falls though mainly on public toilets when I havent been able to wait and the floors have been filled with water – the crutches just slip out and I always seem to put my bad foot down for the extra support!

      anyway building a new house with keep you busy and your mind off whats happening at present! I am happy you only have a week to wait!
      Good luck and let me know how you go 🙂 Court.

      • Hi Savana

        Thats exciting that you drove all that way and pain free 🙂 what an accomplishment… the sandle and sock would have provided some good support.

        Cane sounds like a good plan I said that to my fiance this morning I should trade the crutches in once I can roll my foot forward instead of just weight on my heel and get a wlaking stick. I wasnt given an other options apart from crutches btu I have gotten better at using them and pain free under my arms!

        Your poor gums 😦 I hate tooth extractions and I have had so many from my fainting accident! You need to rest up!

        Shame the weather is hot and you cant walk far, its freezing in Australia where I am in Canberra – its about minus 4 degrees when I wake at 7am and the days are getting to 10 degrees which isnt too bad but I stay indoors its to hard for me to get out for lunch when I am at work..

        Not long til your Doctors appointment 🙂 very good news I hope.
        I have 3 weeks to go til I have a follow up dam it!

        Take care

  227. 3 days into a 5th met break and very nervous after reading this blog 🙂 broke mine at a taekwando class and have been told min 6 weeks in a cast. have appointment at fracture clinic in 3 days time so fingers crossed. my wife has been brilliant so far thankfully. shocked at how much it affects your life. i broke my elbow in an mtb accident and it took 2 years to heal, but did not affect my life this much! great to read eveyones stories – good luck!

    • As you’ll see, everyone’s break (and healing experience) are different. I broke (comminuted, aka really messy fracture) my 4th/5th mets stepping off stairs in the dark en route to a midnight snack (missed one step). Spent the first week waiting on xray #2 which determined no surgery needed. Did six weeks in a cam walker (MUCH nicer than a plaster cast). No weight bearing for three weeks, then light weigt bearing for three weeks, then walking in cam walker with no crutches for three weeks, then three weeks sneakers. Lots of upper body workout on my condo stairs until I could walk in the boot. HATED crutches and didn’t trust them on stairs.

      I broke foot day after New Year’s Day, ran (well, jogged) my first ever 5K on May 5th. Spent late March/April walking, jogging. Foot is 100% now, and I hope your healing path will be speedy and thorough!

      Regards, Nancy C

    • Hi Stevieg I did same break on 7 july I am just starting week 4, I was in plaster for 4 days then fracture clinic day 4. they put me into boot and said 6 weeks min as well. I am just starting week 4 I can just weight bear on my heel when in boot no pain without boot on heel is still veyr fragile. My foot looks horrible purple and bruised, the swelling has gone done dramamtically though but with swelling I have found boot hurts break site as it bangs against it when moving around!
      Good luck with it, my fiance has also been fantastic week 1-2 is the worst and after that you leanr to cope better. I am still using crutches completely maybe just slightly weight bearing around bedroom when getting dressed etc…

      I have another followup xray in 3 weeks to see whether surgery is needed. I get married in 14 weeks so I am hoping so badly that this is better so I can at least walk normally 😦

      You value feet so much more when you cant use one!

      Good luck try not to worry about it too much there is honestly nothing much you can do! I found taking boot off to watch TV and having it up was a nice break from the weight of it but foudn my foot felt ore secure in the boot as it would fall forward and hurt the break site again!

      cheers Court.

  228. Wow! I can’t believe all of this. I broke my fifth on July 1 and walked on it for five days until my toes turned black…went to the dr. Walking boot, no weight bearing, crutches for 3 weeks. Now my dr. says I can walk with the boot. It is killing me! Has anyone started walking with the boot only after 3 weeks? This is worrying me. I do not want to make it worse. I look forward to your replies.

    Thanks, Gail V.

    • Hi Gail,
      I am not in walking boot yet, but still in cast. I know that it depends on how severe and where the break is. I would tell your dr about your concerns and if you are still in doubt, a second opinion may help calm your concerns. As you read thru the other stories, the only similarity is our foot. Different areas within our foot and diffrent dr advice will give many treatments so we will have not quite the same time frame. I did not have surgery just a cast but many have and sometimes I wonder if I should of had pins to help with healing. I wish you well and if you are not ready to walk yet, speak up and let your dr know you have concerns.

      Good Luck, Kathy

      • Thank you for your reply, Kathy. I know everyone is different but I read every posting and no one started walking in three weeks. I have a calcium deposit on the side of my break forming which my dr. said is a good thing as it will make the bone stronger. I am using my crutches somewhat again and am once in a while putting my weight on the boot. I will continue to use the crutches until I feel comfortable. I’d get a second opinion, but that would probably piss my doctor off and I don’t want to do that. I’m sure she knows what’s she doing (I hope). Today I am going to attempt to drive my stick shift car with a tennis shoe on. Since I walked on and drove for five days after I broke my foot, I guess it will be okay. I wish you a speedy recovery and thanks again for replying.


    • Hi Gail,
      I was in temporary cast for one week, then walking boot and started walking in boot as soon as they put it on. It is awkward, but so much better than crutches. Good luck.

      • Thank you for your reply. Wow…now that was really fast…so I guess I will try my best to walk on this thing…even tho it hurts like heck when I do. I drove my stick shift car today and pushing in the clutch did not hurt at all (I wore a tightly laced tennis shoe while driving). Thanks again and I hope you recover quickly!


      • Just start weight bearing on your heel and then use your cructhes and slowly roll your foot forward still holding your weight up.. I have been able to do that the last few days without pain 🙂

    • Hi Gail I have same break as you from 7 July and I have just started weight bearing in the boot only on my heel. Without the boot I struggle to weight bear but can balance well without crutches. I found the boot so heavy and it hurt across my break site but start of week 4 I am now finding it farily easy. I still get deep throbbing pain in foot if I bear weight on break site accidently instead of on heel. My GP told me to stay off it where the specialist told me to weight bear straight away, for fear of hurting it anymore I have stayed off it til now. Good luck and let me know how you go!
      I have another xray in 3 weeks to monitor progress and see if surgery is needed! Court.

      • Thank you for replying. You seem to have received the same instructions as I did about weight bearing so that makes me feel better. I am still using my crutches cuz it really hurts when I try walking without them. I think I will use them another week and see how it goes. My dr. told me I did not have to come back and after two weeks, if I feel like it is okay, just start wearing shoes. I drove my stick shift car today and pushing in the clutch did not hurt at all (I wore a really tightly laced tennis shoe) and then put the boot back on to walk. So, we will see how it feels tomorrow. I hope you don’t have to have surgery. Why would they let you walk on it if they think you may need surgery?


    • Hi Gail I have same break as you from 7 July and I have just started weight bearing in the boot only on my heel. Without the boot I struggle to weight bear but can balance well without crutches. I found the boot so heavy and it hurt across my break site but start of week 4 I am now finding it farily easy. I still get deep throbbing pain in foot if I bear weight on break site accidently instead of on heel. My GP told me to stay off it where the specialist told me to weight bear straight away, for fear of hurting it anymore I have stayed off it til now. Good luck and let me know how you go!
      I have another xray in 3 weeks to monitor progress and see if surgery is needed! Court.

      • Hi Gail
        I have no idea why they said i could weight bear the specliast told me too in boot after a week or so and my general doctor told me not too so its hard to know what to do because I dont want to prolong the healing time by walking on it!

        I cant believe you can get your foot into a shoe! I cant its still too swollen 😦 I am getting married in 14 weeks so I am so stressed about whether or not I can walk properly!

        Anyway sounds like you are doing ok! I cant believe you can pushy a clutch in with your foot? mine would be way too painful.

      • Congratulations on the marriage. I actually believe the boot makes your foot worse when u r not walking. So, I take it off at night and put my foot up on a pillow. I read that elevation helps with the swelling. And I keep it up most of the day too in my recliner on a pillow. Maybe that is helping with the swelling. I also read that putting ice on it periodically (but not for too long at a time) will help with the swelling also. And I don’t know if it’s true or not, but I saw on the news where wine helps make your bones stronger. I am not a drinker, so I have not tried that yet but might! They said two five ounces of wine per day. My doctor wants me to take Calicum and Vitamin D now…1200 Calicum and 800 D. You don’t say how old you are and I don’t know if Court is a man’s or a woman’s name. I guess women need Calicum more than men, for some stupid reason. I hope you get to walk down the aisle without limping. What bad timing to break your foot! I don’t know if this means anything either but my nails and hair grow really fast. Maybe my bones heal fast too? Good luck and have a wonderful marriage!!!!


      • Hi Gail I am a girl named Courtney 🙂 I am 28 years old so thought I would have had healthy bones but I too am now taking the calcuim and vitamin D. My hair grows fast but my nails or horrible very weak and snap so hopefully the vitamins will help those too haha

        I also take the boot off at night to sleep and also when on the lounge I am work still and havent reallyhad anytime off so I can elevate it when I am at my desk its very frustrating!

        I feel secure in the boot though without it I can hardly balance on my heel!
        I have it on a pillow in bed too its helps because by morning it almost looks normal apart from the purple from lack of ciurculation..

        I cant believe your toes went black…. Do you need surgery or are they waiting too see how it heals?

      • Well, it sounds like u r trying everything. Sorry you have to work. I am retired and I don’t think I would have been able to go to work. What do you do for work? Hopefully you do not have to get up and down a lot. As for your fingernails…there are some things you can do. Drink gelatin. I think you can buy it in the jello aisle. Or, if you like jello, eat a lot of it. There is also a nail product called Ten Perfect Nails. It is clear but makes your nails stronger. Also, file your nails daily to make sure there are no rough edges to catch on anything. I keep mine relatively short and kind of flat. You’ll want pretty nails for your wedding! I hate the fake nails. They can’t be good for your nailbeds.

        My doctor told me to walk on the boot for two weeks and then if I think everything is fine, I’m done. I guess my break wasn’t that bad??? Who knows. When you read all the comments in here, everyone got a different way of healing from their doctors. So, I guess it is a crap shoot. I drove my car yesterday, stick shift, with a tightly laced tennis shoe, and it didn’t hurt at all pushing in the clutch. I am still leary about trying to walk with the boot w/out crutches so I am dragging them along still. Last night, as I was sitting down in my chair to undress, I tripped a little and the boot kind of tweaked upward and my toes bent backward. So now my third toe hurts so I probably broke it. As long as my foot didn’t rebreak, it’s all good.

        I hope you have a beautiful wedding and live happily ever after. Where do you live, if I may ask? I live in Southern California.


      • Hi Gail thanks for the advice about the nails 🙂 that makes sense and I h ave heard that filing actually stimulates the nail bed to grow faster so I will try what you have suggested 🙂 I had fake nails in my early 20’s for about 5 years and when they came off my nails were disgusting underneath so I vowed to myself to never get them again…..I do want nice nails for my wedding though so I will try and look afetr them 🙂

        It is strange how everyone can seem to have the same breaks but we have all been given different advice… kind of frustrating really! I have had 3 falls since in my boot with crutches 2 of them in public toliets on wet floors and 1 up some stairs each time I have fell I have put my bad foot out to brace myself and its felt like I have resnapped the bone very painful.

        I also lie in bed at night and not meaning too I point my toes and strecth my foot and it feels like my bone snaps over and over its horrible. I find the boot keeps it in a neutual position where I can move it which is probably the point haha

        Glad your able to drive and wera a tennis shoe! 2 weeks isnt long maybe your break was smaller or something or in a different spot where your able to bear more weight? Mine is right on the pressuren point just up from my toes so any extra movement causes a deep horrible pain.

        I live in Australia 🙂 I do have to work but its in an accounting office so I am lucky most people get up and get everything for me they have been really nice! getting lifts to and from work has beent he hassle I was told not to drive but I could now we ahve an automatic so I woudlnt even need to use my bad foot but parking is too far form my work for me to crutch over I woudl be in agony!

        anyway hpoe you have a good day in California 🙂 We are in winter at the moment and where I live its about minus 4 degrees when I get up…


      • hello Court,
        I thought I would let you know that I drove myself to the Dentist office today,it is about 30 mins. away from my home. Wore my Cabela’s sandles with a footie sock. I had no trouble. I am carring the cane mostly, just in case I need it. I am getting alittle more flexiable with foot walking. I was planning to do more walking each day but today after the dental office visit it took the wind out of my sail. I had to sit in the dental chair for an 1 1/2 hours. Doc had kinda tough time getting the root out of gum. The dentist said and I saw it the root was sorta crooked. Friday, I see my foot Doc. and looking forward to that. Talking about the weather, it has been extreamly hot here in Southeast Tennessee USA! The hottest July on record. I don’t like to rush time but I am
        looking forward to fall like weather. It to hot now to get out and walk. I do not work now and like to walk about 10:00 AM. At that time now it is in the 90’s and humid. At evening we like to enjoy camp fires but needs to be cooler. I think by the time you get married your foot and nails should be in good shape!!! Also, be careful with the crutches, falling is not fun! I used a walker, sounds kornie, but it worked for me and more stable. It sounds like you have the crutches under control. Since I am standing on 2 feet now, seems like I am getting more engery and better cordination. I enjoy waking up each morning just try out my walking. I will never take this experience for grated!
        Keep in touch, Savana

  229. Hello everyone, I posted a couple of weeks ago and just updating. I broke 2nd,3rd,4th metatarsals end of June, five weeks ago. Have cast on and went back last Monday for check up. Cast was removed and xrayed and dr said looks good, although the 2nd was slightly off alignment he said would be ok. Put another cast on and I go back in two weeks and then switch to a boot. Last night I was using crutches (and I hate using them) I fell and the natural instinct was to catch myself with my casted foot. I put alot of weight on it and actually bent the end of my cast. I am so worried I reinjured the breaks or moved them. There was no pain at all, so I am thinking perhaps I am ok. Today I so have some little twinges, but no real pain. I will call the dr tomorrow and see what they think.

    I do have a question for those of you using the walking boot. I was in one the first 10 days and it was heavy and I am not looking forward to it. I almost would like to keep cast on, but know I must graduate to boot. Do any of you have issues with the weight of the boot (my is so heavy and large) and also the straps going across the injured site? I am concerned about the pressure moving the bones out of alignment. Of course I guess they would not put you in one if that would happen.

    I am so sorry to hear that some of you still have pain, hope you all are pain free and walking soon and good luck to you all. My dr says it just takes time and patience and we all want good outcomes, but it sure is not fun missing summer activities.

    Take Care, Kathy.

    • I am in a walking boot and have been since day one since I live alone and insisted I had to be able to drive my stick shift and walk. However, I did not drive and did not walk for 3 weeks. Now my dr. says I can walk with the boot. I am having a lot of pain where the break is (the fifth) where I did not have any pain before (I even walked on my break for five days before going to the dr.). I too think the boot is extremely heavy and my foot is pretty much swollen and painful by the end of the day (even when I was using crutches). I was bad and took it off at night, using a wrap at night and putting my foot on a large pillow. In the morning, my foot looked great and felt great. So, my advice is to unstrap the boot when you are sitting with your foot up and take it off at night. If you aren’t very good on your crutches, though, be extremely careful going potty at night. I was lucky and did pretty well on them even though my arms and good leg took a beating. I am 61 y/o and am 50 lbs. overweight…so the weight is going to come off (I hope) when I am better. I also saw a news casts that actually said they did research and two five ounces of wine a day improves your bones. I am not a drinker, so have not tried that as of yet. I really feel for you. This is miserable. Did you read about renting the scooter device? That sounds like a wonderful idea. Good luck….I really feel for all the people who have to go through this…especially the pregnant ones and the ones with babies and children. I wish the best for you and a speedy recovery.


      • Hi Gail! i like the wine one! haha may be the reason i am busy healing so good! my ankle break both sides, operation with screws and plates to keep together and now week 5 and not to bad. aircast i took off last 2 nights and pain is less! over 3 weeks op to take out screw and then possiblly start to use foot- cant wait! at first cast 1 days andthn boot which is much more comfortable and i sleep all the time with it until now because i felt more secure! good luck and hopefully over month or two we just do not even remember this very bad thing happened to us!! bye

    • hi cathy! I believe that the fact that you do not feel to much pain is a good sign! dont worry to much. I hate crutches and use office chair to go to toilet at night! i am exactly today 5 weeks since broken right ankle both sides. screws and plates and by 23 aug the screw holding the ankle together will be removed and then only i will be allowed some weigth bearing with physio. i does not feel so but actually the tome do past and your foot will heal! i try to get less dependable on painkillers but not succesfull -the pain makes me miserable!! i am in aircast since 12th day and only startsleeping without it since last night! does feel better because of more quality sleeping i gues. i just bandage the ankle for safety reason i think the weight o the boot is bad for the break while you cannot step on it yet. when lying down i take i off and massage the ” baby od mine”. i really mothering this foot because i need it so much to be use soon!!!! keep up and i realy think 6 weeks without weight bearing is the best for any brake!! keep up and praying is keeping me from getting insane!!! byebye

    • HI Kathy!

      I broke 5th Metatarsal start of July and had palster onf or 4 days then progressed to boot. I wasnt happy about it either as I thought the boot was heavier! I also had issues with the straps going across the break site and it was very painful at first to even lift my foot up while moving on cructhes! The swelling in my foot then halved and I found the boot even more painful because I didnt have any fluid proctection around the break site!

      I must say after 1-2 weeks I have gotten use to the boot and find it comforting that I can adjust the straps to make it tighter and more secure around my foot as the swelling changes. Its start of week 4 for me and I am weight bearing in my heel still with crutches all of the time but can stand with heel down in boot for a good period of time without help.

      I am not getting pain in my foot when I do this in boot just when I take it off I cant do the same on my heel.

      The eaisest thing about the boot is being able to tak eit off to sleepm, shower and sit ont he lounge! With plaster you dont have that option!
      Sitting int he shower without that thing was a highlight after my palster came off and its only now after 3 weeks I can actually sleep with it off and civer my foot with blankets prior to this is was way too painful from the weight of the doona!

      Anyway everythign aside I think the boot is more practical, the do give you extra cushions you could place around your break site… just take the boot off when you are sitting still with foot up and dont weight ebar until you are really ready!

      Good luck and let me know how you go 🙂 court.

  230. hi i have had a broken foot for about a month and a half and iv had to delay going to college because if it im not sure how much longer if at all it will tak to heal i will be going to school this next semester with an electric wheelchair if it does not heal soon because my school is up towards the mountains and is very steep. the problem now is i need a job but i dont know anywhere that will hire me with a broken foot. Anyone know anywhere?

  231. Hello,
    Friday, Aug. 4, 2012 was my last visit to foot Doc. office! Yee HAA!!! Doc took xrays and said the screws and plates looked as good when he first put them in. The bones were looking stronger too! I am still limping and still sore but Doc said I would limber up as time goes on. Also, said I would have some swelling for about a year too. I have enjoyed reading and writing with this site. It was a healing thing too! I hope to stay in touch and hope to hear good progress from my fellow “Broken Foot Friends”. Take care!!!!

    • Hi Savana OMG thats fantastic news for you well done! DO no more doctors visits that must be exciting 🙂
      Swelling for a eyar sounds annoying but at leats your walking and have been given the all clear on the healing side of things.

      I had a setback last week as I had swelling up my leg past my ankle bone and the doctor suspected deep vein thrombosis or a clot forming so I just had 4 days on my back with it elevated – things all look good today and I am back at work which is good I was going insane! I just have to watch the swelling and try to elevate it at work.

      I am on the 2 week countdown til my next check up though so hopefully my news is as good as yours 🙂


      • Sorry I haven’t written in a while…kind of been down in the dumps. Sorry to hear about your set back. What a bummer. I hope from now on all goes well. I have been thinking about you and hoping all is well. Please keep in touch and let me know how it is going, especially your wedding! I am allegedly supposed to be able to put a shoe on this Friday and walk without the boot. We will see. I am on my own as my dr. said it up to me if I feel like everything is okay. I guess if I don’t, I can go back. Hope the weather is getting better for you also. How r the fingernails coming along?

        Gail 🙂

      • Hi Gail

        you poor thing I know the feeling of being down.. I felt like that last week after having a minor setback back to work today with leg down I am in agony!

        Was feeling pretty low and its not very nice 😦 Try to stay positive and think that there are other people out there like us that are feeling the same as you…

        I agree this blog has been great it has helped me knowing that others have gone through and are going through something similar!

        Hopefully you can get your shoe on and get rid of the boot 🙂 I am weight bearing pretty well in my heel now so can hobble a little bit but its been 4 weeks so I dont want to damage anything so I am trying to still stay off it.

        I hope you feel a bit better today 🙂 Thanks for thinking of me and my wedding I also think of your progress and others on here I speak too 🙂


      • Dear Court,
        I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you for good luck!!!!! For a young person like you it had to be hard for you to be flat on your back for 4 days!!!!!! I am glad you are over that hurdle!!!!!!! It is good for you to be back to work again and it helps to keep your mind off of your foot. Your next check up will be here before you know it.. Is the Doc going to take xrays? Mine did each month I saw him. Keep and touch!

      • Hi Gail

        How are things going for you?

        I had my check up last week and still no healing 😦
        They are worried about my nerve damage and now I have to have physio to get my foot use to touching because everything kind of touch feels like pain – they called it chroni pain syndrome!

        I have no hope of an operation before my wedding now as its les than 8 week away and I wouldnt have time to heal.

        ANyway wasnt the news I had hoped for so had a bad week last week.
        Feeling alot better this week though 🙂

        Let me know how your going.


      • I guess I should have read your comment before I emailed you. Hope it was okay to email you at the email you left for Scout. This blog doesn’t work too well for me any more. It is really slow. If you didn’t get my email, let me know.

    • Hi Savana How are things going with you? I have had bad news all around really I have been off work for 1.5 weeks in bed with my foot up to reduce the swelling… My foot has not healed at all and its been over 6 weeks. Doctors have told me it will take up to 6 months so it looks like I wont be walking at my wedding 😦 Very sad! I go back for a check in 4 weeks and another xray so fingers crossed some miracle happens! they said at this point I can decide on an operation but it will only leave me with 8 weeks for recovery before the wedding and I dont think it will be long enough 😦 How long did your foot take to heal after your op again? thanks Court

      • Dear Court,
        I am so sorry to hear of your not healing. At 6 weeks I was not healed either. My surgery was May 12th, so it took me about 3 months to get released for the Doc. I still have swelling and limping. But not as bad each day. I could tell by my break I had to have surgery. This has been a bad experice and only people that has had a broken foot can totally understand. What kind of break did you have? And what kind of repairs is the Doc wanting to do during surgery? Keep in touch and I hoping for good news from you later!!!!

      • Hi Savana I have a spiral fracture to my 5th Metarsal. They have told me the break can take up to 6 months to heal and they dont normally operate for the first 4 months. Because I am getting married and everything is planned I think they are allowing me the option eariler. At 6 weeks did you have no healing whatsoever? When did your healing start? or did it not and thats why they operated?

        I am worried if they operate and I have 8 weeks til the wedding I wont be able to walk anyway so its hard to know what to do 😦

      • My goodness COURT! This is a bad one for you! I am going for op thursday to remove a pen or screw and then the orto told me on my 6 weeks visit i can start doing physio and try to walk! I think they should have operated you sooner? o no! I am so sorry for you getting married and all. You know my ankle was broken, both sides and the orto operate within 24 hours – pen which will be removed thursday which hold the 2 parts together and the screws and plate stays forever, i think. You do have an exceptional type of break in seems – but no healing in 6 weeks? that is strange for a young person – take 1000mg calsium and Vit D daily…. I will pray that you will be healed in 8 weeks, try to stay positive and ask your doctor why you are not healing? there must be a reason? O I am so sorry for you! IF you want to email me anytime! Bye Court!

      • Hi Amanda… It is a horrible situation and a huge pain for me and stressful. As if organising a wedding isnt stressful enough. I have a 5th Metarsal fracture and I am pretty sure its an acute jones Fracture. Its not uncommon but I have been told take sup to 6 months to heal.
        Most frustrating part is if I were a athlete I would have al;ready had an operation and have been put out of this misery!

        The doctors wont operate yet and said in 4 weeks if it hasnt healed I can have that option. The only issue is in 4 weeks it will be 8 weeks til my wedding and I dont believe that could be long enough for me to recover – what are your thoughts?

        Thanks for thinking of me! I hope your op goes well tomorrow and everything improves for you from here on in 🙂 Court

      • Hi COurt! it is sad that they do not operate you immediately! If that was the case I believe you would have recovered in 8 weeks! I am sure that 8 weeks, after op, is enough time for you to be on your feet!!! I am sure! I feel this week, 8 weeks, that i can walk or use my foot but because of the pen- screw I am not allowed before they took that one out tommorrow.
        I will let you know by Friday, but I am much older than you, but after 8 weeks you should be able to work if the operation was done! Goodluck, eat healthy, lots of water, push for the operations a.s.a.p. because then only the recover time starts! But 8 weeks will be enough and I want a photo of you on your feet on your wedding day! (email to Good luck!

      • Dear Court,
        I had my surgery shortly after my break. About 12 hours. I went back to Doc about 2 weeks after that and had staples removed. He told me no weight bearing at all! At two months could bear about 50 lbs. of weight to foot but used walker or cain. By 3 months could walk and wearing sandles but swelling and slight limp. Each time my Doc visit I was xrayed and Doc could see improvements. Screws and plates were staying in place and bone density was strong. Surgery might be the thing for you. I stayed off my foot alot at first. It swelled and hurt so bad. I did not work so I could rest whenever needed. That was my salvation! My strength and engery is coming back too! I feel my best in the mornings. So I try to get most of my chores done then. I am thankful that I had a very good Doc and he had a good staff. Keep in touch!

      • Hi Savana… Sounds like you have had a long recovery but its working out well!! Glad things seem to be on the improve for you now though 🙂
        The doctors wont operate on my foot as yet said its too early and because my fracture is sitting in alignment they wont touch it. I have to wait another 4 weeks and then decide but 8 weeks before my wedding might be too risky! not a fun decision!

        Will they take out your screws or do they stay on for life?

        After being back at work yesterday after having a week and a half off my foot was swollen again and very sore todays its achy so I have it elevated slightly on a box under my desk! not ideal but not alot of options at the moment!

        guess if they pain gets too bad I will have to have a nother day off and have it up all day at home…

        this is such a life chaning experience as you would understand.

        Take care Court.

  232. Very helpful tips. I would like to add to the list. Purchase a Leg Caddy made by Drive. I have used ones since the day after my fractures and have done fantastic ( lost weight too!). Went to a concert 3 days after surgery and it was also a stool. Worth every penny (219.00)

  233. hi amanda from namibia! it is 8 weeks today since operation! on thursday 23 aug the orto remove the long pen but the screws and plate stAys. after then i have to start with phisio and begin walking! i only use the air cast when i go outside my home. i am not put wait on the foot until pen is remove but can stand on. oth feet – the foot look good- still some swelling and pain but managable… i can wait for thursday to start using the foot! its a long frustrated journey but eventually we all will heal! have a nice sunday and with summer coming it makes me feel better! bye

    • Dear Amanda,
      I am so glad you are doing well with the removal of the long pen. I did not have that, just screw and plates. I am walking now but with a slight limp. Still some swelling and very little redness anymore. At first when I started walking I was walking stiff legged. Now I am bending my knees alittle relaxed and flexable. Things are getting better everyday! It is nice to drive again too! Going this afternoon to a baby shower for my neice! It’s her first baby and its a boy!! Take care and have a fast recovery!!!!!!

      • hi savanna! screw thing removed thursday 23 – after 3 hours released and then rushed to dentist because i lost a crown of one theeth the previous evening while i was so stressed out about the next morning! it was terrible but friday morning my husban