Childhood toys

Tonight whilst stumbling I came across this website that has brought back so many childhood memories.

I love my Fisher Price ‘Little People” and played with them often. They were solid well constructed toys designed to last. Once my brother and I had outgrown them they were passed onto my younger brother and sister. I don’t believe that Fisher Price make these any more.

I know that I had set 663, 875, 725 and 761. The toilet in the ‘725’ set caused much amusement to ‘little me’! It was hilarious to put the dog (the black figure in set ‘663’) on the toilet or to have it driving a car (the dog….not the toilet)!

FPcamperI also had this camper van which I considered simply brilliant – it was my favourite addition to my Fisher Price Little People collection. It had so many removeable parts. The boat came off the roof and it had little seats to fit the people in. I seem to remember the boat did float and was often used in our bath.

There was a space for a sink and toilet at the back of the camper van. The van unit lifted off leaving you with just a truck. I believe the truck made a clicking noise as it drove along….or was this just a fault with our one? I know that the arms on some of the chairs did get broken…possibly stood on when left in an inappropriate place. OOPS!

FPhospitalThe hospital was quite a substantial and muched loved addition to my set. It came with lots of accessories including a set of weighing scales…and the dial even moved when you place the figure on them , an xray machine and as you stood the figure on it the display changed to an xray image. The ambulance had a stretcher that fitted in the back and you’d have to strap in your patient using the velcro strap! The stretcher would often become a make shift car. Downstairs in the hospital there was a ‘theatre’ including an operating table (this was used as all sorts of other weird things by me). The best bit about the hospital was the lift. You turn the handle and up (or down) goes the lift. I believe there may well have been a bell that pinged when the lift reached its destination too! This was the height of toy technology!
I used to have ‘gatherings’ on the roof of the hospital too. The spacing on the roof (around the convenient carrying handle) was just enough to stand the figures in. I also vaguely remember (selective memories!!) that sometimes, ‘Little People’ “accidentally fell off” the roof..Sometimes there would be nasty accidents involving the lift and squashed little people…but at least they didn’t have far to go to hospital!


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  1. We still have a Fisher Price record player, bought for DDs 2nd Christmas, she’s 24 next week. It still works perfectly, and every child that has visited over the years has played with it.

    Love and blessings

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