Fracture clinic visit – sparkly new peg leg!

I had my 3 week check up appointment at the fracture clinic yesterday. I was straight into the plaster room to have my cast removed. They used a rotating/vibrating saw to cut it off. It has a special blade that stops when it reaches soft material. The vibrations felt really weird but in a nice way. Once the cast was off my leg felt like it didn’t belong to me! It was so light and it seemed really vulnerable. My leg so desperately needs shaving – I had a quarter acre of growth under that cast!I had to wait a while for the doc to come through and see me so I spent the time reacquainting myself with my foot/leg!

When the doc came over he did that sharp intake of breath thing and said that I’d broke the bone quite badly and that on the original x-ray ends of the break were quite far apart. He had a squeeze of the break site which wasn’t too painful. I then needed to see how I got on walking. Standing up without the cast was the most strange feeling. I had kind of forgotten how to walk and In the end I had to use the doctor for balance. I took about 4 steps. Initially the pain was just in my heel but after the 4th step the break started to hurt so I hopped back to the couch. The doctor recommended that I have a cast for 2 more weeks. Knowing that I have knocked my foot several times over the past 3 weeks I concluded the doctor was right!

Broken Foot - New cast

This time I have been fitted with a special “3M Soft Cast Casting Tape” cast. It is softer and more flexible. It has a strip of red rigid strips around my foot and up the side of my leg to act as splints. There is no wadding/padding inside, just a thin cotton type stocking. The best thing is that I am now able to shower wearing this cast. I had a shower this morning and I think I might stick to baths with my leg propped over the side because it’s taken about 4 hours for my leg to dry out inside the cast. This doesn’t feel comfortable and I was leaving wet patches on the floor as the water filtered down through the cast and out of my heel!!!

3 responses

  1. im in week two n feelin and a bit down, never realised untill now how much we take things 4 granted!!
    just wondering how u broke it in the first place? as mine happend in the street after visiting a friend.

  2. i no how you feel i just got my cast off after 2 and a half months and the day before i was sopos2 go in 4 a “check-up” i fell down the stairs

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