I have a foot and I’m not scared to use it!

It’s five weeks since I broke my foot and yesterday I had a visit to the fracture clinic to have my cast removed.

I’m now able to walk without my crutches although I do have a limp. This is because my ankle and calf muscle are really stiff and it’s these areas that are causing me the most discomfort. My heal also hurts but I am sure this will ease the more I place weight on my foot. I’m not really experiencing any pain on the break site. I have had a couple twinges around the break area when I’ve twisted/stepped awkardly. As you can see from the photo below I have quite a bit of bruising around my ankle. I’m not entirely sure why though! The blue arrow is indicating the location of the break!

Naked broken foot!

The doctor has said it will take about 8 weeks for the break to heal completely and advised that it’s going to be 3 months before I can go back to running / dancing. Apparently running is the worst sport for this type of break.

I hobbled out of the doctors room on crutches with the doctor calling behind me to stop cheating and to remember I can put weight on my foot now!! I’ve decided to totally ditch the crutches as they’re just a hassle – it’s much easier to slowly limp along.


One response

  1. I am following your progress, as I have exactly the same break (1.5 weeks ago on right foot). I am due to have the plaster removed after 4 weeks and hope against hope they’ll let me at least drive with it, even if I can’t put much weight on it.

    A limp adds character! Wear it with pride 🙂 Hope you are feeling on the road to full recovery.

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