How to get a high score on Word Challenge (facebook).

I have recently achieved a very high score on the facebook game “Word Challenge“. At the time of writing my score is 70,637. My friends (& even my own sister. Pah!!!) have accused me of cheating but my score is simply down to playing hard, having a good vocabulary and gaining a good understanding of the game. Here’s my tips to help you achieve a high score:

Word challenge keyboard shortcuts.

1) I can touch type, this gives an advantage because you’re up against the clock. I only use the keyboard shortcuts to play (‘Return’ enters the word you’ve guessed, ‘CTRL’ gives you the bonus round or the next level, ‘space’ shuffles/reorders the letters). Time is key – you can’t pause, hesitate or hang around. You literally need to be entering words rapid fire, non stop!

2) Every word you get over 4 letters gives you more time on the clock. The longer the word the more time is added (I think?). I don’t really bother going for 3 letter words as they don’t help you gain time.

3) When you get the six letter word you then get the bonus round (a pink crown button appears to the left of the letters). In the bonus round you have to find one of your friends names in the letters and then you get bonus points. If you guess the friends name quickly you can get over 400 points.

4) You can press the yellow (ABC) button to move to the next level (and change your letters) if you can’t find any more words (but this button is only active after you have found a certain amount of words – I think it is about 5?).

5) From the games FAQ:
“The score is 25 points for the first letter, and increased by 1 point for each subsequent letter. So for example if you get a 3 letter word first, then the score will be 25 + 26 + 27 = 78. Then if you get another 3 letter word the score will be 28 + 29 + 30 = 87. You have a better chance to achieve a higher score by playing the same set of letters and find as many words as you possibly can, rather than to move onto a new set quickly.”


Have you got any questions or other tips for this game? Please reply in the comments.


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  3. Wowzers! I recently got into the 33k’s and am sad to see that the highest rank is hit at 30k. Ah well, at least I’ve go the goal of 110k!

  4. i am an anagram cyborg too.. but my score is nowhere close to 70 thou. that’s the bugging part – that after 30 u become a cyborg. i wish they’d come upwith higher levels. it keeps u going.

  5. Hey guys,

    Just stumbled across this blog. At the time of this writing my high score is 111,411. Anagram cyborg is apparently the highest rank you can get, after 30,000 pts. I was kinda disappointed, I thought I might get a higher rank after breaking the 75K barrier. Anyway, if anyone wants to add me…John Baldino in the Chapman University network.


  6. I got a little over 40,000! 70,000 is amazing lol. I have another tip that has to do with how words are formed. If there is an “A” and an “E” in the word list, just make _a_e words sticking random consonants in the blanks. You’re more than likely to get a word. You can also make _ea_ words. So if you’re a fast typer, you can just type all the combinations xP. There are also a lot of other tricks that has to do with how words are formed.

  7. I’ve got.. about 42,165 and am an anagram cyborg. Thanks for the tips. What is ur.. um.. like.. rank thing e.g. poet, philosopher, anagram cyborg etc.

    W.M.(word challenge fan, kuala lumpur, malaysia, aged 11)

  8. You are my idol. I thought I had a high score but a friend of mine just beat me with over 40,000. I googled “Word Challenge high score” and your blog came up. Thanks for the tips!

  9. My highest score is, by now, something like 77.000.

    But, so sad to learn that there’s nothing over the
    Anagram Cyborg..
    I expected something more, like Anagram God or something similar!!

  10. hi!
    my name is Wa Wa and I am from hong kong
    I am on facebook
    and I am in year 3 in renaissance college
    I play word challenge and I am a anagram cyborg!
    do you belive that?
    my score is 31046!!
    mumsee am I cool?
    how old are you mumsee?

  11. damn i stopped at 640 000 or so after an hour of straight playing. (no lies) i had managed to let the clock run to 4minutes. a little disappointing. i think i could have broken a million easy but the fatigue of playnig that long is amazing

  12. 75,986 is my new high score 🙂 my previous one was 51,118. I thought I was the best ever until I saw that someone got 80,000. I’m bummed though that I think the highest possible one is anagram cyborg…

  13. My highest score is 34682, but that is without doing any of the shortcuts. I completed all of the words for each round before moving onto the next one.

    Now I’ll have to try the shortcuts you recommended. Fun fun fun!

  14. I am Brand New to Word Challenge. Can you tell me why my game total is not advancing? I played about 4 games and the total advanced. Now, I’ve played 4 more games and my total is the same as if I’d not played any more.
    Thanks for your help and info.

  15. Man, i don’t give a crap about the scores. Get over it people. Does anyone else actually want to improve their vocabulary?

    Where can I get an alphabetized list of all the words?
    It would be nice if the list were separated into 3,4,5,6 letter sub-lists and included definitions for the more obscure words.

  16. A study guide like that would also help many immigrating people who are maybe in ESL classes and are wanting to improve their word knowledge/use. I have many friends who would benefit from this game and an accompanying study guide.

  17. Word Challenge is so addictive I sneak playing it at work 🙂

    I’m only up to poet, a lowly ranking of 25k 😦 but my neighbor is up to 2 million. No joke, he has a ranking off a cyborg. I thought he was cheating but he just types bloody fast. You don’t even get to see the end of the words that he is typing.

    I wish there were more rounds to be unlocked….like a secret chamber of word challenge mania or something.

    Need to break my addiction.

  18. My average score is usually around 140K,,,but last night I got in the zone and put up a 595,000 and some change….took 2 hours!!! Its all about playing enough to know what words to look for with certain sets of letters,,,I don’t really see any reason to play anymore,,,even though I’m sure I will!!!!!!

  19. Cool tips there Mumsee, and very nice score (workin hard to rank at the same level)

    Tips i have noticed that help :

    1) systematic patterns, for example when one sees a set of letters, having a set path already in ones mind of a sequence of words thus giving one time to think of other words and or the six letter word.

    2) keeping ones eyes off the counter, if i notice that my time is almost up i tend to start mis-typing words.

    3) Spending time learning what i call the “6 letter trap crap horrible stupid my lord thats not even a word words” which generally have like 5 four letter words 1 five letter word and generally make you lose most of ones time.

    awesome game!

  20. You are all cheaters. I’m a Scrabble pro and I have a hard time regularly beating 15,000. There are bots all over the place for this game. Fess up and play honestly. Fucking cheaters. Get a life.

    • I’m sure he’s not a cheater, I have a high score of 67 thousand something and its just the result of being obsessed with it for 6 months… I’m only thirteen but I think about organizing letters like this constantly… idk, i still have a life and getting a score of 70,637 is definitely possible!

  21. Fader, you may be a scrabble pro, but you obviously suck at Word Challenge!!!

    I can’t vouch for the others, but I have no need (or desire) for a bot or to cheat. I play the game honestly and fairly as I have detailed in my original post.

  22. I cheat using a Scrabble Solver and my high score is 194,707. It’s easy. No strategy required. It helps to have dual monitors though so you can keep the solver open in one window and the game open in the other. I could’ve gone further but I got bored. At least I’m honest. Now go eat some tacos, fools!

  23. BUT… for the record, my non-cheating high score was somewhere around 12,500. I’m going to bed now with my pet cat. Yes, the Taco Bell chihuahua has a pet cat. Her name is Belle Grande because she’s beautiful and she’s huge.

    I’m so lonely.

  24. Recently hit 231,191. You get to a point when you simply know enough words and type sufficiently quickly that the time limit no longer matters. This score took about half an hour.

  25. OMG how are you guys getting such high scores??? i play every day and my highest is like 8000…then again i dont know that many words (im only 15) my mum gets like 16000 on average and her best is like 24000

  26. guys trust me it’s rather easy managing a score of 1,000,000..i run out of patience everytime i play this game..!!
    i can give u some interesting tips high score is 340,000+ !!

  27. Well, initially when I started playing the game, I also thought that people with high scores were cheating. I could barely cross 5000 in the beginning though I prided myself on my vocab. However, as I started playing more frequently, I found out that it was more a case of brushing up the vocab and entering as many >4 letter words at the fastest speed possible. Today I scored, after a month of regular playing, 36373. Think upto 100,000 is possible…

  28. I still dont get the high scores. After you get the 5 words to get you tot he next level OR the friends name to get you to the bonus round. The clock is still running down. Do you wait until you get down to 1 second to go to the next level or binus round? When you get to the next level ther eise there is no time left.

  29. Wow, I had been consistantly getting 30,000-40,000 points for a while, and I just broke out. I got 55,000 then 65,000 then 72,000 all in the last couple of days. Then just now I started, took a phone call which knocked my time down to 50 seconds and then hung on to score 117,230. I finally started to have endurance issues.

  30. I scored 1M points with 10 minutes to spare before quitting. That single game took my over two hours! 😛

    I’m now focusing on the Turbo Mode. My score there is a much less impressive, though 30K is still respectable. 🙂

  31. I have a high score of 303,170, and to be honest, when I had that, I had played for an hour and there were still two minutes left on the clock.

    I suggest forgetting about three-letter words at first, but when three seconds go by without any words popping into your head, hit EVERY SINGLE three letter word you can until you can switch.

  32. My high score is 128,363. I know for a fact that attaining a score this high and higher is very possible. Although I can’t attest to the validity of everyone’s score on this thread, this game technically has no limit to the amount of time you can play and score you can achieve. You just have to KEEP BUYING MORE TIME.
    If you continue to type in 3 letter words, or incorrect words, you will lose time. Do the opposite and you continue to gain time. As long as you are typing words faster than 3 seconds each, you will actually be able to increase the amount of minutes on the clock. I know to some it seems impossible, but the true trick of this game is simply to:

    1. Only enter 4 letter words or more. (I
    only use 3 letter words when I’m stuck
    and need to move on to the next set of
    2. Type quickly with as few mistakes as
    3. Move on to a new set of letters as
    quickly as you can when you can’t
    immediately think of another word.
    4. Don’t focus too hard on trying to get
    the 6 letter word(s). The bonus round is
    only worth roughly 400+ pts. If you have
    to pause to think about it, don’t even
    5. Practice, practice, practice! After a
    while you will notice certain letter
    combinations produce the same words and
    you will be able to recall them

    Good luck everyone and keep having fun with it! 🙂

  33. I recently got 350,841 with 4 minutes left on the clock.I swear this is legitimate, because I have 25,000 points on the Pro Turbo round.

    I have the same tips as Kimberly, with the clause that if you can’t find any four or five-letter words? Type in as many three-letter words AS FAST AS YOU CAN just so you can switch.

    Honestly, if it SOUNDS like a word, type it down if you can’t think of anything else. No harm in trying.

  34. Yes! I just got 147,457! All the people with the crazy high scores on here just made me more competitive and encouraged me I could do better! Haha! Damn! That took me 35 minutes and now my arms are all sore from tensing up! LOL

  35. I have 125 000 at the moment and I too am accused of cheating!!

    its simple, every four letter word you get gives 2 seconds, and so I just do 4 letter ones then reshuffell once i need more over and over, if i had the time i could get millions of points.

  36. OH MY GOD!!! what am i seeing here..allllll high scores? wow r u guys like geniuses or what..i’m barely making it to 6, highest score is only 5,471.. i couldnt believe it..people have actually gotten in XXX,XXX!!! how’d u people do that!! oh and what is the highest score any1 can get???

  37. My newest high score on Word Challenge is 410,494. So I know you did not cheat. What you could have included in your aticle are some tricks to getting a good score. For example, some letters can produce multiple words and they show up numerous times. My personal favorite is the letters S, U, R, E. It spells, sure, user, rues, ruse, and suer.

  38. If you make only 4+ letter words and use CTRL key to shift games wisely, it’s quite easy to get high score 20000+. Without using CTRL it’s really difficult to find all the words and get to level3. I can do my best 25000 w/o using CTRL, but this kind of play is worthy if you want to improve your vocabulary.

  39. Hello fellow Word Challengers, my high score is 108,000 plus, no cheating. When I first started this brilliant game I struggled to get passed 10,000, but with practice high scores are achievable. I’m a two finger typer so I have to rely on quick nimble mouse movements with my right hand, my left hand hovering over the enter button every time I get a word. The only time I use three letter words is when I’m in stuck and I bang the three letter words out until the next set of letters are freed. The six letter word is ok to get the bonus round but not necessary for high scores. I love the game, I’m in my sixties now and it helps to keep the old grey matter ticking over. Being a two finger typer this has taken quite awhile to type and I think I’m running out of ink so I’ll bid you all a g

  40. I got teacher, but I skipped a few levels, and i was wondering what is between celebrity chef and teacher, since i never saw them 🙂 does anyone know?

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