New high score on Word Challenge (Facebook)

Following my earlier post on “How to get a high score on Word Challenge” I have now managed to totally beat my previous score of 70,637. Tonight I set my fingers on fire achieving a score of 108,731!

I have a few more tips for you to help you achieve a high score. I have noticed that there is often a similar set of letters in the words. Four letters that seem to crop up fairly regurlarly are S, D, E and U. From these four letters you can get ‘used’, ‘dues’ and ‘sued’. Another set of letters is R, U, E, and S – from these you can get ‘sure’, ‘user’, ‘rues’ and ‘suer’. I find because of the location of these letters on the keyboard they are really easy to type very quickly – thus you are guaranteed to add time to your clock. The more you play the game the more you spot words that crop up over and over again but that also can form a combination of words.

Good luck!


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  1. nice work.. my high score is 64,327.. just figured i’d add some combos that help me.. E,A,R,S and T,E,A,S run into that a lot too.. and just rattle off a bunch of words for it.. i wonder what the top score is, urs is the highest i’ve found yet… nice job

  2. Thanks for sharing all your tips. It is an odd little game and very addicting! It is a shame that adding friends makes the game more difficult. Oh, well!

  3. Hi! Well… Until yesterday, my highest word challenge score, was 216,000… Then, a friend broke my record with 253,846… So, I got into action to try and get my record back. And so I did! I couldn’t believe my score after nearly 90 minutes playing continously… Now, my personal record is 479,223. I feel I had a really got chance on getting to the half million mark.. but I just couldn’t… Great addictive game by the way! =)

  4. [IMG][/IMG]

    well here is mine…idk if its the highest ^^

  5. Yes! 1,030,327. =^_^=

    I never thought this is possible (without cheating of course), but choosing 4, 5 or 6-lettered words did the trick. =) no wonder i couldn’t get past 200,000 last week. i always filled out the 3-letter words, which ate up too much time.

    And the game kinda screwed up by not successfully uploading the score. But thankfully it was still registered.

    It took me 2 painful hours of holding back my weewee. LOL

  6. Well done! I know how much effort you have put into this. I don’t mean to brag, but my highscore now is 557,990. I have been playing this game for 2.5 years now, and I don’t play anything but it for at least 3 hours daily. I know this is crazy, but at least I have a great score…

    Anyways, nice score!

  7. How do you guys just snap to when they give you 3 seconds for the word? I get so afraid of that moment when they only give me such a tiny amount of time to get the six-letter word that I freak out. 😛


  8. It is not only possible to go way above 50k, I watched the leader of my friend list go to 175k in my living room. I made the bug accusation so he pulled out my laptop and twenty minutes later he was well into 6 figures. These folks are just FAST.

  9. My friends have also made the bug/cheat accusation to me, and I couldn’t resist showing them that it’s true; so I played while they watched me achieve a new seven-figure high score: 1,254,361 points!

  10. My top is only 33K, but I can see how a good player could get these outrageously high scores. When I’m cooking early in a game, I get my time remaining up to 2:10. If you were faster and got more words per set of letters, and didn’t get stuck as much as I do on a tough set, you could almost go on forever. Touch-typing is very important.

    • I got a 1,254,365 without cheating. 🙂

      I had more than fifteen minutes of time left on the clock by then but I had to leave it and go.

  11. Hello fellow Word Challengers, my high score is 108,000 plus, no cheating. When I first started this brilliant game I struggled to get passed 10,000, but with practice high scores are achievable. I’m a two finger typer so I have to rely on quick nimble mouse movements with my right hand, my left hand hovering over the enter button every time I get a word. The only time I use three letter words is when I’m in stuck and I bang the three letter words out until the next set of letters are freed. The six letter word is ok to get the bonus round but not necessary for high scores. I love the game, I’m in my sixties now and it helps to keep the old grey matter ticking over. Being a two finger typer this has taken quite awhile to type and I think I’m running out of ink so I’ll bid you all a g

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