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I was intrigued by the Travel Supermarket competition at so I thought I’d give it a go.
Due to the current financial climate tugging on my purse, I have not been able to travel abroad for a number of years. I wouldn’t say that this puts me at a disadvantage though, because I happen to live in such a beautiful part of the United Kingdom. This summer my children and I have enjoyed what is often referred to as a ‘Staycation’. We have visited some lovely places, many within only 2 or 3 miles of my front door.

Even if my photos are not successful in this competition, I do hope that they highlight what a beautiful country the United Kingdom is.


Dartington Crystal - Blue bottles

Dartington Crystal – Blue Bottles

Dartington is now the only crystal brand still producing in the UK and it’s right here in my town of Torrington, North Devon.

Despite living here for 8 years, I had never done the ‘Factory Tour’ experience, so this summer my daughter and I paid it a visit.

The skill of each of the glass blowers is phenomenal and we were awestruck watching them blow the glass.

As you can imagine,with the furnaces burning away it is incredibly hot inside the factory, but there was not a strong smell like I’d expected.

These bottles were in the cleaning/packaging area of the factory tour. Judging by the dust on them, they were perhaps sat there for aesthetic purposes?


Green Globules

Green Globules!

This macro photo was taken at Marwood Hill Gardens, North Devon.

A spur of the moment afternoon trip was nearly abandoned when, in true British Summer style, the heavens opened on us! We took cover under some of the impressive trees in the gardens, hoping it was just a passing shower.

Fortunately the rain cleared, the sun came out and as a result I was able to capture these water globules on this leaf (as well as a small fly getting in on the photoshoot too)!


See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil.

I spotted these on a house in the picturesque and quaint fishing village of Clovelly, North Devon. Clovelly is famous for it’s car free, cobbled streets. It’s very steep and hard going on the legs.Ā  My 13 year old daughter wimped out on the full trip down to the harbour and we turned around before we go half way!

The faces stood out amongst all the pretty cottages and rose gardens, with the bold yellow painted walls contrasting against the ornaments.


Dancing Daisies

Dancing Daisies

Just a mile down the road from my front door is RHS Garden Rosemoor, 65 acres of enchanting gardens.

I took numerous photos on our day at the gardens, but I love this one the most as the daisies are so pure and pretty.


Raging Red Dot

Raging Red Dot

Push the red button? This photo is not doctored or edited – this is how my camera captured the sun,Ā  as it set over my favourite spot for sunset photography – Westward Ho! beach, North Devon. It looks so surreal.

Westward Ho! is the only town in the british isles to have an exclamation mark – now there’s a claim to fame!


I’d like to nominate the following 5 bloggers to take part in :







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