Photobox 24 Live Challenge

On 24th August Photobox ran a photography competition on their facebook page called 24 Live. There was 24 photo challenges over 24 hours, with a fantastic prize every hour. One winner would be picked from the 24 winners to receive £3,000. You had 1 hour to snap a photo in real time, then upload and enter it.

The themes were (with my entry below the ones I entered):

12pm – Time

1pm – Amazement

2pm – Instant

3pm – Turn The Camera On Yourself

4pm – Best Seat In The House

5pm – Frame It

6pm – Splash of Colour

7pm – Unwind

8pm – Defy Gravity (which I didn’t enter)

9pm – Motion

10pm – Movie Titles

11pm – A Photo To Warm Your Cockles

12am – Play with scale and perspective

1am – greed (which I didn’t enter)
2am – Materials/Texture (which I didn’t enter)
3am – Things I do to stay awake right now (which I didn’t enter)
4am – Fear (which I didn’t enter)
5am – Make Us Laugh (which I didn’t enter)
6am – Envy (which I didn’t enter)
7am – Wake Up (which I didn’t enter)
8am – View from my window (which I didn’t enter)
9am – Music Titles

10am – Coffee Break (which I didn’t enter)

11am – Put a smile on everyones face

Visit the Photobox Facebook page to see the winning entries here


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