Pop art skirt

Craft - pop art skirtLook what I found!

The design on this skirt is absolutely freakin’ awesome! I’m not so keen on the skirts shape though. It’s been created by a very talented craftster member. The pop art design is really similar to my style of drawing. I would never have thought to do my designs onto fabric. The creator has used Scribble and Polymark fabric paints on this project. I think I’d be too scared to wear this skirt though!

Currently my designs are confined to my sketch book or card. I can see a future project of mine involving a white t-shirt and some fabric pens/paints!

Details on this sewing craft project and more photos are available on the craftster forums.


Recycled paper – Garbage bin.

Recycled Paper - Garbage binMy blog is starting to lean towards “recycled” crafts. This is not an intentional direction, but I am fascinated by what can be made from every day items we have lying around home and would normally throw out. I try to recycle as much as possible, so combining recycling with crafting is right up my street!

I saw this recycled paper garbage bin on my favourite craft forums – craftster and think it’s looks absolutely amazing.

It has been constructed from rolled up pages of magazines and held together with glue!

Very time consuming to make, but I think it’s worth the effort because of the uniqueness of the finished article. It looks like a piece of art.

Recycled crafts and projects

Recycled craft project - neck tie bag

I stumbled across an interesting site tonight with details on craft project ideas for recycling old household objects.

A few examples are a bag made from ties and a mini greenhouse made from cd cases.

Recycled crafts - CD Case greenhouse.

See more for yourself at Acorn studios

Another interesting site of a similar nature is ‘RePlayGround‘. They also list a few easy DIY craft projects including a CD Suncatcher, carton catchers and umbrella skirt!

They also have an Etsy shop too where you’ll find some very unique and interest items including reconstructed t-shirts:

RePlayGround - reconstructed t-shirt

If you’re looking to do some recycled craft projects with the kids then I can highly recommend All Free Crafts- Recycling crafts ideas. They have a variety of craft projects and you’re bound to find something that you can do with items that you would normally just throw out.

My children had quite a collection of unused and broken wax crayons so rather than bin them (or for them to be crushed into the carpet) I was delighted when I discovered this wonderful recycling idea for Crayon Nibbles on Crafty Daisies Blog.

Making our rainbow crayon chunks
First we had to set about “stripping” the crayons of all the paper. This is actually quite tedious and we discovered that certain colours peel easier than others!

Warning, cover your eyes….. Naked wax crayons!

Naked Wax Crayons

We then broke up the crayons (this was the fun bit and a great stress relief) and placed them into the cake tin, trying to create some good rainbow colour combinations.

Broken Wax Crayons

Then we put them in the oven to cook. And “Ta da!” our very own recycled chunky rainbow crayons!

Chunky crayons

I have found that some crayons (possibly cheaper ones) didn’t seem to melt as well as others so you can still see whole bits of crayons in some of them. Also if you bake them too long you don’t get as good a ‘marble’ effect.

Now if only I could find a craft project for the milk carton caps that I’ve been saving for no apparent reason…