Cleanliness is next to impossible.


My Henry and my daughters Little Henry! Partners in grime…dust bunnies beware!

So…inspired by this picture of our Henrys I thought I’d post a couple interesting Henry stories!

1) According to Manchester Evening News:

A dwarf  accidentally glued his penis to a vacuum cleaner at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

As part of his stage act Daniel Blackner pulls his Henry vacuum across the stage, attached to his private parts. Sadly he had to repair a broken attachment and didn’t wait long enough for the glue to set hard.

2) I posted about this story from The Sun last year.

A HOSPITAL builder has been sacked after being caught having sex with a Henry the hoover.

The Polish contractor – who was supposed to be locking up the site – was found naked and on his knees with the smiling cleaner in the staff canteen.A horrified security guard at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital told him to “clean himself and the hoover” before kicking him out.

The shameless builder later told bosses he was vacuuming his underwear – “a common practice in Poland”.

One response

  1. Hahahahahahah….oh that did make me titter…. I’ve just recently bought a Henry after various expensive makes and think the little chappie is brill….for vacuming I might add 🙂

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