My latest masterpiece.

Chocoloops painted canvas - acrylicsIn order to stem my boredom yesterday I decided to start painting one of the blank canvasses I had stored in the garage. Lois kindly fetched all my art materials for me and I made myself comfortable on the sofa.

This piece is inspired by an awesome massive painting I have seen on a television advert. I’m not entirely sure what company the advert is for, but I know it’s something to do with contents insurance. The advert features water falling through a ceiling and in the background is an amazing pink painting. I really loved the design so based this canvas on that.

It’s painted in colours to compliment my living room decor. I used acrylic paints and had to mix the colours myself. The chocolate brown was the hardest to achieve. To create the larger loops, using a pencil, I drew round a large hot chocolate mug, for the next size down I used an old pasta sauce pot and for the smallest I used a milk bottle lid. I then drew the vertical lines with a ruler.

I’m not particularly good at painting neat lines and edges, so when you look up close it’s not perfect. It looks fine from a distance and I guess most people wouldn’t notice. I’m very critical of my own work so it’s hard for me to pass judgement anyway. I do really like the overall effect.

I’ve just got to find somewhere to hang it now!


One response

  1. great painting! i envy your motivation! i too have a porch full of old canvases ive collected – still waiting to get the gumption and paint again! guess i should just pull one out and paint ANYTHING –
    thanks for the inspiration

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