Pyramids found in Torrington!

My kids have a copious supply of Lego bricks – they’ve been bought plenty over the years but they were also given my Lego that my brother and I played with as a child. It’s one of their favourite toys and at 32 years old I still enjoy building with it too!

My daughter has a ‘set’ model that she consistently makes – and that is pyramids. She will normally only build them about 8 or 10 rows high. As I passed her bedroom yesterday I spied her making another pyramid so I suggested that we have a go at making the biggest pyramid we can, using all the bricks we have.

The first task was sorting out all the bricks. We worked together as a team one foraging through the box for bricks whilst someone else sorted the bricks into colours. One person was tasked with construction! We took it in turns to do the construction as this is quite a tedious and frustrating task (particularly when the sides collapse).

Here’s pyramid #1

The top of the pyramid is the original model that I spied my daughter building. We just decided to start adding to it. We started off trying to colour co-ordinate it but the final layers ended up being random!

The construction process is fairly awkward as you need to rest the pyramid upturned on your legs and build it upside down. The bigger it got the more delicate become and we had the sides collapse on us a few times.

When this pyramid was finished I decided we might be able to make a large pyramid if we built it in a square shape (rather than rectangular like this one). We dismantled it and sorted out the bricks into pots.

Construction of Pyramid # 2 then began.

I started with the colour bricks that had the least amount – this was clear blue and clear red (or sapphire and ruby as my kids call them). I then worked through the bricks finishing with the red bricks that we seem to have loads of!

Disappointingly after all the effort of sorting the bricks and taking care to use the colours in order of amount – this ‘square’ pyramid is not any taller than the rectangular one anyway!

Next project – Leaning Tower or Lego!


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