Walking cast and wheely chair!

Broken foot with special shoe

I had an appointment at the fracture clinic on Monday to have my temporary cast replaced. I got to see the xray and I have broken my 5th metatarsal. They’ve fitted me out with a ‘walking cast’ , complete with a special shoe. When I am ready I can start to put some weight on to it.

The pain isn’t too bad now, it’s mainly just uncomfortable. I’ve got some bruising coming out on my toes now.

I’ve found walking with the crutches really tiring so I’ve discovered a new way for transporting myself around the house – I am wheeling myself around on my computer chair. It’s much quicker than using crutches and I can even carry things, which I couldn’t do on crutches. This is quite timely as the kids are starting to get cheesed off with my requests for help!


2 responses

  1. I have a question for you.. i too have a walking cast (fiberglass) and a shoe but the shoe keeps getting loose.. they fitted me for it, are you having the same problem? I am just now able to put weight on my ankle.. as much as tolerated.

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